Vol. 2: 1935-1940

Vol. 2: 1935-1940

by Cab Calloway
JSP continued its steady trawl through the discography of the swing era's most extroverted bandleader with Vol. 2: 1935-1940, the second four-disc box of Cab Calloway chronological recordings. Four years beyond his breakout with "Minnie the Moocher," Calloway was leading one of the most entertaining bands of the '30s (thanks


JSP continued its steady trawl through the discography of the swing era's most extroverted bandleader with Vol. 2: 1935-1940, the second four-disc box of Cab Calloway chronological recordings. Four years beyond his breakout with "Minnie the Moocher," Calloway was leading one of the most entertaining bands of the '30s (thanks in large part to his own frontman skills), and after the first session or two here, he began filling it with more musical talent. Ben Webster makes his first appearance midway through the first disc, for a May 1936 date, and though he only appears on 16 selections, his replacement -- Chu Berry -- lost barely a step filling in. On that same 1936 date, bassist Milt Hinton joined the rock-solid rhythm section (also including Leroy Maxey, and later Cozy Cole, on drums, and Benny Payne on piano), for a stint that would last to the end of the decade. With all the talent on display, it's a bit of a shame that Calloway continued recording so many throwaway jive novelties, but he's usually a delight in any circumstances; his 30-second introductory vocal riff on "Nagasaki" is brilliant, and he nearly breaks into laughter at his own nonsense vocals. He does a little Louis Armstrong emulation on the same track, then dips into Bing Crosby during "Save Me, Sister." It shouldn't be a surprise that Calloway dominates the proceedings, but the musicians also get in some good licks on a pair of instrumentals, "Queen Isabelle" and "Savage Rhythm." A dozen tracks, most on the fourth disc, feature a trumpet section boasting Dizzy Gillespie, Mario Bauza, and Doc Cheatham, and find the new additions making an immediate impression. Besides some of the best solos of the period, their compositional and arranging skills benefited Calloway's band tremendously -- "Chili con Conga" and "Vuelva" for Bauza, and "Pickin' the Cabbage" for Gillespie. During the late '30s, a surfeit of similar jive features often caused critics to ignore Cab Calloway & His Orchestra, but as JSP proves, the group recorded dozens of sides worthy of attention from swing fans.

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Disc 1

  1. A Good Sauce from the Gravy Bowl
  2. Keep That Hi-De-Hi in Your Soul
  3. Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable to Lunch Today)
  4. I Ain't Got Nobody
  5. Nagasaki
  6. Baby Won't You Please Come Home
  7. I Love to Sing-A
  8. You're the Cure for What Ails Me
  9. Save Me, Sister
  10. Love Is the Reason
  11. When You're Smiling
  12. Jes' Natch'ully Lazy
  13. Are You in Love With Me Again?
  14. Copper Colored Gal
  15. Frisco Flo
  16. The Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Swing
  17. The Hi-De-Ho Miracle Man
  18. Don't Know If I'm Comin' or Goin'
  19. My Gal Mezzanine
  20. That Man Is Here Again
  21. Reckin'
  22. Congo
  23. Swing, Swing, Swing
  24. Wake Up and Live
  25. Manhattan Jam

Disc 2

  1. Moon at Sea
  2. I'm Always in the Mood for You
  3. She's Tall, She's Tan, She's Teriffic
  4. Go South Young Man
  5. Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm
  6. Hi De Ho Romeo
  7. Queen Isabella
  8. Savage Rhythm
  9. Every Day's a Holiday
  10. Jubilee
  11. In an Old English Village
  12. (Just An) Error in the News
  13. A Minor Breakdown (Rustle of Swing)
  14. Bugle Blues
  15. One Big Union for Two
  16. Doing the Reactionary
  17. Rustle of Swing
  18. Three Swings and Out
  19. I Like Music (With a Swing Like That)
  20. Foolin' With You
  21. Azure
  22. Skrontch
  23. We're Breakin' Up a Lovely Affair
  24. Peck-A-Doodle-Do
  25. At the Clambake Carnival
  26. Hoy-Hoy
  27. Miss Hallelujah Brown
  28. The Conga-Conga

Disc 3

  1. The Boogie Woogie
  2. There's a Sunny Side to Everything
  3. Shout, Shout, Shout
  4. Mister Paganini, Swing for Minnie
  5. Jive (Page One of the Hepster's Dictionary)
  6. Penguin Swing
  7. Do You Wanna Jump Children?
  8. I'm Madly in Love With You
  9. April in My Heart
  10. Blue Interlude
  11. F.D.R. Jones
  12. Deep in a Dream
  13. Tee-Um, Tee-Um, Tee-I, Tahiti
  14. Angels With Dirty Faces
  15. Long, Long Ago
  16. Afraid of Love
  17. Ratamacue
  18. Ad-De-Dey
  19. A New Moon and an Old Serenade
  20. One Look at You
  21. The Ghost of Smokey Joe
  22. Floogie Walk
  23. Trylon Swing
  24. Utt-Da-Zay
  25. Crescendo in Drums
  26. (Hep-Hep!) The Jumpin' Jive
  27. For the Last Time I Cried Over You
  28. Twee-Twee-Tweet

