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Wake Up Beauty!: It's Not About the Prince

Wake Up Beauty!: It's Not About the Prince

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by Lisa Marie Jenkins

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Stop waiting to be rescued, discovered, or given permission to wake up to the beauty, passion, and purpose that lies within you. As an emerging woman, you are meant to align and actualize, and live the truth of who you are. As a 21st century woman, you have a self to become, a purpose to fulfill, and you are being called to live authentically and share your unique


Stop waiting to be rescued, discovered, or given permission to wake up to the beauty, passion, and purpose that lies within you. As an emerging woman, you are meant to align and actualize, and live the truth of who you are. As a 21st century woman, you have a self to become, a purpose to fulfill, and you are being called to live authentically and share your unique gift or message with the world. The emerging woman is a FEMINISTA! She is about sensuality, beauty, blazing a trail, leading by example, and leaving a legacy. Your beauty and passion lies within and is waiting to be awakened.

Wait no longer for someone to bring you flowers. Your joy, worth, and fulfillment will always be found by planting your own garden and decorating your own soul. YOU are the one you have always been waiting for!

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“Lisa Marie shares deep vulnerability and demonstrates the merging of the intuitive, creative feminine with courage and power. She offers a bridge to awaken the wisdom within.” -- Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University

“Lisa Marie dispels the myths of the fairytale and encourages women to embrace who they are at their core. The result is awakening to a freedom and power to be fully human, thereby living a life of authentic femininity.” -- Joel Comm, New York Times Best-Selling Author

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Once upon a time there lived a young maiden named Snow White. She dreamed and hoped that one day she would finally find freedom and true love, to begin her life of happily ever after. Unfortunately, Snow White was a scullery maid, imprisoned in a life of unappreciated servitude and loveless isolation. She fell into this dreary existence after her father died and left her to the devices of a very angry, entitled queen---her stepmother. There was, however, one tiny possibility that Snow White could find love and happiness, but it required that she be discovered and rescued by a handsome and wealthy prince. Prince Charming was her only ray of hope to finding happily ever after. She wanted her prince so badly because she believed it would transform her into a gracious and regal queen. . .

STOP RIGHT THERE! Are you following this? The only way to become free, lovable, and live happily ever after as women is if and only if a man shows up to discover and rescue us. Without a man---a father or husband—women are destined either to be scullery maids or angry, entitled queens? The only way to become a regal and gracious queen is through the love of our Prince Charming? What about our power, our freedom, and our self-proclamation that love comes from within, that women are not only capable but responsible for creating their own happiness? These fairy tales don’t represent happily ever after. They are dark tales of oppressed and powerless women. I invite you to join me on a journey to becoming the beautiful, regal, and gracious queen you were born to be!

As women, it is so easy to feel disempowered, unaware of the gracious and beautiful spirit that lies within each of us, just waiting to emerge. From the day we are born, we are taught and conditioned to believe that our nirvana or bliss will be found with that “special love,” that romantic love, and one day we will find our holy grail when we find our Prince Charming. I have great news for you: you can find what you are looking for, and you have total control over creating your very own happily ever after, because it’s not about the guy (or the girl), it’s all about you! What you are truly seeking is the experience of falling in love, which at its essence, is the experience of passion, wholeness, and purpose. So here is the even better news: you don’t have to rely on anyone or anything outside of you to experience these feelings of love. Happily ever after is available to you, with or without your Prince Charming. So stop waiting to be rescued or discovered and start living a life of love, bliss, and passion. You, Beauty, are the one you have been waiting for!

The feeling that we need to find a partner goes even deeper than what we were taught or what we absorbed from our mothers, marketing, and societal pressure. It is actually in our DNA from thousands of years ago. It’s a lot like the way our fight or flight response works; when our fight or flight response gets triggered, ninety-nine percent of the time nothing is physically threatening to hurt us. Just the thought of a perceived threat automatically triggers a very physical response; our cortisol levels and adrenaline soar to help us physically fight or flee to escape. This physical response is hardwired within us. The same holds true for the deep, hardwired feelings within a woman that tell her, she is not okay or safe without a man. At one time, a woman needed a man for her survival. Her odds of living were much greater with the physical strength and hunting abilities of a man by her side. We still carry that primal force in our DNA today.

Meet the Author

Prior to launching her own consulting and coaching business supporting professional business women, Lisa Marie Jenkins spent 20 years in the IT technology channel and held various senior sales and marketing positions at Xerox and Cisco Systems. Lisa’s passion and foundational philosophy developed through her own quest for personal and spiritual development as she moved from feeling not good enough in life to creating a life full of happiness, ease and success. She believes that women are now perfectly poised to make a greatly needed shift in the way we work, lead, and live by invoking the feminine power in the world.

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Wake Up Beauty: It's Not About the Prince 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Laura_Atchison More than 1 year ago
Reading this book was an awakening experience. I thought I had moved beyond the need for certain societal norms in my life and that I was defining success from a more internal versus external perspective. What I realized was parts of me were there but other deeper parts still wanted the societal norm of marriage and family and that I had made choices that stunted my own needs to keep that alive. When I look back over the most productive, joyful years where I felt most in the flow and was making a difference for myself and others,  it was when I was less dependent on what others expected from me and more focused on what lit me up from inside. This book, if you open yourself to its message, will help you find your way inside you. That does not mean it has to be marriage or man-free. What it means is you will find you, and that is the best partner you can ever have. I highly recommend this book. Give it to your daughters, your sisters, your mom and the men in your life.