War & Peace

War & Peace


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Disc 1

  1. July 1805 - "This Means War"
  2. Pierre, Illegitimate Son of Count Behuzov
  3. Prince Andrei Queries Pierre's Future
  4. Rum, a Ledge and a Dancing Bear
  5. The Name Day of St. Natalya - At the Rostovs
  6. A Ball at the Rostovs
  7. At Bleak Hills, the Home of the Bolkonsky Family
  8. Old Prince Bolkonsky Says Farewell to His Son
  9. Kutuzov, Commander in Chief
  10. Héléne Kuragin Meets Pierre
  11. November 1805 - The Battle of Austerlitz

Disc 2

  1. Prince Andrei Takes up the Flag
  2. Nikolay Rostov, Lieutenant of the Hussars
  3. Pierre and Héléne - A Separation
  4. A New Direction for Pierre
  5. A New Inspiration for Prince Andrei
  6. A Ball and a Betrothal
  7. Natasha Goes to the Opera
  8. Anatole Kuragin
  9. Kuragin and Dolohov Plan an Abduction

Disc 3

  1. A Broken Engagement and Threats of War
  2. The Trappings for Another War
  3. The War Comes to Smolensk, Near Bleak Hills
  4. Old Prince Bolkonsky Falls Unconscious
  5. Civil Breakdown in Moscow - Pierre Reacts
  6. August 25 - The Eve of the Battle of Borodino
  7. Prince Andrei in Battle
  8. The Rostovs Prepare to Flee Mascow
  9. The Last Day in Moscow
  10. The Conquerors Arrive in the Capital
  11. Pierre Makes Contact - And a Decision

Disc 4

  1. Natasha Discovers the Wounded Andrei
  2. Pierre Captured
  3. In Petersburg - An Unexpected Death
  4. Pierre Captured
  5. Prince Andrei Weakens
  6. The Tide of the War Turns
  7. The Flight of the French, the Plight of the Russians
  8. Pierre Meets Old Friends
  9. Marriage and New Lives
  10. A New Generation, Fresh With Hope

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