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War Songs

War Songs


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Red X


  1. White Cliffs of Dover
  2. This Is the Army Mr Jones
  3. Washing on the Siegfried
  4. Comin in a Wing & A Praye
  5. Beneath the Lights
  6. Mr Wu's an Air Raid Ward
  7. Coming Home
  8. Ma I Miss Your Apple Pie
  9. I'll Never Smile Again
  10. Sing as We Go
  11. Home Coming Waltz
  12. It's a Pair of Wings For
  13. Long Ago & Far Away
  14. All Alone in Vienna
  15. Nearness of You
  16. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
  17. Obey Your Air Raid Warden
  18. She'll Always Remember
  19. We'll Meet Again
  20. Our Sergeant Major
  21. There'll Always Be an Ang
  22. Always in My Heart
  23. Very Thought of You
  24. Adolf
  25. Toodle Oo
  26. Harbour Lights
  27. Navy's Here
  28. Ave Maria
  29. I'm Going to Get Lit Up
  30. American Patrol
  31. Marching Through the Berl
  32. You Are My Sunshine
  33. Run Rabbit Run
  34. My Own
  35. Little on the Lonely Side
  36. Bugle Call Rag
  37. Wish Me Luck
  38. Somewhere in France With
  39. We Must All Stick Togethe
  40. Lili Marlene
  41. Bless Em All
  42. When They Sound the Last
  43. Baby Won't You Please Com
  44. Counting the Days
  45. Don't Say Goodbye
  46. Till the Lights of London
  47. They Can't Black out The
  48. I've Got Sixpence
  49. I'll Walk Alone
  50. Down Forget Me Not Lane
  51. Wishing
  52. That Old Feeling
  53. Dear Mom
  54. Shh It's a Military Secr

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