Walter Smith and Friends, Vol. 3 (1931-1936)

Walter Smith and Friends, Vol. 3 (1931-1936)

by Walter "Kid" Smith

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  1. 'Mid the Green Fields of Virginia  - Walter Smith
  2. The Cabin With the Roses  - Walter Smith
  3. Whisper Softly, Mother's Dying
  4. Little Bessie
  5. If You'lll Be Mine  - Walter Smith
  6. It's Awful What Whiskey Will Do  - Walter Smith
  7. It's Hard to Love and Can't Be Loved
  8. Swinging Down the Lane (I'd Rather Be Rosy Nell)
  9. It Won't Hurt No More
  10. A Lazy Farmer Boy
  11. What Sugar Head Licker Will Do
  12. Bill Morgan and His Gal
  13. I'll Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
  14. She's a Darn Good Gal
  15. You Give Me Your Love (And I'll Give You Mine)
  16. Homestead in the Wildwood
  17. Lying Daddy Blues
  18. Mama Cat Blues
  19. Mississippi Freight Train Blues
  20. Ten I Served and Ten to Serve
  21. I'm Not Angry With You Darling
  22. Mama You're a Mess

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