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War on Errorism

War on Errorism

4.3 8

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War on Errorism, NOFX's umpteenth collection of snide skatecore, is a half-great collection of the bratty double-time anthems dominated by Fat Mike's snotty, sarcastic vocals. But while the album bristles with broad political criticism, it also lays out rhetoric that seems to present an isolationist punk rock


War on Errorism, NOFX's umpteenth collection of snide skatecore, is a half-great collection of the bratty double-time anthems dominated by Fat Mike's snotty, sarcastic vocals. But while the album bristles with broad political criticism, it also lays out rhetoric that seems to present an isolationist punk rock policy of its own. Included with War on Errorism is the trailer for Unprecedented, a documentary that traces the bizarre events of the 2000 presidential election. This is accompanied by a handwritten op-ed piece by Fat Mike, Smelly, El Hefe, and Melvin, in which the band does a little consciousness raising around the vert ramp. "The U.S. is now the butt of a worldwide joke," they write, in reference to the election hullabaloo. "All everyone keeps saying is 'get over it' or 'that was so two years ago.' Well, we're not getting over it and neither should you." Musically, NOFX fuses its political cynicism with criticism of punk rock itself, and suggests that the best thing for all the kids and the bands might be to close ranks and start their own little hardcore community. "Irrationality of Rationality" and "Franco Un-American" -- two of the album's most melodic, catchy songs -- are also two of War on Errorism's most biting commentaries. The first personalizes the trickle-down effect of corporate decision-making over a lockstep hardcore rhythm; the second gets all new wavy as Fat Mike reasons out his own world view, and somehow rhymes "apathy" with "Noam Chomsky." While NOFX makes its politics clear throughout the album, it also has ideas and questions about its own scene. "Separation of Church and Skate" wonders about the homogeny of punk in the 21st century, and the loss of danger in rock & roll. Later, "Mattersville" presents the blueprint for a California hardcore retirement community, a neighborhood of punks, where the cops can't come in and there's always beer and cheese. It's a fantasy, an update of Screeching Weasel's "Punkhouse." But it might also be a reaction to the heady subjects bandied about in War on Errorism's activist moments. In a subdivision surrounded by bands, punks, and skaters, no one would have to worry about bombs, evildoers, and those who put the "mock" back in "democracy" (from the seething "Re-gaining Unconsciousness"). War on Errorism is long on rhetoric, but it still fires off a few uncontrolled bursts of NOFX humor. "She's Nubs" is a crass yet sadly hilarious tribute to a handicapped fan; "Medio-core" channels the Dead Milkmen as it rips on rock & roll's ongoing regurgitation. The songs don't exactly jibe with War on Errorism's more serious sections. But if NOFX suddenly became all serious, America might really have a problem on its hands.

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War on Errorism 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
wow, so nofx is finally back for a new record. nofx is a very different punk band. they are not afraid to try someting new and verge from that majority of other punk bands. this aspect of nofx really comes through on war on errorism. if you have listened to other nofx records, youll get into the songs on here, but beware because this is different. so if youre closeminded and only like to listen to the overused brand of 4 chord punk, then this record is not for you. go check out some sucky bands on epitaph then or something. alright im out. the record's nice.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What happened to NOFX? Their new CD is political?!?! It's still good! In NOFX's new CD their sound is a bit more refined than in previous CDs. The main focus is now about how American's need to open their eyes and see what's going on in the world. I think that they make a lot of really good points in their CD. But NOFX still supplies the traditional punk that you are accustomed to as well. Totally worth your money!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a very different cd from the guys. I share a lot of the same political views on here, so this has become one of my favorite NOFX cds out there. The cd starts off with "The Seperation..." which has a totally rawkin chorus and guitar part. I especially liked "Decom-Posuer". It's about little miss posuer herself; Avril Lavigne. The CD ends with "Whoops, I OD'd" which is kinda how "So Long..." ended. One last note; for all you dedicated NOFX fans who recall reading Mike say that he didn't want to play ska anymore.....well....forget it. There are one or two songs with some ska influence in them. In conclusion.....BUY THIS CD!!!!! (also go to www.alternativetentacles.com)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Going political is a big step for them. Although NOFX has always steered away from the mainstream its about time a band as big as them has expressed their views for this day and age. Beside the corporation bashing The War On Errorism is relative and funny as usual. Mixing together some old and new sounds this is a well rounded record.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I dont have the cd yet but from what ive heard of it this cd is great and i highly recommend it to all u Nofx fans out there. There is no one who likes NoFX who cant like this cd
Guest More than 1 year ago
I listen to alot of Punk and mostly all kinds of music and I choose to listen to enlighten myself, in a way to remove myself from the world and go into an area with choirs of angels that exist and transpire all in my head. So by saying this my purchase of the CD totally destoyed my little world. The reason for destruction was the recognition that Punk or music in General should not be so closly entingled with poitical issues and the "artists" Personal affiliations. In my opinion music is for listening and not to concern youself for 3 1/2 minutes about how the large corperations bring down the little man. I just want music.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally, NOFX has out a new cd and its their best yet. The Separation of Church and Skate is a perfect example of what is happening in the world of punk rock. The cd offers many diverse songs, from straight up punk rock to ska to almost regge. It's a must have for any NOFX fan or any punk rock fan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago