Wardway Homes, Bungalows, and Cottages, 1925

Wardway Homes, Bungalows, and Cottages, 1925

by Montgomery Ward & Co.

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Meticulous reproduction of a rare catalog includes floor plans as well as exterior and interior views of 80 American homes, among them a handsome, three-story frame residence with six bedrooms and a cozy, three-room cottage measuring 18 feet by 22 feet. 94 black-and-white illustrations depict handsome stairways, French doors, and other amenities.


Meticulous reproduction of a rare catalog includes floor plans as well as exterior and interior views of 80 American homes, among them a handsome, three-story frame residence with six bedrooms and a cozy, three-room cottage measuring 18 feet by 22 feet. 94 black-and-white illustrations depict handsome stairways, French doors, and other amenities.

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Wardway Homes, Bungalows, and Cottages, 1925

By Dover Publications

Dover Publications, Inc.

Copyright © 2004 Dover Publications, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-486-14724-6


Read Why You Can Buy A Wardway Home at Lower Prices Than Last Year

COMPARE OUR PRICES! Compare them with any you can obtain elsewhere. Judge for yourself the big savings you make when you buy a Wardway Home.

These prices are unusually attractive. They reflect our tremendous buying power and our desire to give our customers the greatest home values for the least money.

These prices are remarkable, too, because a number of important improvements have been made during the past year. Wardway Homes are today better than ever before.

Here is why a Wardway Home is the most economical home on the market today:

We Buy and Sell Wardway Homes Only for Cash!

We can buy the very finest of materials at lowest prices because we pay cash for every item. And we can sell at lowest prices because all our sales are made for cash. You can make a double saving when you buy a Wardway Home—the saving on our cash purchases and an even greater saving on our cash sales.

When you buy from us you pay nothing for interest, either outright or concealed. You pay no share of losses through bad accounts, or the expense of a bookkeeping department and legal fees. You pay the actual cost of materials plus the one small profit we ask on each sale.

Arrange now for that home you have been planning—and save money by buying a Wardway Home for cash. If you haven't the ready cash in hand, you can arrange with your local bank to furnish all or any part of the amount you need. Then you can take advantage of our unusually low prices.

Buy your Wardway Home now and Save Money!

See Prices of Wardway Homes on the Following Three Pages See Specifications on Pages Ten and Eleven For Additional Information, Use the Handy Order Blank Enclosed

Prices of Wardway Homes

The list below gives the very latest prices on Wardway Homes. These figures are based on manufacturing costs and are as low as it is possible to make them. We welcome comparison of our prices with those quoted elsewhere on similar homes. Always remember, however, when comparing prices that ours are for the home complete as specified. There will be no "extras" for you to buy when your home is in the course of construction. Please keep this fact in mind when comparing our prices with others.

The four right hand rows of figures below give prices on some optional features of Wardway Homes. Each of these options is explained in detail in the paragraphs at the bottom of this page. Be sure to read them over carefully before deciding on these details of the construction of your home.

While the home will be complete without any of these features, it is true that oak flooring, for example, will add considerably to the value of the home as well as to your pleasure in living in it.

NOTE: It is our policy to maintain prices as long as possible, but we reserve the right to follow any radical changes in cost.

Options—(Can Be Furnished if Desired)

Special Features Which May Be Included if Desired

Oak Option

Under this option we will furnish beautiful plain Oak sawed red oak flooring and woodwork for all the principal downstairs rooms of your Wardway Home, instead of our regular Douglas fir finish. The rooms included in this option are the hall, living room, dining room, den, library, and vestibule. In two-story homes, where the stairs go up from the front hall or living room, the stair treads, risers, rails and balusters are all of oak. The doors are of the same two-panel design as shown on Page 54 of this book. The flooring is clear oak, 13-16 inch thick, with 2¼-inch face.

Asphalt Shingle Option

We supply our regular Radio Slate Surfaced Asphalt Shingles instead of cedar shingles, in this option. We also include the extra roof sheathing required when asphalt shingles are used. This additional sheathing is made necessary by the fact that it must be laid tight under asphalt shingles, whereas with wood shingles it may be laid open as shown on Page 10 of this catalogue.

Storm Sash Option

Includes well made storm sash for all the windows of your home, save those in the basement and attic. Storm doors for all the outside doors are also furnished. These are not included in the original price of the home because they are not required in many communities where Wardway Homes are sold.

Screen Option

Includes galvanized wire screens for the windows and doors listed in the Storm Sash Option.

See Following Pages for Illustrations and Descriptions

Options—(Can Be Furnished if Desired)

Prices of Wardway Cottages and Garages

The prices quoted here on Wardway Cottages are cut as low as possible in order to stimulate the sale of these little dwellings. Wardway Cottages are furnished Ready-Cut only, and are of simple design so that they may be put up quickly and at little expense. The first group listed below are "industrial cottages" intended as all-year-round homes. The second group are designed as summer homes only.

