Voice This Sound: An Inverse Records Compilation

Voice This Sound: An Inverse Records Compilation


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Steve Babcock   Band
Steve Ivy   Band
Matt Wilson   Band
Tie That Binds   Track Performer
Rich McDermott   Band
Tess Wiley   Multi Instruments
Aaron Richardson   Band
Pop Unknown   Track Performer
Jump Rope Girls   Track Performer
Sebastian   Band
Jay Mac   Band
Tony Gattone   Band
Rick Gonzalez   Band
Greg Baker   Band
River City High   Track Performer
Casey Hess   Band
Eric Shutt   Band
Ultimate Fakebook   Track Performer
Dave Hawkins   Band
Sometree   Track Performer
Tim Hudson   Band
Bill McShane   Band
A-Lex   Band
Sunfactor   Track Performer
Time Spent Driving   Track Performer
Brian   Band
Chris   Band
Sean Halleck   Band
Mark   Band
Gabriel Wiley   Band
Subset   Track Performer
Schatzi   Track Performer
Matt Kellum   Band
Glen Reynolds   Band
Don Cento   Band
James Driscoll   Band
Eric Melin   Band
Nick Colby   Band
Bob Maloney   Band
Tim Lasater   Band
Joel Ganucheau   Band
Matt Breedlove   Band
Casey Diiorio   Band
Todd Harwell   Band
Chad DeAtley   Band
Micah Adams   Band
Jon Cattivera   Band
Max Lintner   Band
Andrew D. Anscombe   Band
Graham Blake   Band
Chris Boehk   Band
Bobby Brinton   Band
Mike Buckmaster   Band
Matt Buie   Band
Erick Sanger   Band
Joe Clements   Band
Troy Cope   Band
Rudy Duarte   Band
Steve Duarte   Band
Mike Feraro   Band
Nathan Fish   Band
Kem Gallione   Band
Benny Gonzales   Band
Josh Heidler   Band
Mike Hicks   Band
Spencer Jacobs   Band
Dan Keyes   Band
Stella Maxwell   Band
Umy Maxwell   Band
Yogi Maxwell   Band
James Menefee   Band
Derek Pabich   Band
Amado Pena   Band
Bobby Raw   Band
Don Relyea   Band
Jen Roye   Band
Joey Siggens   Band
Lindsey Simon   Band
Nic Tinworth   Band
James Tringham   Band
Ross Tweedy   Band
Jimmy Vela   Band
Mark Avery   Band
Jesse Garcia   Band
Robert Mann   Band

Technical Credits

William Evans   Engineer
Paul Malinowski   Engineer
Tim O'Heir   Producer,Engineer
Steve Ivy   Contributor
John Croslin   Engineer
Ed Rose   Producer
Andrew Patterson   Engineer
Matt Wilson   Contributor
Chomsky   Composer,Producer
Bob Hoag   Producer,Engineer
Mark Dufour   Producer,Engineer
Tom Hudson   Contributor
Rich McDermott   Contributor
Barry Poynter   Producer
Toby Bush   Engineer
Mike Major   Engineer
Pop Unknown   Composer
Doosu   Producer
Sebastian   Contributor
Matt Pence   Engineer
Dave Hawkins   Contributor
Sometree   Composer
Bill McShane   Composer
A-Lex   Contributor
Red Animal War   Engineer
Brian   Contributor
Recover   Composer,Producer
Chris   Contributor
Mark   Contributor
Schatzi   Composer
James Driscoll   Contributor
Bob Maloney   Contributor
Joel Ganucheau   CD Layout
Matt Breedlove   Contributor
Casey Diiorio   Engineer
Audiocrush   Composer
Todd Harwell   Contributor
Chad DeAtley   Contributor
Darrell LaCour   Engineer
We Talked About Murder   Composer,Producer
Max Lintner   Contributor
Andrew D. Anscombe   Contributor
Graham Blake   Contributor
Chris Boehk   Contributor
Bobby Brinton   Contributor
Mike Buckmaster   Contributor
Matt Buie   Contributor
Erick Sanger   Contributor
Joe Clements   Contributor
Troy Cope   Contributor
Rudy Duarte   Contributor
Steve Duarte   Contributor
Mike Feraro   Contributor
Nathan Fish   Contributor
Kem Gallione   Engineer
Greyline   Producer
Gordon Gurley   Engineer
Josh Heidler   Contributor
Mike Hicks   Contributor
Spencer Jacobs   Contributor
Dan Keyes   Contributor
Stella Maxwell   Contributor
Umy Maxwell   Contributor
Yogi Maxwell   Contributor
James Menefee   Contributor
Derek Pabich   Contributor
Amado Pena   Contributor
Bobby Raw   Contributor
Don Relyea   Contributor
Jen Roye   Contributor
Joey Siggens   Contributor
Lindsey Simon   Contributor
Nic Tinworth   Contributor
James Tringham   Contributor
Ross Tweedy   Contributor
Jimmy Vela   Contributor
Rory Phillips   Producer
Mark Avery   Contributor
Jeff Jones   Producer,Engineer

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