Visit to the Art Galaxy

Visit to the Art Galaxy

by Annie G. Reiner

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Dragged reluctantly to a museum one Saturday morning, Peter and Bess find the experience much less dull than they had imagined. While standing in front of a painting by Mark Rothko, they find themselves sucked in and transported to the Land of Modern Art, a sort of celestial studio where such legendaries as Matisse, Picasso and Franz Kline reside. The children learn a great deal about art, perhaps the most important point being that there are many valid ways of looking at things. Although the story is a bit contrived, and Reiner writes with a gee-whiz quality that occasionally grates, her idea is nevertheless laudable, and provides an excellent introduction to modern art and art appreciation. Reiner's own illustrations blend admirably with the work of the artists she weaves into her story. Ages 6-up. (Dec.)

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