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3.8 12
by Enigma
Since his 1990 debut as Enigma, Romanian-born Michael Cretu has amassed a worldwide audience for his richly layered electronic–new age hybrid, scoring international hits with "Sadeness Pt. 1" and "Return to Innocence." His first album of new material in three years, Voyageur is an excursion not to be missed.


Since his 1990 debut as Enigma, Romanian-born Michael Cretu has amassed a worldwide audience for his richly layered electronic–new age hybrid, scoring international hits with "Sadeness Pt. 1" and "Return to Innocence." His first album of new material in three years, Voyageur is an excursion not to be missed.

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All Music Guide - Aaron Latham
Michael Crétu's formula of weaving old and new world sounds through new age atmospherics and dance rhythms has resulted in four Enigma discs that have straddled the line between brilliance and self-indulgence. The plodding bombast of 2000's The Screen Behind the Mirror seemed to signal that Enigma had stretched itself to a point where an explosion of pompous musical goop was imminent. So what's to be done when the bubble's about to burst? Simply ease up, let out some of the stuffy air, and allow for some space to breathe -- and that is what Crétu has done with Voyageur. Utilizing a lighter production style, his compositions benefit from the lack of themes, chants, and assorted ethereal voices that began to plague his discs while still retaining the essence of Enigma. Once again, the songs are seamlessly merged together into a flowing river of music in which there are moments of calm as well as sections that have a swift undercurrent of beats. The mandatory introductory passage, "From East to West," stretches further than on previous discs as its lightly rolling beats and simple melody suggest a move toward ambient electronica. The following title track reinforces this theory as the danceable beat propels the electro-guitar strums and backing organ like a hit song from a car commercial. "Incognito" expands the experiment a bit more by tentatively treading into Chemical Brothers territory and, as if to say he's getting back to basics, Crétu throws in a couple of "Sadeness" samples from Enigma's groundbreaking debut disc. Rounding out the excellent first half of the program is the single-worthy "Boum-Boum," where the pop sounds of *NSYNC exist happily within an Alan Parsons Project world. Although the beats continue with "Look of Today," the second half of Voyageur tends to lose focus as tracks like "Weightless" and "The Piano" sound as if they are lost in some kind of new age netherworld. However, with its strong opening and scaling back of theatrics, Voyageur is one of Enigma's more successful recordings and sheds new light on an old formula.

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Voyageur 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this album is perfect. the best album by enigma since "MCMXC AD". this album represent the beggining of the second chapter of the enigma that still hidden behind the beautiful melodies of this CD. despite of the absence of the Monks, this album is just perfect. Despues de tres a~os de espera Enigma sigue siendo el mejor.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is nothing like the other previous discs released by Enigma. Buy anything else of theirs, but avoid this like the plague that it is. Apart from the title track, the rest is rubbish.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Enigma has once again managed to take its' listeners to another level of musical transcendence with their latest album "Voyageur". The combination of fast pace rhythm and heart-felt singing does once again provide the listener with a melodic landscape onto which one may run, jump and fly. Well done Enigma and thank you very much for being the musical "Voyageur" for the milllions of dedicated Enigma fans.
doxiemummyx4 More than 1 year ago
I have been an Enigma fan for many years. This CD is very enjoyable--having a good mix of easy to listen to songs.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i have bought every enigma/michael cretu item to date. the last cd The screen behind the Mirror left the listener breathless while this new offering leaves you demanding more-more memorable songs, vocals,experience. none of the songs stand out. it is great to pop in while your doing other stuff but when you concentrate on it you realize that there isnt enough to keep your attention. as an atmospheric white noise this is fine but buy it cause u know its just an appetizer for the next hopefully brilliant creation-every artist has a lull-this is enigmas
Guest More than 1 year ago
inca nu l'am ascultat..dar abia astept sa ajung acasa... ma astept la ce'i mai bun ..doar e ENIGMA...
Guest More than 1 year ago
The most outstanding of work. Departs from its former 'versions' and among 6 billion people, there should be a few who'll like it. The work of a ture self genius.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was really techno-ish, it wasn't like anything they did before that is why I didn't like it. It was not one of there best they need more like the track on their first album Sadeness
Guest More than 1 year ago
all of the enigma albums have been my true escape from this chaotic and hectic world. this music has given me the true meaning of finding peace, tranquility and serenity within music and my own mind.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hi there. well... i bought the new Voyageur cd, that after i saw the special cd packaging :) After listening, i have to say that there is not such a huge change in the essence, but it is much more soft listening, less (or none) complicated lyrics, no voice samples, it is... very airy... Yet, it's a pleasant album, nice music, and Cretu's voice seems to add a little complication to the songs (the inflexions of his voice at the end of one of the tracks sound just like BT's voice on 'Somnambulist' - same voice effect, same melodic voice line). I'm not quite happy with the track titles, i think they're kinda silly and... usual (if not overused). In the end of the day, i think everyone may agree that perfect production and perfect sounds save the day! and it's a happy ending for Voyageur, who has almost no identity and no message at all. It is maybe a new beginning, it is Enigma but reduced at it's musical essence (and adding more commercial beats). During the album you can hear samples from the first Enigma MCMXC aD (first there's the 'Sad, dis-moi' whispers, and then on 'The Piano' the melodic line follows the one from 'Sadness') So the message one can understand is that this is some new ground for Enigma, or is the journey to a new ground, leaving behind old samples and instruments. The very last sounds at the end of the album are really enchanting, really enigma and they may be most relevant for what's next and also for the message of this recording. Drawing a line, i can say that Cretu has not proved that he could change something in music with this album, it has no serious innovation in it, but i'm not even sure he had to prove something like that, i mean he doesn't have to come up with a new revolution, yet it would be nice to see enigma in different clothes and from a different perspective, something that fits the future or maybe anticipate it. This is where Cretu's genious would shine. Else, we could see that Cretu is a good composer, that he can come up with good tracks, nice arrangements and great sounds. Buy it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago