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The Vixen Diaries

The Vixen Diaries

2.2 81
by Karrine Steffans

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This titillating exposé chronicles the personal and professional adventures of this tabloid-laden socialite, dispelling some rumors, while confirming others. Diaries unveils the heavily shrouded Hollywood backrooms and its coveted secrets. Offering her ardent fans answers to burning questions and presenting lessons learned, this book will surely not disappoint.


This titillating exposé chronicles the personal and professional adventures of this tabloid-laden socialite, dispelling some rumors, while confirming others. Diaries unveils the heavily shrouded Hollywood backrooms and its coveted secrets. Offering her ardent fans answers to burning questions and presenting lessons learned, this book will surely not disappoint.

Karrine Steffans continues to dish out juicy gossip and the much sought after details of her star studded lifestyle and the celebrity men that helped her get where she needed to be.

Karrine draws you in to get an up-close and personal look at the Hollywood life of fast money and sex; all the things that make for a great movie. She discusses her interactions with people after the release of Confessions of a Video Vixen and how she copes with it all.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
This abysmal memoir covers Steffans's life during and after the 2007 publication of her tell-all Confessions of a Video Vixen, which traced the porn star's hardscrabble early life and high-profile lovers. Here she describes her experiences promoting the book and the cool reactions of some of her former liaisons. She revels in her hard-won financial freedom and reminds listeners repeatedly that she has arrived in terms of money and prestige. Scurrilous gossip and name-dropping abound; she reports on various lovers (including soul mate Bill Maher), recounts her various tantrums (backstage before her Oprah interview) and gleefully boasts of lying to rival magazines in order to get coverage from both, etc. The audio delivery is passable, but the material is of the navel-gazing D-list variety. A Grand Central hardcover. (June)

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The Vixen Diaries

By Karrine Steffans

Grand Central Publishing

Copyright © 2007 Karrine Steffans
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-446-58226-1

Chapter One

A Man Named Norwood

Early in March 2006, Norwood Young invited me to dinner. At first glance, Norwood could be a long-lost brother of Michael Jackson: he must have visited the same plastic surgeon who has sculpted the Jackson kids' imminently recognizable noses and cleft chins. The skin around Norwood's eyes is tight, leading me to believe he's also been nipped and tucked, not just sculpted and dimpled. He also dresses very flamboyantly, with multicolored outfits of exotic materials. His hair is short, black, and wavy, and both ears are adorned with diamond earrings of about six carats. In fact, the earring in his right ear was so heavy, his lobe couldn't bear the weight, and it fell out on several occasions.

Dinner was set for seven at Los Angeles's uber-trendy sushi restaurant Katana, which boasts a full sushi bar, ample, cozy seating in its dimly lit dining room, and a spacious patio overlooking the infamous, fabulous Sunset Strip. A place for the nouveau riche and the celebrity, the eatery shares a building with Miramax Films and boasts a dual staircase leading from the sidewalk onto its outdoor patio and entrance. Inside, Katana is authentically Asian, with a tasteful veneer of Hollywood on top. It's a great place to see famous faces. KISS front man Gene Simmons passed by our table on the way to the men's room as the server brought my second order of hot sake. The sushi bar was packed and became even more alive each time another patron entered the dining room, as the sushi chefs greeted each with a yell. What they were saying is far beyond me, but I could only guess it's Japanese for "Welcome!"

As I said, Norwood is flamboyant; nothing about him is understated. From his fur coat to his designer denim and expensive shoes, it's obvious he has a story to tell. From the second I first saw him, I knew he was different. It takes an unusual man to alter his face to the degree that he has and to dress as outrageously as he does. When Norwood walks into a room, all eyes are on him. Everyone knows he's somebody, but who? He was once the lead singer of an R & B group named Pieces of a Dream, but now no one can pinpoint what he does to support his lavish lifestyle.

Norwood's amazing house is an eyesore to some, and a work of art to others. For those of us who know him, it's a direct reflection of his personality and his own personal, internal revolution. The house, recently featured on the E! series High Maintenance 90210, is on one of the busiest corners in Hollywood and is a gaudy display of art and defiance, making it an instant Los Angeles landmark. It is protected by a white decorative gate, and in the driveway is Norwood's late-model Bentley Continental, next to his Lincoln Navigator SUV, painted in an iridescent burnt orange, which changes hues as you walk around it.

