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Wai-Nani, a Voice from Old Hawaii

Wai-Nani, a Voice from Old Hawaii

4.7 11
by Linda Ballou
Wai-nani transports you into the wild heart old Hawai’i when Captain Cook stepped upon the shores of Kealakekua Bay in 1779. Linda Ballou skillfully weaves legends and myths, fabled history, and an evocative love story into a poetic rendering of the “People of Old.” Lavish images of the Islands splash the page as you tread inside the mysterious


Wai-nani transports you into the wild heart old Hawai’i when Captain Cook stepped upon the shores of Kealakekua Bay in 1779. Linda Ballou skillfully weaves legends and myths, fabled history, and an evocative love story into a poetic rendering of the “People of Old.” Lavish images of the Islands splash the page as you tread inside the mysterious Polynesian culture. Hawai’i’s story is told through the eyes of Wai-nani, a fiercely passionate, free-spirited woman. She takes you on a seductive journey that spans the most dynamic period in Hawaiian history

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Wai-Nani, a Voice from Old Hawaii 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
.Mahalo nui loa, Linda Ballou, for writing this glorious story. As a Hawaiian, born and raised, I loved the journey back into the days of old and the poetic way that you mixed fact, fiction, and legend. Wai-nani is a truly beautiful story, written with lush language that emotes the aloha of my people, while bringing our ancient culture and mysticism to life. Thank you so much for the careful research and the passion that you so clearly feel for Hawaii. Posted for Tori Eldridge author of Empowered Living
MarlaMartenson More than 1 year ago
This is a beautifully written book. It was a gift, so a nice surprise. I love getting to read something that I never would have picked up on my own. Linda Ballou brings to life this magical tale of Wai-nani who finds pleasure and courage in the sea. We experience the Hawaiian society through her as it existed in 1779. I previously had no knowledge of Hawaiian culture or history. I loved the story of Wai-nani's bond and friendship with Eku the dolphin. I have always wanted to swim with the dolphins, and I could imagine what a powerful experience that was. I definitely recommend picking up this delightful book!
nyauthoress More than 1 year ago
I look forward to reading books that both teach me and also take me on a vacation. Linda Ballou's thoroughly researched book, Wai-Nani: High Chiefess of Hawaii did both. I felt like I had just stepped off a boat onto the shores of Hawaii in the mid-eighteenth century. The book chronicles the history of a young girl who fearlessly challenged the confines of women's roles in Hawaiian culture at that time. Wai-Nani, wife of warrior husband Makaha, fights a personal battle to rise to a position of leadership, to become the "Mother to the island people." Author Linda Ballou's thoroughly researched novel shines in its detail about pre-Captain Cook Hawaiian culture. She effortlessly weaves into her narrative details of the customs, gods, war campaigns, hunting, celebrations, spirits taboos and flora and fauna of early Hawaii. The lavish colors of Hawaii literally jump off each page as she takes the reader on an inside tour of the famous islands. Reading about Wai-Nani's special relationship with the dolphins below the water is an additional treat. Kudos to Linda Ballou for delivering vivid imagery, historical detail, emotional impact, tragedy and triumph with such sensual beauty. I have never seen Hawaii. Wai-nani makes me want to visit.
YRenee More than 1 year ago
WAI-NANI -- HIGH CHIEFESS OF HAWAI¿I HER EPIC JOURNEY is a beautifully written epic about a strong independent woman. It is a history lesson written with care and heart about a remarkable people during an amazing time. The Queen Ka¿ahumanu, the favorite wife of Kamehameha the Great, inspired Wai-nani¿s character.

