Wall Street Blues

Wall Street Blues

by Jerome Tuccille

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Aging yuppie financier Paul, the narrator of this enjoyable thriller of financial skullduggery, is over his head in debt. The six-figure income he pulls in as a ``financial advisor'' (read money launderer) to a roster of dubious New York figures is not nearly enough to cover his and his wife's extravagant lifestyle. Moreover, he has succumbed to the wiles of his provocative and psychotic secretary Monica, and she's blackmailing him. When smooth-talking Alex Jordan recruits him as a participant in a Wall Street fraud, he's only too willing to collaborate. The operation involves buying out small entrepreneurs, extracting the cash from their businesses and peddling the resultant shells to gullible pigeons. But Paul's parochial-school-trained conscience rears itself at the last minute, and forces him to spill the beans to the Feds. Tucille, author of a number of nonfiction works involving finance (Trump, Inside the Underground Economy), has here produced a fast-paced psychological thriller based on the all-too-common events chronicled in current financial journalism. This book will confirm the fears of those who have believed all along that the action on Wall Street is mostly a scam. (May)
Library Journal - Library Journal
$17.95. f His six-figure income isn't enough for Wall Street investment counselor Paul, who has the expenses of a house in Connecticut, a condo in Utah, vacations in Europe, and orthodontics for his daughter. So he crosses the line from laundering his clients's cash to skimming from their accounts. He then has a steamy affair with his secretary and joins a shady deal-making group. He finally wants out: his marriage is at risk, his ethics are strained, and the government is cracking down on white collar crime. Financial writer Tuccille's first novel is somewhat interesting as a manual on money machinations, but it's weak fiction with an embarrassingly amateurish ending. Buy bearer bonds instead. Michele Leber, Fairfax Cty. P.L., Va.

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Jerome Tuccille is the author of more than twenty books covering a wide range of topics; his biographies include Alan Shrugged: Alan Greenspan, the World's Most Powerful Banker; Rupert Murdoch; and Trump. Tuccille is a vice president of T. Rowe Price Investment Services, and has taught at the New School of Social Research in New York City.

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