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Wait Until Then

Wait Until Then

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by Randy Alcorn, Doran Ben-Ami
2008 ECPA Christian Book Award finalist!
A story of promise about Nathan and his grandfather and their shared love of baseball. It uses the form of story to teach children about heaven, following Jesus, and waiting until we see lost loved ones again. Tyndale House Publishers


2008 ECPA Christian Book Award finalist!
A story of promise about Nathan and his grandfather and their shared love of baseball. It uses the form of story to teach children about heaven, following Jesus, and waiting until we see lost loved ones again. Tyndale House Publishers

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Children's Literature - Carlee Hallman
Nathan loves baseball and talks about it all the time with his Gramps, who played seven years in the minors and one season for the Boston Red Sox with Ted Williams on the team. Nathan, however, is in a wheelchair because of spina bifida. He has never been able to walk. Gramps takes him fishing and to a baseball game where he is greeted by some of the players. Nathan's brother and sister enjoy going to the front of lines with him at Disneyland. The family prays before eating together. After dinner Gramps reads from the Book of Revelation about a New Earth. Gramps talks with Nathan about having new bodies in heaven. When Gramps is in the hospital with cancer, he gives Nathan his baseball signed by Ted Williams. At the funeral Nathan's dad reads something from each grandchild. The colored pictures look realistic. The last one shows Nathan playing baseball and being able to run in the new heaven and new earth. At the end are notes on theology with Bible citations. Reviewer: Carlee Hallman

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Wait Until Then

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
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Eternal Perspective Ministries
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ISBN: 978-1-4143-1041-1

Chapter One Nathan loved baseball.

He went to baseball games. He watched baseball on TV. He enjoyed baseball movies, like The Sandlot. He read baseball books. He collected baseball cards. He talked about baseball with his family and friends. He even dreamed about baseball.

But more than anything, Nathan loved to talk about baseball with his grandfather. Gramps had played second base for seven years in the minor leagues, and for one season he played in the majors, for the Boston Red Sox, with Ted Williams.

Gramps had lots of great stories.

"Joe DiMaggio is up, one out, man on first. I picture what's going to happen next. The ball would come to my right, I'd nab it, toss it, and the game would end on a double play."

"What happened, Gramps?"

Nathan knew the story as well as Gramps. But they both liked to pretend the story had never been told and never been heard.

"Joe smashes a grounder, the ball hits the arch of my left shoe, and it bounces to Billy Goodman at first. He throws the ball to second, and the game ends on a double play-right off my foot!"

Gramps laughed long and hard. Nathan laughed too.

"Gramps, can I see your baseball?" Nathan asked.

Gramps had more than one baseball. But he knew which one Nathan meant. He reached over to the glass case, opened it, and took the ball off the stand. He handed it to Nathan.

"That really is Ted Williams's signature, isn't it, Gramps?"

"Yep. It sure is. Baseball fans will never stop talking about Ted."

Nathan turned the ball over. "and here's your signature, Gramps, on the same ball with Ted Williams's."

Gramps said, "of course, your grandpa wasn't nearly as good as Ted Williams, that's for sure." He chuckled.

"I bet you were, though," Nathan said.

"Well, thank you, Nathan. But you don't have to be the best player to love the game."

Nathan looked down. He felt sad.


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Wait until Then 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
RachelLundy More than 1 year ago
Wait Until Then is a wonderful book for children. It tells the story of a boy named Nathan, who is confined to a wheelchair because of spina bifida, and his grandfather, who needs to use a walker. Nathan’s grandfather teaches him about Heaven and the New Earth. He teaches him about the new bodies believers will one day have. Together Nathan and his grandfather look forward to the fun they will have in Heaven someday. When the grandfather dies, Nathan mourns his loss, but also looks forward to the time when he will see his grandfather in Heaven. Wait Until Then is a good book to read when teaching your child about salvation, Heaven, and the New Earth. The lessons learned in this book will help children to keep an eternal perspective in the midst of suffering and loss. This book will be especially beneficial for children who are disabled, have a friend who is disabled, or who have a loved one who has passed away and gone to Heaven.
HisHannah More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this story that teaches children to look forward to Heaven. I think it can help children feel more content and understand God's love more.