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by David Crosby
Voyage is an appropriate title for this three-disc career retrospective, which sets sail through waters both smooth and choppy to bring together the best work this singer-songwriter has turned out -- both alone and with the classic groups he's been part of. Arranged in rough chronological order, the set affords the listener a chance to witness Crosby's


Voyage is an appropriate title for this three-disc career retrospective, which sets sail through waters both smooth and choppy to bring together the best work this singer-songwriter has turned out -- both alone and with the classic groups he's been part of. Arranged in rough chronological order, the set affords the listener a chance to witness Crosby's development as both a performer and a writer: from his days as part of the Byrds (best represented by the haunting "Everybody's Been Burned") to his sometimes uplifting, sometimes chilling solo work to his collaborations, in various permutations, with foils Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. That final category takes in both much-heard material -- "Wooden Ships" and "Guinevere," for instance -- and '80s-era tracks, such as the bleak and beautiful "Delta," that reveal Crosby's palpable weathering as well as a wizened outlook that suits him well. The set's third disc, given over entirely to previously unreleased material, is Voyage's trump card: It's rife with stunning -- if sometimes raw -- performances that offer deep insight into Crosby's inner workings. That's evident on unvarnished demos of songs like "Almost Cut My Hair," a far edgier version than the album version, as well as on the altogether-unreleased "Kids and Dogs," a 1971-vintage solo cut that showcases a stylistic adventurousness worthy of Tim Buckley. In that spirit, Crosby chose to round things out with a smattering of concert performances of songs -- like the Crosby/Nash workout "Traction in the Rain" and a sinewy "Dream for Him" that's buoyed by Neil Young's stinging guitar -- that cut to the quick despite their relative obscurity. All in all, it's most assuredly a fantastic Voyage.

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Rhino has gone all out to release projects to coincide with the publication of David Crosby's autobiography, Since Then. Along with this triple-disc box set, the label is also reissuing Crosby's first solo recording -- an album that carries the word "masterpiece" around with it in the 21st century. While that double disc (the original disc with a bonus cut, and a DVD of the album in a superior mix) may carry some real excitement, it's a head-scratching exercise as to who, exactly, will be interested in this box. Rhino has packaged together three CDs in a deluxe foldout package with a 130-page book with a great liner essay by Steve Silberman, and song-by-song annotations by Crosby. Compiled and produced by Joel Bernstein and Graham Nash, Voyage contains two discs of songs from Crosby's various contributing incarnations as a member of the Byrds, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Crosby & Nash, and CPR, and as a solo artist. The work here varies in quality, and merely tells a kind of story that has been told in many ways over the individual releases he appeared on. None of his backing vocal sessions with the Jefferson Airplane, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, etc., are here. That may be as it should be, but the story would have been fuller and more complete than it is presented here. After all, it is reasonable to assume that anyone interested in the aforementioned acts to any real degree would have this material anyway. And anyone new to those recording artists or to Crosby himself would be ill-disposed to purchasing something this expensive. So it all comes down to disc three, which is a 16-cut set of unreleased demos, alternates, and rehearsals of Crosby, either solo or with CSN, CSNY, or Crosby & Nash, with one exception -- an alternate mix of "Have You Seen the Stars Tonight" with the Jefferson Starship under the leadership of Paul Kantner. Here, there are benefits for fans of rough and "unfinished" recordings. The demos of "Long Time Gone" with Crosby and Stephen Stills is compelling, as are the alternate mix of "Guinnevere" and the demo of "Déjà Vu," the latter for its intense showcase of vocal harmony. However, the takes of "Almost Cut My Hair" (acoustic) and "Games" are throwaway ones. "Triad" neither adds nor subtracts from its recorded version; it is merely different. "Cowboy Movie" is a studio take here, over ten minutes in length, that rocks. "Kids and Dogs," the bonus cut on If I Could Only Remember My Name

