Walking on a Wire: 1968-2009

Walking on a Wire: 1968-2009

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by Richard Thompson
This 4-CD set covers every phase of Richard Thompson's career, beginning with the trail-blazing folk-rock group Fairport Convention, to his duo albums with then-wife Linda Thompson, as well as his 20-plus years as a critically acclaimed solo artist. The songs selected for this box set were carefully assembled and cover a wide range of styles -- rock 'n' roll with folk


This 4-CD set covers every phase of Richard Thompson's career, beginning with the trail-blazing folk-rock group Fairport Convention, to his duo albums with then-wife Linda Thompson, as well as his 20-plus years as a critically acclaimed solo artist. The songs selected for this box set were carefully assembled and cover a wide range of styles -- rock 'n' roll with folk, jazz, rockabilly and the odd waltz and soundtrack theme thrown in -- the scope of his songwriting, and the sheer virtuosity of his playing. Compiled by Richard Thompson himself, Walking on a Wire includes material from every album he released. From the Label

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Shout Factory


Disc 1

  1. Time Will Show the Wiser
  2. Meet on the Ledge
  3. Genesis Hall
  4. Crazy Man Michael
  5. Sloth
  6. Roll Over Vaughn Williams
  7. The Poor Ditching Boy
  8. The Angels Took My Racehorse Away
  9. The Great Valerio
  10. When I Get to the Border
  11. Withered and Died
  12. I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight
  13. Down Where the Drunkards Roll
  14. The Calvary Cross
  15. I'll Regret It All in the Morning
  16. Old Man Inside a Young Man
  17. For Shame of Doing Wrong
  18. Night Comes In

Disc 2

  1. Dimming of the Day/Dargai
  2. A Heart Needs a Home
  3. Don't Let a Thief Steal into Your Heart
  4. Strange Affair
  5. Sunnyvista
  6. Sisters
  7. Rockin' in Rhythm
  8. Did She Jump or Was She Pushed
  9. Man in Need
  10. Shoot out the Lights
  11. Wall of Death
  12. Walking on a Wire
  13. Tear Stained Letter
  14. How I Wanted To
  15. Hand of Kindness
  16. Beat the Retreat
  17. I Ain't Going to Drag My Feet No More

Disc 3

  1. Little Blue Number
  2. She Twists the Knife Again
  3. Valerie
  4. Turning of the Tide
  5. I Still Dream
  6. Waltzing's for Dreamers
  7. Read About Love
  8. I Feel So Good
  9. I Misunderstood
  10. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
  11. Put Your Trust in Me
  12. From Galway to Graceland
  13. I Can't Wake Up to Save My Life
  14. MGB-GT
  15. Mingus Eyes
  16. Beeswing
  17. Taking My Business Elsewere
  18. King of Bohemia
  19. Don't Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes at Me
  20. Razor Dance

Disc 4

  1. Hide It Away
  2. Last Shift
  3. Big Chimney
  4. Lotteryland
  5. Persuasion
  6. Cooksferry Queen
  7. Bathsheba Smiles
  8. Hard on Me
  9. Gethsemane
  10. A Love You Can't Survive
  11. A Legal Matter
  12. Grizzly Man (Main Titles)
  13. Al Bowlly's in Heaven
  14. I'll Never Give It Up
  15. Dad's Gonna Kill Me
  16. She Sang Angels to Rest

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Richard Thompson   Primary Artist,Organ,Dulcimer,Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Mandolin,Piano,Accordion,Autoharp,Electric Guitar,Harmonium,Theremin,Vocals,Background Vocals,Human Whistle,Hurdy-Gurdy,Hammered Dulcimer,Mandocello,Electric Dulcimer,Roland Synthesizer,Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
Alistair Anderson   Concertina,Northumbrian Smallpipes
Martin Carthy   Background Vocals
Nic Jones   Fiddle
Dolores Keane   Human Whistle
John Kirkpatrick   Accordion,Bass (Vocal),Concertina,Triangle,Anglo Concertina,Button Accordion
Dave Swarbrick   Fiddle,Mandolin,Viola,Vocals
Sandy Denny   Organ,Acoustic Guitar,Piano,Harpsichord,Vocals,Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
Peter Knight   Violin
Maddy Prior   Background Vocals
Watersons   Background Vocals
Clive Gregson   Background Vocals
John Hiatt   Background Vocals
Henry Lowther   Trumpet
Julie Covington   Background Vocals
Marc Ellington   Background Vocals
Andy Fairweather Low   Background Vocals
Richard Harvey   Krummhorn
Ashley Hutchings   Bass,Vocals,Background Vocals
Trevor Lucas   Background Vocals
Simon Nicol   Organ,Dulcimer,Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Piano,Violin,Bass Guitar,Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,12-string Guitar,Guitar (12 String Electric),Electric Autoharp,Electric Dulcimer,Guitar (Nylon String),Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
Dave Pegg   Bass,Mandolin,Bass Guitar,Vocals
Andy Roberts   Dulcimer
Peta Webb   Background Vocals
Jim Keltner   Drums
Brian Jones   Cornet
Sid Page   Violin
Tony Roberts   Bass Clarinet,Alto Flute,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Aly Bain   Fiddle,Double Bass
David Paton   Bass
Alex Acuña   Percussion
Randall Aldcroft   Trombone
Phil Barnes   Background Vocals
Stephen Barnett   Trombone
Benedict   Trombone
Lindsay Benton   Background Vocals
David Bitelli   Baritone Saxophone
Tchad Blake   Guitar
Dave Brady   Background Vocals
Heather Brady   Background Vocals
Dave Burland   Background Vocals
Bill Caddick   Background Vocals
Jeff Cole   Trombone
Christine Collister   Vocals,Background Vocals
Stephen Corbett   Cornet
Mickey Curry   Drums
Mark Cutts   Trombone
John Defereri   Tenor Saxophone
Timi Donald   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Pat Donaldson   Bass,Vocals
Sue Draheim   Fiddle
Barry Dransfield   Fiddle
Paul Dunmall   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Alan Dunn   Accordion
Judy Dyble   Piano,Autoharp,Recorder,Vocals,Electric Autoharp
Peter Filleul   Flute,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Chuck Fleming   Fiddle
Mitchell Froom   Organ,Piano,Celeste,Keyboards,Hammond Organ,Theremin,Regal,Emulator,chamberlain,Echo Harp,Clavioline,Optigan,Electric Harp,Portative Organ,Hammond B3
Phil Goodwin   Tuba
Brian Gulland   Krummhorn
John Hanes   Percussion,Drums
Sue Harris   Oboe,Hammered Dulcimer
Tyger Hutchings   Bass,Bass Guitar,Background Vocals,Jug,Double Bass
Michael Jerome   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
Chris Karan   Percussion
Frances Kelly   Baroque Harp
Martin Lamble   Fiddle,Percussion,Violin,Drums,Tabla,Washboard,Footsteps
Neil Larsen   Keyboards
Julian Littman   Background Vocals
Bruce Lynch   Bass
Dave Mattacks   Percussion,Drums,Harmonium,Keyboards,Snare Drums,Bodhran,Hi Hat
Ian Matthews   Conga,Vocals,Background Vocals
Tom McConville   Fiddle
Anna McGarrigle   Background Vocals
Andy Newmark   Drums
Michael Parker   Background Vocals
Linda Peter   Vocals
Linda Peters   Vocals
Phil Pickett   Shawm
Taras Prodaniuk   Electric Bass
Jerry Scheff   Bass,Electric Bass,Double Bass,String Bass
Olive Simpson   Background Vocals
David Snell   Harp
Brian Taylor   Cornet
Pete Thomas   Percussion,Drums,Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Linda Thompson   Vocals
Nicole Tibbels   Background Vocals
Glenn Tilbrook   Background Vocals
Clay Toyani   Trumpet
Jeff Big Dad Turmes   Baritone Saxophone
Willie Weeks   Bass
Ian Whiteman   Organ,Flute,Piano,Shakuhachi,Harmonium,Electric Piano
Pete Wingfield   Keyboards
Royston Wood   Background Vocals
Pete Zorn   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Mandolin,Percussion,Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Vocals,Background Vocals,Human Whistle
Tony Goddard   Cornet
Louis Jardine   Percussion
Ian Peters   Euphonium
David Horn   Tenor Horn
Michael Spencer-Arscott   Drums
Danny Thompson   Bass,Double Bass,Acoustic Bass,Upright Bass
Joey Waronker   Drums
Kate McGarrigle   Background Vocals
Suzie Katayama   Cello
Lal Carthy   Background Vocals
Mike Carthy   Background Vocals
Norma Carthy   Background Vocals
Martin Dunn   Flute
Liz Kitchen   Percussion
Judith Owen   Vocals,Background Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Philip Pickett   Recorder,Soprano Recorder,Curtal,Shawm,Performing Ensemble,Krummhorn
Charlie Davis   Cornet
Dylan Fowler   Oboe,Cor anglais
Alan V. Michaels   Violin
Teddy Thompson   Dulcimer,Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Damon Smith   Acoustic Bass
Atom Ellis   Electric Bass
Danielle DeGruttola   Cello
Kingsley Abbott   Background Vocals
David McKelsy   Harmonica
Joe Buck   Violin
Ian MacDonald   Jew's Harp,Vocals
Larry Hall   Cornet
Bobby "Blanco" King   Background Vocals
Chris Karen   Percussion
Peter Knight Singers   Violin
Michael Hays   Rhythm Guitar
Novi Ola   Viola
Ian MacDonald   Jew's Harp,Vocals
Joe Buck   Violin
Paul Ghosh   Background Vocals
Andrew Horvitch   Background Vocals
James ORourke   Guitar,Piano
Peter Zorn   Percussion,Background Vocals
Dave Brady   Background Vocals
Martin Lamble   Fiddle,Percussion,Violin,Drums,Tabla,Washboard
Peta Webb   Background Vocals
Heather Brady   Background Vocals
Sidonie Goossens   Harp
Chuck Fleming   Fiddle
James O'Rourke   Guitar,Piano

Technical Credits

Dolores Keane   Whistle
Dave Swarbrick   Composer
Fairport Convention   Producer
Tim Finn   Composer
Henry Kaiser   Producer
Richard Thompson   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes,String Arrangements,Whistle
Irving Mills   Composer
John Wood   Producer
Simon Nicol   Producer
Emitt Rhodes   Composer
Tchad Blake   Producer
Joe Boyd   Producer
CWS Silver Band   Instrumentation
Harry Carney   Composer
John Chelew   Producer
Tom Dube   Producer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Peter Filleul   Producer
Mitchell Froom   Producer
Edward Haber   Engineer
Todd Lloyd   Producer
Tom Rothrock   Producer
Rob Schnapf   Producer
Linda Thompson   Liner Notes
Simon Tassano   Producer
Danny Thompson   Producer
Ilana Pelzig Cellum   Engineer
Patrick Humphries   Liner Notes
Patrick Milligan   Annotation
Philip Pickett   Bass Programming
James Casson   Composer
Terry Lickona   Producer
Jeff Smith   Cover Illustration,Package Art Direction
Tim Bernett   Management
Quattrocchi   Package Art Direction
David Vanderheyden   Engineer
Jeff Palo   Producer
Karrie Stouffer   Art Direction
Michael Jolly   Cover Art
Crazy Man Michael   Liner Notes
Jim Bessmon   Liner Notes
Derek Dresher   Producer
Damon Scina   Licensing
Peter Zorn   Whistle
Ed Haber   Engineer

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