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Walker Texas Wife (The Book Cellar Mysteries, #1)

Walker Texas Wife (The Book Cellar Mysteries, #1)

4.3 12
by Melissa Storm, K.M. Hodge

Their lives are perfect… if only from the outside.

At first glance, the residents of Herald Springs lead charmed lives. But behind the dazzling smiles and inside the large brick homes, they all have their secrets. Most are harmless, but then again Annabeth King never did quite fit in.

This newest neighbor is harboring a special


Their lives are perfect… if only from the outside.

At first glance, the residents of Herald Springs lead charmed lives. But behind the dazzling smiles and inside the large brick homes, they all have their secrets. Most are harmless, but then again Annabeth King never did quite fit in.

This newest neighbor is harboring a special secret of her own, one that could prove deadly. Will the members of the “drink and gossip” club figure out what Annabeth’s working so hard to hide before disaster comes knocking?

With Storm’s signature bitter-sweetness and Hodge’s thrilling intensity, Walker Texas Wife offers a fast-paced, addictive romp that fans of Desperate Housewives and Pretty Little Liars will find themselves falling hard and fast for. This debut in the new Book Cellar Mystery series will leave you wondering: just how well do we know our neighbors after all?

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Book Cellar Mysteries , #1
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Walker Texas Wife (The Book Cellar Mysteries, #1) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Robindpdx 8 months ago
This was a fun, fast-paced, well-written book. Annabeth moves into the Texas community of Herald Springs and is warmly welcomed by her next door neighbor. She is invited to the community's "book club" meeting (aka "drink and gossip club)" and meets other members of the community. The story includes mysteries, intrigues, jealousy, loyalty, friendship, romance and humor. It has the tone of the "Desperate Houswives" television series, where very little is as it seems at first glance. This book is the first in a series set in the same community. I look forward to reading more of the books in this series.
ledLD 9 months ago
I found this story a little slow. Tried to enjoy and there were places that were enjoyable. Mostly too much drama and just plain silly in spots. Maybe the next will be better.
jendemond 9 months ago
Kudos to Melissa Storm and K.A. Hodge for this new series!!! I loved how in depth you got into the characters, I think I am closest to Vi! Having more than one mystery and plot keeps you wanting to turn the pages! A could NOT put down book! Anxious to read the next!
rosiebear56 10 months ago
I couldn't wait to read this book ,not just because I got a advanced readers copy for free,and wanted to leave an honest review...but because this book was done in a different way of writing. This story was written by 2 authors together,and I had my doubts if it would work...well guess what? This story caught my attention from the very first pages,talking about "the incident" as the couple are driving to a new city,to start their lives over again,... This set the tone for the rest of the story. Annabeth and Marcus relocate to a small town in Texas thinking that small towns were quiet little places,where nothing exciting ever happens...but soon learn that even small towns can hold big secrets and have big city crimes...as they appear to be a normal happy couple on the outside,things take a turn for the scary surprising adventure...but can this couple handle it? Can they learn from their past mistakes,and can they recover and survive as they are falling deeper into the mystery ??? The ending has such a cliffhanger,leaving you feel so drained from the excitement of reading that you, as I, could not put the book down!!!!!! So can't wait for book 2 so I can continue the adventure.
cts827 More than 1 year ago
Wow! What a thrilling book. It is full of suspense and keeps you turning pages to find out what will happen next. I like the way the chapters were broken up by each individual character. The plot is well developed. I felt that I knew each of the characters as well as my friends. Each one is special and they all mesh together to enhance the plot. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.
catwoman1a More than 1 year ago
There is some very good intrigue going on in this book. It kept me thinking right through to the end. This well-written story has everything you would want in a good and interesting read; it has an interesting mystery, a nice bit of romance going on, it's funny in the right places, and it keeps you wanting more. I wasn't sure how two different and talented writers could meld together in one story, but Melissa Storm and K. M. Hodge did a wonderful job. I will definitely look for the next book in the series.
MariePalmer More than 1 year ago
Fantastic start to the series! I loved every page of this book, it is written from multiple points of view, which can be a little confusing at times but I enjoyed the fact that this made this book a little different to other books. Annabeth has lots of hidden secrets, most of which keep her isolated and looking over her shoulder at every turn, she trusts no-one and suspects everyone. And what a cast of characters she has as suspects! The town is full of quirky characters, behaving oddly and adding to Annabeth’s suspicions. It’s fast moving, with lots of twists and turns, there are a lot of unanswered questions at the end of this book and I cannot wait for the next in the series to see if it answers these questions or if it just adds more! I was sent a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
