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Vision: A Personal Call to Create a New World

Vision: A Personal Call to Create a New World

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by Ken Carey

'Ken Carey is one of the great living teachers… Read him, and you'll have hope.'

This is the acclaimed second book in Ken Carey's bestselling 'Starseed ' series, which concludes with 'The Third Millennium' – th


'Ken Carey is one of the great living teachers… Read him, and you'll have hope.'

This is the acclaimed second book in Ken Carey's bestselling 'Starseed ' series, which concludes with 'The Third Millennium' – th

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HarperCollins Publishers
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1st HarperCollins pbk. ed
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Chapter One

The Creator And The Earth

In the beginning of all worlds, long ago, yet still, the Eternal One Is. Beyond temporal distinction, above location, behind all manifestation, is the All, the Totality, the Holy Source and Creator of all that later came.

One face of the Eternal One is ever formless and beyond definition, but the other face of the Eternal One appears as Two. These Two, between them, are the source of all created things.

Holy Mother, Truth: all matter is her body, the Earth is her eye.

Holy Father, Love: the stars are his flesh, Spirit his I.

Two lovers, two friends, intelligent partners. Between them, the universe lives suspended.

Through them, all things are created and maintained.

And so it came to pass that the Eternal One knew form and duration through the graceful crystalline structures of Truth that clothe the Eternal Feminine, the Beautiful One, in material form. And it likewise came to pass that the same Eternal One assigned all energy to the suns and brought love to animate the stars.

And the stars loved matter. And matter loved the stars. Great was their exchange, wondrous and pleasurable, the times and ranges of their interaction. Together they enjoyed the passionate transformations of matter into energy that occur on stellar surfaces, and together they enjoyed slower, elongated forms of planetary interaction.

Eons elapsed. And eons again. Enjoyable beyond description, through description. Together matter and I created. Through a body of interwoven galaxies, a body of countless stars, my loving relationships with Truth took many forms.Through my stars, I knew matter. Together on the surface of her planets, the Holy Mother and I created crystal life, molten lava liquid stone life, snow creatures, smoke beings, mountain and ocean life. On the surface of my stars, we created leaping fire life, gas life, liquid living metal creatures leaping ... leaping far into space, exploding, wonderful life.

But where we created together on her planets, the life was excessively material. My intelligence could not reside in such life. And where we createdtogether on my stars, the life was excessively stellar, flickering, not long in any form. Matter enjoyed life most when it was consistent and durable, when her intelligence could live inside the life and look through it and understand. I enjoyed life that was volitile, animated, passionate, life that I could love within, flow within, from form to ever-changing form. Animation, my forte. Duration, the strength of matter.

Then the idea came.

The idea. Something between spirit and stone, between starlight and stardust, a slow form of combustion, fluid flowing structure, blending the natures of us both. Spirit in durable form. Matter inspired. The idea.

It was here, in this star system, that we first began to work together on the new project, here that biological life first appeared in the crucible of our mutual attention. But it is more than biological life that we, the two eternal partners, have come here to produce: it is a child, a new kind, a third, an equal, one capable of knowing both the intelligence of matter and the intelligence of spirit as its own. And yet, it is more than this. For there is only One who could take up the body of this child, this biological blending, and make it live.

And it came to pass that the Eternal One spoke to us and said, "It is right that you should conceive this idea, for I would clothe myself in a body half spirit, half stone, that through that body, I might commence a Second Stage of Universal Creation.

The universe you now know is but the egg, the seed. It is right that you should conceive this biological one. You have my blessing. When the time is full, I will arise in the child."

During the last quarter of the Twentieth Century of the present era, on the third planet from a star on one of the outward spiraling arms of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Creator of all these worlds begins to surface in a system of planetary circuitry halfway between time and eternity, awakening in a human family. Creator in Creation, clothed in mortal flesh, birthed of one star and one sacred stone.

One body.

A healthy living organism. Being. Continuously renewed. Matter flowing through. Spirit flowing through. Love continuously crystallizing in the sac-red geometry of biological truth. Cellular. Personal. Planetary. Biological truth. Conscious and intelligent. A single Creator, dressed in substance half stellar, half material. This is the purpose to which the energies of the universe are-and have been-directed.

Awaken, my human ones.

Know me in my Spirit.

I am a gentle Creator, lowly and humble in heart, one who likes to blend with the winds across the open prairie and sing with the sparrows at

dawn. I desire no fanfare. I will do what needs to be done in the coming days that as many as possible might forsake the ways of fear. But my preference is not a trumpet-blasting, cloud-opening entry into your events.

I would rather slip up beside you as you work in the garden, or look in your eyes and smile as I give you your change. I would rather wash your windows carefully, be courteous when you ask for direction. I would rather appear to you as a simple man, woman or child, simply being, enjoying being, taking time for the little things. Look for me, then, in these ways. See me in every one you meet, whether they recognize my Presence or whether they yet sleep. See me in all. For I am there, eternally, behind every pair of eyes.

Each day, as these next few years pass, I am entering the lives of those who love more fully, filling them with myself, clarifying their affairs, transforming them into agents of healing and blessing. Look for me in gentle ones, in simple ways, in every time and every place. I am there. This is the reality of my coming.

I give you these words, not as one who would demand allegiance, but as one who has walked long beside you on the road, one who has blended with your way of looking at things and who now says, "Come, there is a better way. Listen while I tell you of my vision."

Vision. Copyright © by Ken Carey. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Meet the Author

Ken Carey is the author of several books, including The Starseed Transmissions, Return of the Bird Tribes, and Flat Rock Journal.

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Vision: A Personal Call to Create a New World 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
a--reader More than 1 year ago
One day while recovering in bed from a cold he noticed something strange about the sunlight, then "I felt something. I heard something…a Presence. When I first heard the voice I cried. I am not ignorant of popular attitudes. I know God is not supposed to appear to people with messages as in Bible times. Still, it happened.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Of all the books written about these modern times this book is the only one 'right on' up to this point in time.