Linda has caught the beauty, mystery, and heart of the Hawaiian culture. I found this book both educational, and inspirational; a seductive journey through time and to a place of great majesty and history. A must read for all those who enjoy romance and history.
ZooDoc More than 1 year ago
Wai-nani: High Chiefess of Hawai'i - Her Epic Journey: Linda Ballou has created a well-researched historically-based story that sends a reader back to the 1700's to the days of early British explorers, and the era of Hawaiian war lords. In the middle of it all is a touching, though frustrating and often-frightful love story surrounding Wai-nani. You will swim with Wai-nani, as she makes friends and communes with the dolphins, and you will go "water-sliding" with Hawaiian surfers. A wonderful escape to the past¿to ocean, jungle and volcanoes, a great adventure! This one is destined to win many awards, in my opinion. (This review was written by ZooDoc, international award winning author of "War Star Rising! The Legend of Toucan Moon.")
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an enlightening and engaging tale especially for many of us not versed in Hawaiian history, lore and culture. Most people today visit the Hawaiian islands solely with thoughts of a tropical paradise retreat and a happy, benign indigenous people. Linda's depiction of the life of the cheifess Wa-nani shows just how much more complex a people they were and still are. You not only swim with dolphins, trek through forests and lava beds but experience Wa-nini's brave struggle with the extreme violence and superstition she endures in a male dominated society equal to any in the Western world. This is a must read for history buffs and adventure seekers alike!!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Nandita Keshavan for Readers' Favorite Wai-Nani is an exciting historical drama about a Hawaiian girl from a royal family, who runs away from her family to escape an unwanted wedding. She swims to another island, and there she meets and falls in love with Makaha, who is a son of the king. How she fares in a childless marriage and tries to gain the trust of the people, despite being the daughter of a rival king, adds to the suspense and intrigue. Author Linda Ballou writes beautifully and the pages of this book are filled with such vivid descriptions of the culture and imagery of old Hawaii that the effect of the writing is believable and compelling. Ballou includes an informative preface which explains that the protagonists are based on important historical legends, but that the book is written with creative license. Significant research by the author on what is known of the Hawaiian psyche at the time shows clearly in the book, which is very realistic. The book also depicts an account of Captain James Cook's arrival at Kealakekua Bay, how he was taken at first to be a god, and how this perception changed later on, along with an unexpected turn of events. This is followed by the arrival of Captain Vancouver, although his interaction with the Hawaiians differs considerably. These passages are written very well and, despite the tensions in the islands, there is always a fear of unknown dangers which adds to the suspense of the interactions with the Europeans. Wai-Nani rebels against customs for the sake of her own freedom, and during the story her character retains her innocent beauty whilst adopting traits of feminine grit due to difficult circumstances. Makaha is an interesting character who is bold, skilled and brave, while at the same time having a raw greed that drives him to supreme political heights. An invigorating aspect of the book is Wai-Nani's friendship with the dolphin Eku, who becomes a solace in difficult times. The relationship of Wai-Nani with Makaha goes through a range of extremes and it is a sub plot which alternates between love, suspense, loneliness and extra-marital affairs. The emotion, suspense and adventure are written wonderfully against the natural beauty of the islands, making the book colourful, gripping and dramatic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wan-nani: High Chiefess of Hawaii: Her Epic Journey is a novel of awesome beauty and power. It is a moving saga about people, relationships, and the boundaries of love. Linda Ballou¿s powerful storytelling talents, her understanding of human nature, and her knowledge of Hawaii folklore, take us on an amazing journey into Hawaii¿s ancient past as she re-creates island life as it truly might have been. Wan-nani is a great summer read. Kudos to Ballou on her first novel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wai-Nani is like no other book I have ever read. Linda Ballou is a master of language, pulling the reader in and evoking emotions hidden deep within. Passionate and primal, Wai-Nani transports you to the early days of Hawaii, where warriors ruled and women werer expected to know their place. Ms. Ballou's imagery is breathtaking. Wai-Nani refuses to be bound by the shakles of society and follows her heart--finding a destiny beyond her wildest dreams. Follow her--no, join her--on this incredible journey.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'I recently read this book and cannot say enough about it. Linda has captured the beauty of Hawai'i and the ancient lore and legend that makes Hawai'ian history so enchanting. Her main character, Wai-nani, is fourteen when the story begins, and we follow her as she becomes the first wife of the soon-to-be high chief of Hawai'i. (based upon Kamehameha the Great) Her gift is in the water, swimming with the porpoises, befriending them as she catches a fin and flies through the waves with them. Using her instincts and wisdom, Wai-nani remains her husband's most trusted advisor throughout his life, while he wrestles with change and the arrival of the white Christian men who bring both the positive ideas and the decadence of the new world. I highly recommend this beautiful historical novel. Denise Cassino, Senior Editor at Long Story Short- E-zine