But the true attraction of this once average home are the many white replicas of Michelangelo's David, historically and infamously naked. The chalk-white forms litter the front yard and even the roof of the home. Though I have not counted them all, there must be at least fifteen statues in the front of the property alone. Not surprisingly, offended neighbors complained and lawsuits were filed, but the statues remain.

I walked up the cobblestone driveway, careful not to ruin the heels of my new stilettos. Norwood met me at the door, but my eyes were not on him as I said hello. They were focused on the painting behind him, an enormous black-and-white self-portrait. The inside of his home is decorated in the same vein as the outside, and to tie it all together, there were two tiny dogs nipping at my heels-one pink, one purple, and aptly named Diva and Divo. There is a strange collection of oversized furniture and artifacts; white lacquer and African masks, neon lights and mirrors all around. Even while standing still, I was spinning, unable to keep my balance. From the curb to the living room, I was already overwhelmed. The closet in his bedroom holds hundreds of outfits on one of those carousel racks that you see at a dry cleaner's!

Norwood and I met on February 22, 2006 on the red carpet for the premier of a little-known film called Seat Filler, starring Kelly Rowland, of Destiny's Child fame, and Duane Martin, known from the CW series All of Us. I guess we didn't actually meet, but we exchanged glances, as if to say, I see you, you see me, and we're both hot! Three days later I ran into him again at the GM brunch the morning of the NAACP Image Awards, then later that evening on the red carpet of the Awards. During the brunch we made our first formal introduction with the help of our mutual friends, columnist Jawn Murray and comedian Kim Whitley.

"Karrine, have you met Norwood?" Jawn asked.

"You guys don't know each other?" Kim added.

"No, but I think it's about time we do. I have seen you everywhere!" I replied, offering him my hand.

"Yes, I keep bumping into you. I'm Norwood."

"I'm Karrine. It's a pleasure to meet you finally and officially." By the end of the brunch, he and I had exchanged numbers, which led us to that first night out together at Katana.

It wasn't long before Norwood's story began pouring out of him, and his truths began to sound strangely familiar. There were many things said at that Katana dinner that I just cannot repeat. As Norwood said, the things he could write a book about would kill his mother, and I don't want to be the one to send Miss Betty over the edge.

What I will say is this: I learned that my story is the story of many women and men alike. Sexual abuse is the hidden secret of many people. Those who were abused as children often grow up with greatly damaged self-esteem coupled with a warped view of sexuality-and many of them get the idea that becoming rich and famous will make all that childhood pain disappear. Perhaps it is not surprising that promiscuity, homosexuality, and just plain sexual confusion runs rampant in Hollywood. Young girls come here hoping to "make it"-and so do young gay men. Who Norwood has slept with and what he has done with them does not amaze me, because we are male and female mirrors, two sides of the same coin. From our lists of liaisons and indecent proposals to the secrets and lies we keep hidden on behalf of those we love, this man and I are twins. However, his stories would not only kill his mother, they would send shock waves through the entire entertainment industry.

Hollywood is a place both of dreams and of scandal. I have lived in this town for over seven years now, and the longer I stay, the more jaded I become-and the more I cannot leave. When I moved here, a friend warned me about the deceptive power of Hollywood. The city seems to be slow paced compared to meccas such as New York, London, Paris, and even Miami, but it is all an illusion. It will lull you to sleep with its palm trees and warm breezes, its beautiful people and casual opulence. And at the exact moment that you relax, the vortex that is Hollywood will suck you in, and your former self will never be seen again.

Hollywood transforms you and makes you into one of them. If you're not careful, it's easy to become one of the self-absorbed Beautiful Ones, whose only thrill in life is collecting people and things, as if living in a virtual board game. It becomes impossible for you to fit in anywhere else. Your life revolves around pleasure and beauty-you live your life shopping, exercising, and preserving your youth. Where else is it normal to have your face stretched and your lips puffed up? Where else is having the fat sucked out of your butt and relocated into the crevices of your face a typical lunch-hour appointment? Hollywood is the only place I know where having real breasts is strange and frowned upon, where being an eighty-year-old, wrinkle-free, surgeon-assisted voluptuous former playmate in a new Mercedes Benz SL is a life goal. Hearing the stories of others who live here lets me know that it's not just me; I am not the only one who has changed out of necessity. I am not the only one who has seen and done horrific things in this cesspool of sin.

It is so difficult for people who don't live here to know whatHollywood is like, or to believe the truth about it. And when I say Hollywood, I don't mean the city so much as the lifestyle and frame of mind. When Confessions of a Video Vixen was released, I received a lot of initial backlash from people who just couldn't fathom a lifestyle like this: fast money, drugs, and sex-the stuff of which movies are made. But you have to understand that people who know what goes on in this town write the movies we love so much. From Pretty Woman all the way to Boogie Nights, it's rarely fiction.

As I sat and listened to Norwood, I was reminded of where I was and that this was indeed the land of lost angels. I wondered how much deeper I would sink into this bizarre, materialistic lifestyle. It has already changed me so much. I've gone from bargain-bin shopping to Rodeo Drive, from appreciative to entitled. I have spoiled myself rotten, and I only wonder what I am overcompensating for. Am I still making up for my past and using it as a crutch and an excuse? Or am I just living the good life with "champagne wishes and caviar dreams?"

I felt a connection to Norwood that night as I listened to him tell me about his life, especially the horrible experiences that changed him as a little boy and shaped his manhood. He told me almost unbelievable stories about the double lives of powerful men at the top of the entertainment business in this town, their secrets and lies-things that, if made public, would change their existences and ruin their careers. We spent several hours at Katana that night, letting each other know that we were not alone and, in many ways, not that different. And at the end of it all, it made me think about what my father had said to me long ago about being born a girl. Here before me was a man who had it no better that I had, a man who also lived his life as a vixen and felt the need to do some confessing.


Excerpted from The Vixen Diaries by Karrine Steffans Copyright © 2007 by Karrine Steffans. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Karrine Steffans became a New York Times Best Selling Author after releasing her debut tell-all book Confessions of a Video Vixen in June of 2005. Since the success of her book, Karrine speaks at universities and celebrity panels. She has also established The Karrine Steffans Girls Club, The Karrine Steffans Book Club , and The Steffans Commentary on MySpace.