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Crosby   Primary Artist
Chris Hillman   Bass,Vocals
Michael Hedges   Acoustic Guitar,Keyboards
Michael Shrieve   Drums
Mickey Hart   Drums,Tambourine,Hand Clapping
Gene Clark   Tambourine,Vocals
Phil Collins   Percussion,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals
Crosby & Nash   Acoustic Guitar,Piano,Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Hand Clapping,Glass Harmonica,Guitar (12 String Electric),Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
Jerry Garcia   Acoustic Guitar,Pedal Steel Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Jorma Kaukonen   Electric Guitar
David Lindley   Slide Guitar,Lap Steel Guitar
Joni Mitchell   Vocals
Graham Nash   Organ,Acoustic Guitar,Conga,Vocals,Glass Harmonica
John Sebastian   Harmonica
Grace Slick   Piano,Vocals
Steve Stills   Organ,Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Piano,Electric Guitar,Electric Piano,Vocals,Slide Guitar
Neil Young   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Harmonica,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Vibes
Paul Kantner   Guitar,Vocals
Gregg Rolie   Piano
Joe Vitale   Organ,Flute,Drums,Keyboards,Synthesizer Strings
Cyrus Faryar   Bouzouki
Dana Africa   Flute
Joel Bernstein   Acoustic Guitar
Jack Casady   Bass
Vince Charles   Percussion
Michael Clarke   Drums
Luis Conte   Percussion
Craig Doerge   Piano,Hammond Organ,Electric Piano,Glass Harmonica
Tim Drummond   Bass
David Freiberg   Vocals
James "Hutch" Hutchinson   Bass
Danny Kortchmar   Electric Guitar
Bill Kreutzmann   Drums
Russ Kunkel   Drums
Phil Lesh   Bass,Vocals
Branford Marsalis   Soprano Saxophone
Dean Parks   Acoustic Guitar,Flute,Electric Guitar
George "Chocolate" Perry   Bass
Jeff Pevar   Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Fretless Bass Guitar
James Raymond   Piano,Vocals,Moog Bass
Greg Reeves   Bass
J.D. Souther   Vocals
Dallas Taylor   Drums
C.J. Vancston   Keyboards
Leland Sklar   Bass
Steve DiStanislao   Drums
Jim McGuinn   Vocals,Guitar (12 String Electric)
Crosby & Stills   Track Performer
Steve Potts   Drums

Technical Credits

Chris Hillman   Author
Michael Hedges   Arranger
Michael Shrieve   Composer
Phil Collins   Composer,Producer,Author
Crosby & Nash   Producer,Liner Notes
Crosby, Stills & Nash   Producer
Melissa Etheridge   Author
Jerry Garcia   Composer
Joni Mitchell   Composer
Graham Nash   Composer,Producer,Art Direction
Bonnie Raitt   Author
Grace Slick   Author
Steve Stills   Composer,Producer
Neil Young   Composer,Producer
Paul Kantner   Composer,Author
Joe Vitale   Producer
Tom May   Engineer
Howard Albert   Producer,Engineer
Stephen Barncard   Engineer,Vocal Engineer,Tape Research
Joel Bernstein   Producer,Art Direction,Tape Research
Niko Bolas   Producer,Engineer
Bruce Botnick   Engineer
David Crosby   Composer
Paul Dieter   Producer,Engineer
Henry Diltz   Cover Photo
Craig Doerge   Composer,Producer
Dan Garcia   Producer,Engineer
David Geffen   Author
Ray Gerhardt   Engineer
Don Gooch   Engineer
Bill Halverson   Producer,Engineer
Stanley Johnston   Producer,Engineer,Vocal Engineer,Tape Research,Multi-Track Mix
Nathaniel Kunkel   Producer,Engineer
Russ Kunkel   Producer
Phil Lesh   Composer,Author
Henry Lewy   Engineer
Roger McGuinn   Composer,Author
Tim Mulligan   Engineer
Dean Parks   Composer,Producer
Jeff Pevar   Composer
James Raymond   Composer
Paul Rothchild   Producer
Phil Sawyer   Engineer
Allen Stanton   Producer
Gary Usher   Producer
Pat (Maurice) Leraci   Engineer
Maria Villar   Art Direction
Steve Silberman   Essay
Jan Crosby   Composer
CPR   Producer
Ronnie Alpert   Producer,Engineer
Samuel F. Smith   Composer
Steve DiStanislao   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young   Producer
Zeke Young   Engineer
Alan Zentz   Engineer
Nick Davies   Producer,Engineer
Andrew Ford   Composer

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