Warfare in the USA 1775-1861

Warfare in the USA 1775-1861

by Jeremy Black, Samuel Watson

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ISBN-13: 9780754624813

Pub. Date: 11/01/2005

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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The International Library of Essays in Military History
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Table of Contents

1The United States Army and the institution of slavery in Louisiana, 1803-18353
2The role of the army in western settlement : Josiah Harmar's command, 1785-179027
3General Charles Scott, the Kentucky mounted volunteers, and the Northwest Indian Wars, 1784-179445
4General Josiah Harmar's campaign reconsidered : how the Americans lost the battle of Kekionga79
5General Wilkinson's Vendetta with general Wayne : politics and command in the American Army, 1791-1796101
6Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis, and the reduction of the United States Army113
7The antinavalists : the opponents of naval expansion in the early national period119
8James Madison and the coercion of Great Britain : Canada, the West Indies, and the war of 1812127
9The fog and friction of frontier war : the role of logistics in American offensive failure during the war of 1812159
10High army leadership in the era of the war of 1812 : the making and remaking of the officer corps181
11"Nature unsubdued" : diplomacy, expansion and the American military buildup of 1815-1816205
12Calhoun's expansible army : the history of a military idea233
13The army and the Indians 1800-1830 - a reappraisal : the Missouri Valley example249
14The "Foxardo affair" revisited : Porter, pirates and the problem of civilian authority in the early republic267
15Negroes and the seminole war, 1835-1842281
16"Some prefer the seminoles" : violence and disorder among soldiers and settlers in the second seminole war, 1835-1842305
17General John E. Wool in Cherokee country, 1836-1837 : a reinterpretation323
18The origins of the Fremont expeditions : John J. Abert and the scientific exploration of the Trans-Mississippi west349
19Army officers' attitudes towards Indians, 1830-1860369
20Officers and politicians : the origins of army politics in the United States before the Civil War381
21Professionalization in the U.S. Army Officer Corps during the age of Jackson409
22Knowledge, interest and the limits of military professionalism : the discourse on American coastal defence, 1815-1860439
23Manifest destiny and military professionalism : junior U.S. Army officers' attitudes toward war with Mexico, 1844-1846467
24United States Army Officers fight the "patriot war" : responses to filibustering on the Canadian border, 1837-1839501
25Young American males and filibustering in the age of manifest destiny : the United States Army as a cultural mirror539
26Filibusters and regular troops in San Francisco, 1851-1855569
27The struggle between sectionalism and nationalism at Ante-Bellum West point, 1830-1861593
28The velvet glove : the army during the secession crisis in California, 1860-1861605
29Former whigs in conflict : Winfield Scott, Abraham Lincoln, and the secession crisis revisited613

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