Warden of Greyrock

Warden of Greyrock

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by K.V. Johansen

Maurey, the half human, half Nightwalker Warden of Greyrock, and Annot, the dauntless Baroness of Oakhold, have settled down in Greyrock Castle, but those who still hate and fear the Nightwalkers threaten to destroy all they've worked for. While Maurey hunts for two outlaws who may guard an ancient secret, his liegeman Korby begins to uncover the truth about the cult…  See more details below


Maurey, the half human, half Nightwalker Warden of Greyrock, and Annot, the dauntless Baroness of Oakhold, have settled down in Greyrock Castle, but those who still hate and fear the Nightwalkers threaten to destroy all they've worked for. While Maurey hunts for two outlaws who may guard an ancient secret, his liegeman Korby begins to uncover the truth about the cult of the Yehillon. Their enemies are always one step ahead of them though. Captured by the Yehillon and held as a hostage against Maurey, Annot struggles to survive and escape. A terrible choice lies before Maurey. If he abandons his defence of the border to save Annot, all Talverdin may fall as the Yehillon, led by their veiled prince, finally carry out a long-laid plan to wipe the warlocks from the face of the earth.

Editorial Reviews

Fantasy Book Review
"It gets to the action quickly yet KV Johansen still manages to create the personalities of her main characters and the world they are in...A very enjoyable story...It is well written, and manages to stay clear of clichés."
CM Magazine
"[The series] is more than a fast paced adventure of battling forces, wizardly spells and noble quests. Underlying the intrigue, kidnapping and battles, the theme of understanding the emotional damage of prejudice and racial intolerance is evident. Overall, this book was a pleasure to read...Highly Recommended."
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"[Readers] will be totally engaged and fascinated with the complexity of the world that Johansen has created...This is a book that is meant to be read over again, in order to savour the layers of details."
Mad Tales blog
"The action is fast-paced, and continues the tradition of these books in giving us highly developed characters that jump off the page...The undercurrents of the story felt very timely, and bore resonances for the hatreds and xenophobias we are seeing cropping up in our own world. That, I think, sets this series apart...I highly recommend it for teens or for readers of all ages who enjoy medievalistic worlds, and though-provoking fantasy."
"Something of a gem... [the characters] are in for an interesting journey—and the reader along with them."
McNally Robinson.com
"The dialogue is sharp, even funny, and the plot is action-packed and fascinating. The themes of racism and co-operation will engage all younger teens. This book is a great gift of reading for all parents and grandparents to consider!"
Library Bookwatch (Midwest Book Review)
"An entertaining fantasy adventure, highly recommended."
Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group
"Johansen has created a world rich in magic and a variety of races...On one level the story is a wonderful fantasy with magic and battles. On another level the story deals with racial hatred and self doubt. The story works on both levels."
Children's Literature - Leah Hanson
As a half-human and half-warlock individual, Prince Maury is in an uncomfortable position. Appointed Warden of Greyrock Castle, he must keep the uneasy peace between humans and Nightwalkers, those with magical powers who can slip into the shadowy half-world and travel unseen by human eyes. When the Baroness of Oakhold, the woman he loves, is taken hostage by a mysterious rogue group, Maury is faced with an awful decision. Should he go to her rescue and risk being led into a trap that may lead to the downfall of the Nightwalkers? Or should he defend Talverdin and its people, and lose the one person closest to his heart? As Maury and his faithful liegeman-witch Korby investigate the cult of the Yehillon that is suspected of orchestrating the kidnapping plot, they learn a startling truth that could forever change their way of life. This third installment in the "Warlocks of Talverdin" series continues the fantasy with engaging characters and fast-paced action. Each chapter is told from a different point of view. The shared narration by Maury, Korby, and the Baroness allows the reader to piece together events before the characters themselves do. The magic and imagery of the novel are equally rich and complex, challenging readers to imagine a unique magical world unlike Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Read as part of the trilogy or by itself, this novel is not to be missed! Reviewer: Leah Hanson
Children's Literature - Melissa Joy Adams
In the third book of the "Warlocks of Talverdin" series, the Nightwalkers are still greatly feared despite Maurey's attempts to establish peace and understanding. If tolerance is to be maintained, half human and half Nightwalker Maurey is the right person for the job. Despite his efforts, trouble is brewing in the lands. A cult, the Yehillon, continues to plot a secret plan which threatens to disrupt the harmonious balance Maurey is working so hard to attain. As Korby investigates this plot, it becomes clear that the primary goal of the Yehillon's leader, a mysterious veiled prince, is to eliminate the Nightwalker race. Maurey relies on two outlaw witches and his friends Korby and Annot to uncover how, when, and why the Yehillon plan to destroy the Nightwalkers. After Annot leaves Maurey to return to her homeland for winter, the Yehillon kidnap Annot, setting in motion their prince's evil plan. Maurey is forced to choose between saving his lover, Annot and maintaining his defense of the borders of Talverdin. No matter what decision he makes, one of the two things he cares about most, his lover Annot or the land of Talverdin, will be destroyed by the Yehillon. While the plot is intriguing and the characters relatable, confusion is bound to set in unless readers are familiar with the previous books in this series. Those who have already read the first two books will enjoy the latest Talverdin saga, with its mysterious veiled prince and its high action plot. Reviewer: Melissa Joy Adams

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The Warlocks of Talverdin Series
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"It was a nightmare," Robin said. "A—a vision, Your Highness. There was a man drowning in clouds...when I touched him, I saw things, things he'd seen, things he knew."

"What things?" I asked.

Robin took a deep breath. "They've taken the baroness."

"Who? Where?"

"Enemies," she said simply. "He didn't know where. There was a dead woman..."

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Warden of Greyrock 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
WARDEN OF GREYROCK by K. V. Johansen is something of a gem. It is the third book in THE WARLOCKS OF TALVERDIN series, but even if you pick up the story in this novel, everything one needs to understand the world and the basic storyline is included in book three. Even so, it makes you want to pick up books one and two just to get the details that you're missing. This book is written from three different perspectives, each chapter being in the perspective of one character. It is an interesting style of writing because each character who is speaking is so different. One, Maurey, is a man who is effectively of two worlds. One, Korby, is a man who is a bit more of a rough and tumble sort of warrior and owes his allegiance to Maurey while still being the chief of his people. And the third, Annot, is the beloved of the first and the cousin of the second. Each voice is distinct, and in Annot's case, changes as circumstances change. Maurey, the half-human and half-Nightwalker Warden of Greyrock, is the title character of the book and everything that happens and all of the characters involved are tied to him like the spokes on a wheel. He has chosen to settle down with Annot, the Baroness of Oakhold, in Greyrock Castle on the border between the Nightwalker and human kingdoms. The two races from which he was born are trusting him to guard their borders and their peace. However, there are still people plotting against them and the peace that has been created. While Maurey is out hunting down a pair of sisters who hold ancient secrets, Korby begins to uncover the truth about the cult of Yehillon, and Annot becomes a captive of the Yehillon. Annot struggles to free herself while dealing with the fact that she thinks that she is going mad in her captivity. Maurey faces the fact that if he leaves Greyrock he may save his ladylove while leaving the Nightwalkers to be slaughtered by the veiled prince of the Yehillon. Korby has to find a way to save his cousin without being executed for treason for leading his people to war on her behalf, protect his lord, and help defeat the Yehillon. All and all, they are in for an interesting journey - and the reader along with them.