Disc 4

  1. Pluckin' the Bass
  2. I Ain't Gettin' Nowhere Fast
  3. Chili Con Conga
  4. Tarzan of Harlem
  5. Jiveformation, Please
  6. Vuelva
  7. A Bee Gezindt
  8. Give, Baby, Give
  9. Sincere Love
  10. Do It Again
  11. Pickin' the Cabbage
  12. Chop, Chop. Charlie Chan
  13. Paradiddle
  14. Boog It
  15. Calling All Bars
  16. Do I Care? No, No
  17. The Lone Arranger
  18. Feelin' Tip Top
  19. Topsy Turvy (Hard Times)
  20. Hi-De-Ho Serenade
  21. Who's Yehoodi?
  22. Fifteen Minute Intermission
  23. Rhapsody in Rhumba
  24. Come on With the "Come On"
  25. The Ghost of a Chance
  26. Bye Bye Blues

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cab Calloway   Primary Artist,Vocals
Danny Barker   Guitar
Chu Berry   Tenor Saxophone
Dizzy Gillespie   Trumpet
Ben Webster   Tenor Saxophone
Cozy Cole   Drums
Tyree Glenn   Trombone,Vibes
Mario Bauzá   Trumpet
Jerry Blake   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
William Thornton Blue   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Garvin Bushell   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Doc Cheatham   Trumpet
Shad Collins   Trumpet
Arville Harris   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Milt Hinton   String Bass
Hilton Jefferson   Alto Saxophone
Keg Johnson   Trombone
Claude Jones   Trombone
Leroy Maxey   Drums
Morgan   String Bass
Benny Payne   Piano,Celeste
Irving "Mouse" Randolph   Trumpet
Edwin Swayzee   Trumpet
Priest Wheeler   Trombone
Morris White   Guitar
Lammar Wright   Trumpet
June Richmond   Vocals
Harry White   Trombone
Andrew Brown   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet
Walter "Foots" Thomas   Clarinet,Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Chauncey Houghton   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone

Technical Credits

Bing Crosby   Composer
Earl Bostic   Composer
Hoagy Carmichael   Composer
Danny Barker   Composer
Chu Berry   Composer
Cab Calloway   Composer,Director
Roy Eldridge   Composer
Leonard Feather   Composer
Dizzy Gillespie   Composer
Cozy Cole   Composer
Matt Dennis   Composer
Andy Gibson   Arranger,Composer
Irving Mills   Composer
Frank Froeba   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Harold Rome   Composer
Buck Ram   Composer
Robert Maxwell   Composer
Josef Myrow   Composer
Jack Pettis   Composer
Stanley Adams   Composer
David Bennett   Composer
Benny Carter   Arranger,Composer
Rube Bloom   Composer
Buddy Cannon   Composer
J. Fred Coots   Composer
Joe Davis   Composer
Eddie DeLange   Composer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Mark Fisher   Composer
Joe Goodwin   Composer
Mack Gordon   Composer
Roger Graham   Composer
Porter Grainger   Composer
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Lorenz Hart   Composer
Will Hudson   Composer
Walter Kent   Composer
Jack Palmer   Composer
Benny Payne   Composer
Leon René   Composer
Vincent Rose   Composer
Elmer Schoebel   Composer
Larry Stock   Composer
Edwin Swayzee   Composer
James Van Heusen   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Ned Washington   Composer
Morris White   Composer
Chappie Willett   Arranger,Composer
Clarence Williams   Composer
Spencer Williams   Composer
Victor Young   Composer
Jerome Jerome   Composer
C. Jones   Composer
Chauncey Gray   Composer
Herbert Stothart   Composer
Teddy Powell   Composer
Edgar Battle   Arranger,Composer
Willie Bryant   Composer
Bert Lown   Composer
Phil Spitalny   Composer
Buster Harding   Composer
Patricia Platzman   Composer
Albert Sendrey   Composer
Sally-Ann Worsfold   Sleeve Notes
Ralph Yaw   Composer
Howard E. Johnson   Composer
Sam Coslow   Composer
Ted Koehler   Composer
Mort Dixon   Composer
George Forrest   Composer
Henry Nemo   Composer
Harry Revel   Composer
Benny Davis   Composer
Paul Denniker   Composer
Buddy Feyne   Composer
Fred Fisher   Composer
Emanuel Kurtz   Composer
Otis Rene   Composer
Larry Shay   Composer
Sunny Skylar   Composer
Lester Lee   Composer
Ira Schuster   Composer
Victor Seisman   Composer
Dan Shapiro   Composer
Gladys Shelley   Composer
Hezekiah Leroy Gordon Smith   Composer
Otis Spencer   Composer
Battle Thomas   Composer
Richard Byron   Composer
Donahue   Composer
Ben Ellison   Composer
Lupin Fein   Composer
Jerry Seelen   Composer
Abe Tuvim   Composer
Charles Warfield   Composer
Kay Werner   Composer
Bill Seckler   Composer
Irv Carroll   Composer
Edward Pola   Composer
Dave Peyton   Composer
Helen Meinardi   Composer
Harry Pease   Composer
Frederick Hamm   Composer
Barry Trivers   Composer
Edward Ward   Composer
Lee Wainer   Composer
Mona Conrad   Composer
Paul Girlando   Composer
Robert Wright   Composer
Herman Hupfeld   Composer

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