War, Occupation and Creativity: Japan and East Asia, 1920-1960

War, Occupation and Creativity: Japan and East Asia, 1920-1960

by Marlene J. Mayo

ISBN-10: 0824824334

ISBN-13: 9780824824334

Pub. Date: 05/28/2001

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press, The

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University of Hawaii Press, The
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

A Note on Transliteration
Pt. 1Empire: Occupied Territories
1Korea the Colony and the Poet Sowol45
2Writing the Colonial Self: Yang Kui's Texts of Resistance and National Identity67
3The Development of Official Art Exhibitions in Taiwan during the Japanese Occupation92
4Artistic Trends in Korean Painting during the 1930s121
Pt. 2Conflagration: World War II in East Asia and the Pacific
5The Many Lives of Living Soldiers: Ishikawa Tatsuzo and Japan's War in Asia149
6Paris in Nanjing: Kishida Kunio Follows the Troops176
7A Painter of the "Holy War": Fujita Tsuguji and the Japanese Military188
8Japanese Filmmakers and the Responsibility for War: The Case of Itami Mansaku212
Pt. 3Aftermath of Total War: Allied-Occupied Japan and Postcolonial Asia
9The Double Conversion of a Cartoonist: The Case of Kato Etsuro235
10To Be or Not To Be: Kabuki and Cultural Politics in Occupied Japan269
11Pleading for the Body: Tamura Taijiro's 1947 Korean Comfort Woman Story, Biography of a Prostitute310
12From Pearls to Swine: Sakaguchi Ango and the Humanity of Decadence360

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