Volume 17

Volume 17


Volume 17, the Fifth Birthday Bumper Bonanza, includes brand new and unreleased tracks by Elastica (the only OK "Love Like Ours" is their return), Cocteau Twins ("Touch Upon Touch" is pure shimmering excellence!), Divine Comedy, Longpigs, See more details below


Volume 17, the Fifth Birthday Bumper Bonanza, includes brand new and unreleased tracks by Elastica (the only OK "Love Like Ours" is their return), Cocteau Twins ("Touch Upon Touch" is pure shimmering excellence!), Divine Comedy, Longpigs, Throwing Muses, Fruit (Patrick Fitzgerald, ex-Kitchens of Distinction; that now-split-up band's drummer Dan Goodwin also appears on this track), Elvis Costello (covering Sleeper acoustic, great!), Auteurs, Bettie Serveert, Björk, Rare (with ex-Undertones/That Petrol Emotion guitarist Sean O'Neill), Morphine, the reunited Curve, and 18 others, many of them electronic dance music outfits. Though most of the bands fail to give away their best stuff (Costello and Cocteau Twins aside), you also get the full, 192-page, quality magazine containing long, astute interviews with all the above, of course!

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Disc 1

  1. Woke up This Morning
  2. Love Like Ours (New Recording)  -  Elastica
  3. U 16 Girls (New Recording)
  4. Conspiracy (New Recording)
  5. All This and More (New Recording)
  6. The Magic of New Pop Music (New Recording)
  7. Never Live Twice
  8. Possibly Maybe  -  Björk
  9. On and On
  10. Rollercoaster (New Recording)  -  Rare
  11. What Have You Got? (New Recording)
  12. Latin Gloop (New Recording)  -  Turn On
  13. Big Sky City (New Recording)
  14. Test (New Recording)  -  Curve

Disc 2

  1. Communication Breakdown (New Recording)
  2. Like a Dog (New Recording)
  3. What Do I Do Now? (New Recording)
  4. Unsolved Child Murder
  5. Mickey
  6. More of Me (And Then Some)
  7. Leather Jacket (New Recording)
  8. Here I Am (New Recording)
  9. Through a Long and Sleepless Night
  10. Touch Upon Touch (New Recording)
  11. Closer to the Stars
  12. Risk (New Recording)  -  Fiel Garvie
  13. I'll Keep It in Mind (New Recording)  -  Fringe
  14. Spine
  15. Red Balloon (New Recording)
  16. Volume (New Recording)