specialangel87 More than 1 year ago
Walker Texas Wife doesn't fit into any genre. There are several storylines in the book.covering mystery, second chance romances, believing in your self-worth, domestic abuse, and more. Each storyline is important to the plot. The story flows seamlessly between the different storylines. The characters are well-developed with each one having unique quirks. At first glance, a couple of the characters appear to be stereotypes but it soon becomes clear they aren't. The story is a cliffhanger. In the next book, I hope Vi learns to stand up for herself and realize she deserves happiness. After everything that happened, I'm hoping Brooke realizes what is really important in life. Annabeth comes to terms with 'the incident' and accomplishes what she is trying to do. These women are so unique and have so much to offer. If they worked together, they would be unstoppable. I wasn't surprised by who the villain turned out to be. To me it was obvious. That is not a detraction from the story. I have my suspicions about another character but I will have to wait for the second book. This is a terrific start to a new series. I am definitely looking forward to reading more books with these characters. I definitely recommend reading Walker Texas Wife.
JT1969 More than 1 year ago
Things are going on in Herald Springs, TX that are not evident on the surface. This story is told in alternating voices by the 3 main characters (Annabeth, Vi, and Brooke) who are all dealing with many variables in their own individual lives. Although I enjoyed reading about these people; the main plot/mystery took a while to be revealed and unfolded in a fairly predictable manner. Thanks Melissa for the copy of this book!
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
Walker Texas Wife by Melissa Storm...Oh my I loved this book, I could not put it down. There is gossip and mystery, which keeps you turning pages. The characters are so well developed and the book flows nicely, you feel like you are in the story watching it happen. This is the first book in the series, so it does end with a cliffhanger, you will be craving more. Melissa Storm is one my favorite authors never leaves me disappointed. You will want to read this book, so make sure to pick it up. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Brencz More than 1 year ago
I love Melissa Storms but haven’t read anything by K.H. Hodge so I was glad I was given the opportunity to read the book for an honest review. I liked the way both authors had every character fully developed and how everything mushed together. The story was intriguing and kept your attention throughout the book. It was a great story about a small town in Texas and how not everything seems the way it looks. There are always secrets and sometimes big ones. The story goes on about several couples and their lives in the small town of Herald Springs. This is the first of a series which is good because some question are left unanswered. It’s a fast moving book but one I recommend and look forward to the next in the Book Cellar Mysteries series.
booklover- More than 1 year ago
This is the first of a new series by two authors who are new to me. When I first saw the title, I was thinking of Walker, Texas Ranger. I was expecting cowboys, lawmen, and martial arts. I got something even better! Annabeth and her husband, Marcus, moved into a small town. As with all small towns, nothing is private. The gossips and snoops thrive on any information they come across. Annabeth and Marcus have a huge secret they aren't sharing with anyone. Vi is their next door neighbor and Brooke is her best friend. They are complete opposites ... Vi is single, cares for her disabled sister, and loves a man she has sent away. Brooke is a diva, a drama queen, married to a man with money, but her marriage is faltering because she hasn't been able to get pregnant. Annabeth is invited by Vi to attend their book club meetings. Brooke's nose is a little out of joint because Annabeth doesn't 'fit in'. But it's way more than just a book club. There are major crimes happening which will affect all these people. It makes you wonder ...How Well Do You Know YOUR Neighbors? The book is extremely well written. Each chapter is told by one of the ladies. I found Annabeth to be an angry hurt woman. Vi wants to be everybody's friend, but in taking care of everyone else, she has forgotten to take care of herself. I am really torn about Brooke. She's not very likeable .. but maybe she has reasons and her attitude is nothing more than a mask. It's fast-paced, laced with danger, and people die. WARNING: This is the first in a series and there is a big cliff hanger. Some questions are answered ... but most aren't. Next book in line is TEXAS AND TIARAS. And yes .. I'm going on a shopping spree for the others. Many thanks to the authors / Blue Crown Press / NetGalley who provided a digital copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.