Waiting For Godot

Waiting For Godot


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Disc 1

  1. A County Road. A Tree. Evening
  2. Narrator: Estragon Sits Down on the Mount.
  3. Vladimir: Listen!
  4. Narrator: Estragon Drops the Carrot
  5. Estragon: What Ails Him?
  6. Estragon: Bags. Why Does He Always Hold?
  7. Pozzo: Ah, Yes! The Night.
  8. Lucky: Given the Existence as Uttered Forth...
  9. Boy: Mister!

Disc 2

  1. The Next Day. The Same Place. A Country Road. A Tree. Evening
  2. Vladimir: When You Seek You Hear.
  3. Vladimir: Would You Like A Radish?
  4. Narrator: Estragon Takes Vladimir's Hat.
  5. Estragon/Vladimir: Do You -
  6. Narrator: Pozzo and Lucky enter. Pozzo is Blind.
  7. Vladimir: Let Us Not Waste Our Time In Idle Discourse!
  8. Narrator: Vladimir Strikes Pozzo Who Extricates Himself...
  9. Narrator: With Sudden Fury Estragon Starts Kicking Lucky...
  10. Boy: Mister... Mr Albert...

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