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cocteau Twins   Track Performer
Elvis Costello   Multi Instruments,Track Performer,Musician
Throwing Muses   Track Performer
Fringe   Track Performer
Morphine   Track Performer
Curve   Track Performer
Fruit   Track Performer
Gallon Drunk   Track Performer
Björk   Vocals,Track Performer
Auteurs   Track Performer
Bettie Serveert   Track Performer
Sean O'Neill   Guitar
System 7   Track Performer
Kristin Hersh   Guitar,Vocals
Elastica   Track Performer
dEUS   Track Performer
Joey Burns   Electric Bass,Upright Bass
Joe Byfield   Maracas
Dana Colley   Bass Saxophone
Billy Conway   Drums
Michael Delanian   Bass
Terry Edwards   Saxophone
Bill Janovitz   Guitar,Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
James Johnston   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Carl McIntosh   Bass,Background Vocals
Mark Sandman   Bass,Vocals
Travis   Track Performer
David Whiteside   Bass
Little Axe   Track Performer
Terrorvision   Track Performer
Drugstore   Track Performer
David Narcizo   Drums
Ian White   Drums
John Convertino   Percussion,Drums,Vibes
Justine Frischmann   Guitar,Vocals
Justin Welch   Drums
Bernard Georges   Bass
Stuart Evans   Guitar
Longpigs   Track Performer
Divine Comedy   Track Performer
Catatonia   Track Performer
Geneva   Track Performer
Julle DeBorgher   Drums
Luke Haines   Guitar,Vocals
Turn On   Track Performer
Tom Barman   Guitar,Vocals
Stef Kamil Carlens   Bass,Vocals
James Banbury   Cello
Herman Bunskoeke   Bass
Mike Chylinski   Drums
Berend Dubbe   Drums
Nick Finch   Guitar,Background Vocals
Klaas Janzoons   Violin
Leigh Marklew   Bass
Barney C. Rockford   Drums
Carol van Dijk   Guitar,Vocals
Alabama 3   Track Performer
Adam Green   Guitar
Simon Stafford   Bass
Peter Visser   Guitar
Daron Robinson   Guitar
Crispin Hunt   Guitar,Vocals
Isabel Monteiro   Bass,Vocals
Rare   Track Performer
Donna Matthews   Guitar,Vocals
Joby Talbot   Piano
Rev. D. Wayne Love   Vocals
Mindless Drug Hoover   Multi Instruments,Track Performer
Dee Boyle   Drums
Steven Dora   Guitar
Neil Hannon   Guitar,Vocals
Alice Readman   Bass
Anne Reekie   Vocals
Cerys Matthews   Vocals
Ivor Talbot   Guitar
Dave Bush   Keyboards
Stuart "Pinkie" Bates   Guitar
Douglas Caskie   Drums
Keith Graham   Bass
Richard Hawley   Guitar
Andrew Montgomery   Vocals
Mark Yates   Guitar
Dougie Payne   Bass
Neil Primrose   Drums
Shutty   Drums
Dan Goodwin   Drums
Sheila Chipperfield   Bass
Miggy Barradas   Drums
Ben Hill   Guitar,Background Vocals
Larry Love   Vocals
Mountain of Love   Harmonica
Craig Ward   Guitar,Vocals
Andy Dunlop   Guitar
Ian R. Watson   Trumpet
Lorne Burrell   Voices
Mark   Guitar
S.P.I.R.I.T.   Organ
Fiel Garvie   Track Performer
Ruairi O'Doherty   Bass,Vocals
Paul Jones   Bass
Jude Bugden   Bass
Sophie Clarke   Vocals
Dafydd Leuan   Drums
Brian Deery   Bass
Andrew Ferris   Guitar,Background Vocals
Jason Flood   Guitar,Background Vocals
Mary Gallagher   Vocals
Dereck Hood   Drums
Little Boy Dope The Human 808   Drums
Fuzzbox Guitar Man Love   Guitar
Real "Conga Man" Love   Percussion
Mel McCrory   Guitar,Vocals
Locky Morris   Guitar,Keyboards
Bryan Mills   Bass
Fran Healy   Vocals

Technical Credits

Cocteau Twins   Producer,Engineer
Steve Hillage   Producer
Throwing Muses   Producer
Fringe   Producer
Gallon Drunk   Producer
Björk   Remixing
Rory   Engineer
Auteurs   Producer
System 7   Producer,Remixing,Remastering
dEUS   Producer
Darren Allison   Producer,Engineer
Duncan Cameron   Engineer
Eric Drew Feldman   Producer,Engineer
Elizabeth Fraser   Contributor
Tim Gane   Contributor
Dean Garcia   Producer
Miquette Giraudy   Contributor
Robin Guthrie   Contributor
Toni Halliday   Producer
Pete Hofmann   Engineer
Howie B   Remixing
Bill Janovitz   Producer
Martin Jenkins   Engineer
Paul Kendall   Producer
Jim Kerr   Engineer
Skip McDonald   Producer
Jem Noble   Producer
Gil Norton   Producer
Sean O'Hagan   Contributor
Andy Ramsay   Contributor
Danny Saber   Remixing
Mark Sandman   Producer
Adam Seymour   Producer
Simon Raymonde   Contributor
Miti   Producer,Engineer
Julian Standen   Engineer
Phil Vinall   Producer
Manna   Remixing
Derrick May   Producer
Craig Schumacher   Engineer
Tom Doty   Engineer
Brent Sigmeth   Engineer
Turn On   Producer
Adam Wren   Producer,Remixing,Remastering
Fulton Dingley   Engineer
Adam Green   Arranger
Rare   Producer
Alon Adiri   Engineer
Nick Luca   Engineer
Rosco   Engineer
Mindless Drug Hoover   Instrumentation
Neil Hannon   Producer
Anne Reekie   Programming
Patrick Fitzgerald   Producer,Engineer,Contributor
Mountain of Love   Programming
Cuckoo   Producer
Bomber Haris   Producer
Mark Bell   Engineer
Fulton   Engineer
Mike Godden   Engineer
Mike Golden   Engineer
"Bomber" Harris   Producer
Latin Group   Producer
Druggies   Producer

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