War Scare

War Scare

by Peter Pry, D. McFerran

War Scare is a terrifying assessment of the prospect of a Russian nuclear attack on the U.S..See more details below


War Scare is a terrifying assessment of the prospect of a Russian nuclear attack on the U.S..

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Table of Contents

Pt. IThe Missiles of November: ABLE ARCHER-83, November 2-11, 1983
1December 12, 19793
2Operation VRYAN, May 19819
3The Pershing II Crisis, May 1981-November 198316
4The Polish Crisis, September-December 198123
5The KAL 007 Crisis, September 198327
6ABLE ARCHER, November 2-11, 198333
7The Death of Andropov, February 198445
Pt. IIAugust Coup: The Fall of the Soviet Empire, August 19-21, 1991
8Gorbachev at 20,000 Feet, August 4, 199153
9Kryuchkov's Coup, August 18, 199157
10The Warsaw Pact Crisis, 1989-199064
11Twilight, August 18, 199169
12Operation THUNDER and the Fall of the Old Guard77
13The Cover-Up83
Pt. IIIThe Armenian Crisis, May 1992
14The New Russia89
15The U.S. Threat99
16The Great Debate, May 27-30, 1992102
17The Russo-Ukrainian Nuclear Crisis, October 1991-May 1992109
18War in the Caucasus: Genesis114
Pt. IVThe October Coup, September 21-October 4, 1993
19Democracy of the Generals131
21The Warning: Alexandria, Virginia, June 11, 1993145
22Who's Got the Button?149
23Ukraine and the Hot September158
24Live, on Larry King170
Pt. VNorthern Lights: The Norwegian Missile Crisis, January 25, 1995
25Dangerous Men185
26Aurora Borealis195
27Dark History203
28Black Brant XII214
29Dangerous Minutes228
Pt. VIThe Future?
30The West241
31Black Prophecies: Civilian Threat Perceptions249
32START: A More Dangerous Balance255
33Winning a Nuclear War262
Selected Sources295

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