When you are buying a Wardway Home, we suggest that you buy one of these attractive Garages at the same time. Pick out a garage that will go well with your home, and paint them alike. The combination will make your place especially attractive.

Wardway Garages offer the home builder an inexpensive and easy solution to the problem of housing the car.

Prices for Heating Plants, Plumbing, and Electric Wiring for Any Wardway Home

See Pages 96 to 100 for Additional Information

Prices for Plumbing and Heating Materials are for Shipment from

Chicago and are subject to market changes.

Our prices on electric wiring include service entrance, safety entrance switch, branch blocks, fuse plugs and a sufficient Quantity of No. 14 rubber covered wire. Porcelain tubes and knobs for a celling outlet in each room, pantry and on front porch. Material for installing flush switches and receptacles is not included. When ordering specify where switches and receptacles are wanted, and we will supply material for them. Prices include wire connectors for making splices in wires, eliminating solder and tape. These connectors make an Underwriters' Approved joint and save considerable time. We recommend these connectors but can supply solder and tape if you so desire. Prices do not include lighting fixtures.


The Service and Saving Which This Book Offers You

MONTGOMERY WARD & COMPANY make it possible for thousands of families to own their own homes—families which can do so because of Wardway plans, materials and low prices. We enable thousands to build and to have better homes for less money than would be possible were they to build under the ordinary plan. These great savings and Wardway high quality are due to our enormous purchasing power and to the fact that we deal direct with you, eliminating all middlemen's extra profits.

Perfected Plans

BECAUSE we sell many Wardway Homes of each type, we are able to give thought and effort to each plan which no individual or architect could afford in the planning of a single home. Each house is the work of a staff of experts, each chosen because he is a specialist in some one phase of home building. These men have studied each house as it has been built in various climates, and have improved and revised it until every detail is just right. Wardway service starts with perfected plans.

Large Purchases Mean Low Costs

OUR business calls for great quantities of lumber each year. Where the average dealer in a small town measures his requirements by the dozen, we figure ours by the carload. Naturally this enables us to secure price and transportation advantages which are impossible for anyone not buying in such large quantities. These savings we pass on to you.

And the material is of the highest quality obtainable. Everything we buy must measure up to our rigid high standards. Specifications of Wardway Homes are shown complete on Pages 10 and 11. Every kind and grade of material for every part is shown, and we absolutely guarantee that all materials will be as good as, or even better than, the grade specified. Careful inspection at all points is responsible for Wardway super-quality, which is always a source of surprise and delight to the home builder.

"Extras" Are Eliminated

ANYONE who has built a home under the old-fashioned method will tell you how much trouble it is to build that way, and how many expensive "extras" there were which were not figured on at first. When you buy a Wardway Home you not only receive all the benefits of Wardway service, but you also receive a guarantee that all materials will be complete as specified and there will be no "extras." The satisfaction to be derived from having all the uncertainties and possibilities of errors eliminated in building your home is thoroughly appreciated by those who have built by Wardway methods. These methods mean actual savings in cost, less delay and better construction.

Our plans are complete to the smallest detail and have been so perfected that the erection of the Wardway Home becomes a simple matter indeed. Not only is waste in materials eliminated, but labor costs are greatly reduced owing to the ease and speed with which the various parts of the house are put together on the job. All of this goes to reduce the final cost.

To the prospective home builder these are facts too important to overlook. It is because of them that the Wardway system of construction is becoming so popular.

Montgomery Ward & Co. Chicago - Fort Worth - Kansas City - Portland, Ore. St. Paul

Montgomery Ward & Company absolutely insure you against "extras." This is written into our guarantee, and you know when you start exactly what the lumber specified will cost you. If we make a mistake we pay for it, and not you. And buying from one source saves you considerable time, money and trouble, and makes it possible to guarantee your cost of material beyond any doubt. Think about these things before you build.

Our National Organization Insures Lowest Costs

THINK it over. Isn't it only reasonable to assume that Montgomery Ward & Company, selling goods in practically every part of the United States and in many foreign countries under an absolute guarantee of "Satisfaction or Your Money Back," and selling so many homes, is in a better position to save money for you and give you a better home—whatever price you pay—than you could get otherwise? And remember this: No matter from whom you buy, the lumber you use has to be shipped in and the freight charges paid. The freight is simply included in your purchase. No matter from whom you buy, you pay transportation charges.

Wardway Homes are shipped to you from the nearest available source of good lumber. This lowers your freight costs so that you really pay less when you buy from Ward's. Mills located in the best timber producing sections of the country assure you of the lowest possible freight rates, no matter in what state you live. If you live in the West or Northwest, your lumber will be the finest Douglas Fir shipped direct from a Pacific Coast mill. If you live in the South, we will ship your lumber from a mill in the heart of the best Yellow Pine forests now standing. For the Middle West, two plants at strategic points on the Mississippi River assure you the finest materials and lowest possible freight rates. Eastern points receive material from the mills having the lowest freight rates to the point where building is to be erected. The prices on Pages 1 to 4 are all figured f. o. b. the Central Western plants. If you live near the Western or Southern mills, we can quote you a delivered price—all freight paid to your station—which will be less than the prices shown in this book. Ask us for delivered prices by filling in and mailing to us the enclosed information blank.

Order Direct from This Book

YOU will find on the following pages complete specifications which cover every detail of construction and material. You will find a selection of our finest plans, one of which is surely what you want. Under each there is a short description which tells just what you will get. Prices on the homes are given on Pages 2 and 3. In the back of this book you will find descriptions of plumbing, electric materials, heating plants, and other equipment.

Everything in this book is sold under our 50-year-old policy—"Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back." You may, therefore, with a sense of absolute security select the very home you want at exactly the price you want to pay, and save yourself all the work and worry of figuring so many details and the consequent disappointment of having many extras to pay. Do as scores of other wise homebuyers are doing every day—order your home from this book. You will save time, money and trouble; and you are thoroughly protected by our well known guarantee—a guarantee which has "made good" for fifty-three years.

Use the enclosed information blank for securing a price on any home delivered to your station and other particulars regarding the home you select.

We wish to call your attention especially to our heating and plumbing service, described in detail on Pages 96 to 100 of this book. We are equipped to furnish you with plumbing complete, in a variety of pleasing styles, and any type of furnace or boiler you may desire, with all pipe, registers and fittings necessary for installation. Turn to those pages and study them carefully before deciding what type of heating plant you want in your home. On Page 4 you will find a price for each kind of equipment for all of the different houses, and for' complete electric wiring.


Lowest Freight Rates

No Matter Where You Live

THE mills and factories from which Wardway Homes are shipped are situated at the most advantageous shipping points, which gives you lowest freight rates and prompt service. No matter where you live—North, South, East or West—your lumber will be shipped to you from the mill which has the lowest freight rate to your station.

All prices in this book are based on shipment from Mississippi Valley mill. Prices f. o. b. Southern or Western mills are considerably lower. If you live in the south or far west, this works to your advantage. Write for a delivered price, freight paid, on the home you want.

Material may all be shipped at one time, or we will hold inside finish 30 days to allow you to get the house enclosed, if you wish. It makes no difference in the freight rate.

Wardway Ready-Cut Construction Saves One-Third to One-Half Carpenter Work

MACHINE labor replaces hand work in building Wardway Ready-Cut Homes. One man with the help of the wonderful electrically driven machines in the mill does the work of ten carpenters on the job. That in a nutshell is the secret of the savings of the Wardway system. It is the old story of quantity production by machine versus individual labor by hand.

Not only time is saved, but lumber. It has been calculated by experts that an average of 17 per cent of the lumber delivered to erect a house the old way was wasted. Short ends, mistakes, unusable lengths, cause a large addition to the cost. Through scientific cutting we have reduced this waste to less than two per cent. This saving alone covers the entire cost of cutting the material in the mill.

Wardway System Eliminates Mistakes

Study the illustration at the right. Note the great number of pieces necessary to build a house—the complicated angling cuts—and remember an average of three cuts are made in each piece of lumber that goes into a house to fit it into place. It means not only a huge amount of labor—very expensive labor—if done by hand, but innumerable chances for costly mistakes. The Wardway Ready-Cut System of exact measurements and scientific cutting eliminates all chance for mistakes. Each piece is cut exactly according to the architect's drawing, accurate to the sixteenth of an inch. Each piece is inspected by an expert and clearly marked with a printed stencil to correspond with the same piece shown on the plan. Your carpenter simply takes the piece the plan calls for, slips it into place and nails it up. It fits perfectly—cannot help it—no chance for error.

Not Ready-Cut—If you prefer, we can furnish the materials for Wardway Homes "Not Ready-Cut"—that is, without the special features explained above. The lumber as specified is furnished in standard mill-run lengths which must be cut to fit by the carpenter. Door and window frames, linen cases, kitchen cases and stair work are shipped cut-to-fit, ready to be set up. While the saving you make in purchasing a Wardway Home "Not Ready-Cut" is considerable, the maximum savings are of course secured only when you purchase a Wardway Ready-Cut Home.


Excerpted from Wardway Homes, Bungalows, and Cottages, 1925 by Dover Publications. Copyright © 2004 Dover Publications, Inc.. Excerpted by permission of Dover Publications, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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