Check out Karrine's website at www.karrine.com

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Vixen Diaries 2.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 81 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read the Confessions book and almost done with the Vixen Diaries. Yes, I will admit there is a bit of redundance throughout the book about her cars, home, and wealth but we have to try to step into her shoes for a moment. For those who read the book for more than just juicy gossip about the entertainment industry like myself would have read about the horrible life this woman had growing up. If I want juicy gossip I will read the tabloid, or better yet, talk to someone I call my friend, but to make all of these negative comments about the woman for really no reason is really un-called for. She is an eloquent writer and she does have a gift and I don't know about anyone else, but when you truly begin to realize what your talent/gift is in life you get excited. You can't help but to brag sometime about what GOD gave you and especially if you're not used to having anything in the first place. My main thing is, through all of the negativity I've seen posted on this site about this book, why did you naysayers go into reading this book with eyes closed looking for 'surface literature'. If she is ever going to evolve as a woman and a responsible mother and role model for her child she has to, at some point, write about more than meaningless and juicy experiences and that's what she did in her second book. We all have to grow up sometime and her time was with the second book. She has something to prove and I think she's going in the right direction. Proving that she can write about things other than her past permiscuous behavior. I think anyone should at the very least respect her for that.
MsStarStatus More than 1 year ago
This book was a waste of money. She built so much hype around the book and it deflated as I turned each page. The most exciting part about the book was the first chapter and that was about it. The book resembled her life as what it is now, no direction what-so-ever. She needs to stop running away from the fact that what made her "famous" (i use the term very loosely) is bed hopping and knob slobbing, that's what got her "in" if you will. If she wants to play the role of someone who has learned from their mistakes of their past, then miss honey act like it! Let it show in the context of the pages we read because that is your platform. No one is checking for her in any other way. You are not the only chick who can do things with her mouth! You have got to come harder than that Miss Karrine. The book was a snore and so is she. One thing I will say that is a kudo to her, she did make $ and established her own financial security, at what cost she paid to get it...left to be desired :(
Book_Lover21 More than 1 year ago
I really like this book. At first i wasnt really sure how she would be after everything i read in confessions. But im happy to say that she's matured and this book is very good. After reading about how she started to view things in life it made me think. But this book is definetily a page turner and not a disappointment.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ms. Steffans' second book would have been good if she didn't have such an over inflated sense of her own fame. This woman is so stuck on herself it's pathetic. Every other page was about how she was a bigger celebrity then this person and how that person was jocking her. I became increasingly irritated with her constant mention of how successful she was and how much money she has and how famous she is. I really hope she gets a reality check and soon. Honey, you may have money now but you are still nothing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Very disappointed in the book, she contradicts herself without the whole book she is supppose to be grown up from the last book but is not the only thing is that she has her own money and does not have to depend on anyone. Speaks a lot about her wealth, cars, and home which i am very happy for her, and that she is also spending more time with son.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you are interested in JUICY GOSSIP 'although she has releases a little bit of pertinent information',your time is better off spent reading the national inquiry while standing in line at the supermarket. While I loved Confessions, I very much so enjoyed THIS book. Whenever I am reading something it is from beginning to end and without breaks or being over the course of many days. And The Vixen Diaries was no different. This book still the same as her first best-seller, all depending on how much you want to get out of it. Karrine states in the book that she has denounced her infamous nickname. The Vixen Diaries was successful in helping me view her in a different light. Buy/Read the book and FORM YOUR OWN OPINNION!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I will rather die than read this book
Guest More than 1 year ago
Don't waste your money. Relegated to her interaction with B list celebrities and young, unsuspecting boys this is a total waste of time. If she doesn't up the ante she's going to be working for a living again. What a hot mess!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would like to say that this book wasn't what I expected. I wanted to hear some real gossip. If I wanted to hear about Bobby Brown all I had to do was turn on the news. Karrine talked about being a changed person and she is still doing the same thing that she talked about in her first book. Man after man over and over again. Get one man and leave the others alone she will never have a man to love her for who she is because of what she is doing. I pray that her son don't grow up to be like her. When you change you change for better but she is still this messed up woman she was in the first book and she wrote this book because her men stop giving her money. Well there is only one thing to do about that and that is get a real JOB because if she writes another book this sister won't buy it because if you have something to say tell it all.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
At first I thought some of the reviewers were being really harsh, but this really was a dull, self-serving, waste of paper. How can you bill this book as the sequel to confessions. Maybe it was presumptuous of me to expect something a little more interesting. I don't see who thought this was print worthy. I honestly feel like I've been duped out of my money. I wish I could give it negative stars. Don't buy this book. You're really going to be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was expecting somethings more personal, not the obvious.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed her first book very much but this one wad not up to par at all. Save your money
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This woman is clearly not in touch with reality. Dont waste a penny on this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Let me just begin by saying that i WAS a huge Karrine Steffans fan, you couldnt pay me to say anything wrong or against her, leaving only pure understanding as an option. But after reading this last book, i discredit Karrine a little bit due to her uppity behavior constant gluttony of her so called fame. Idk, i guess the whole time i was reading it i imagined her w her nose stuck up. I cant believe i spent this much money to read such bullcrap. I coulve went to walmart and gt a better book than that with $3.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rather than giving us a book chock-full of compliments to yourself, why not give us a fun read like "Confessions"? The entire book consists of her talking about how wonderful she is, and how she's all that... Putting aside my personal opinion on how she became famous in the first place was easy when I read the first book, because it was a fun book. This one was virtually unreadable for me... I was skipping over paragraphs and sentences here and there, then skipping entire pages... How may times can you listen to a person talk about how great they are, how famous they are, etc... Here's a novel idea: instead of repeatedly telling us how great you are, why don't you focus on writing a better book and let your audience find that out for themselves? I actually felt sorry for people she mentioned in the book, because it was so obvious she was exploiting them... She may be a lot of things, but a writer is not one of them. Not a book I would recommend...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Danette Morrison More than 1 year ago
this book is extremely boring. I find myself struggling just to finish it. Quite frankly i dont think ill waste anymore of my time with this read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago