Walks in Picasso's Barcelona

Walks in Picasso's Barcelona

by Mary Ellen Jordan Haight, James J. Haight

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Due to the 1992 Summer Olympics and the 500th anniversary of Columbus's voyages, books can be found on the subject of Barcelona for nearly every special interest. This latest is for students of Picasso and walking enthusiasts. The volume is divided into six tours of the city and one of the beach town, Stiges. Each section has a map and corresponding numbered commentary. No indication is given regarding time lengths or distances. An extensive bibliography and index are included. While the introductory and closing text portray the authors' respect and love for the subject, this is in essence a minor art history work with a few street directions and travel tidbits thrown in. Only large collections need consider.-- Sherle Abramson, Williams burg, Va.

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Smith, Gibbs Publisher
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Peregrine Traveler Series
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1st ed

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