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!!!!!!Warning!!!!!! Russian Dating Scams the Truth Behind the Deception: My True Story

!!!!!!Warning!!!!!! Russian Dating Scams the Truth Behind the Deception: My True Story

by Brian Thomas Burton

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My True story about Russian scams,on the web...


My True story about Russian scams,on the web...

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!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!! Russian Dating Scams The Truth Behind the Deception

My True Story
By Brian Thomas Burton


Copyright © 2010 Brian Thomas Burton
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-6686-8

Chapter One

From: Elena To: Brian Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 Subject: Elena

Hello, I hope that you still interests my profile, it is very pleasant for me that you have paid the attention to me from many girls.

It is good, where I start? My name - Elena. I have been given birth on February, 7 1984. I have blue eyes and long hair of the blonde. My height - 167 s m and weight of 57 kg. I live in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. It - remarkable city in Russia which is located in the center of our country. Most the closest big city - Moscow, this city is on distance approximately in 400 km. I lived here substantially all my life. It - good silent and very picturesque place. It has the population more than 1200000 person. There are enough many others Crimean beautiful places within hours, conducting distance. It - the perfect place to live and lift family. I mainly similarly to this here because all people in my city are so friendly.

As to where I work. I work in as the children's psychologist, my work consists in that that I work with children which have parents of alcoholics. In the summer I work in sanatorium and establishment of a resort. I only love my work very much as I like to be in closer to children. And still I like to be engaged in gymnastics, And I am pleased, when I can give this pleasure of to be in the good form to my clients.

As to my life of family. I have no any own children, but I would like to have someone day. I only have not met the correct person nevertheless. Who knows, it is possible, that it - you the right. I believe in destiny. You? I also believe, that all happens owing to. Precisely just as I finding you on the Internet.

I have completely overlooked to tell to you that I the only child in family, it is possible for this reason my parents of me very strongly like.

As to my hobbies. I have no plenty a free time after I am made work because I am very much involved in my work. In the winter I like to skate substantially 3 or 4 times a week so it lifts the majority of mine a free time. I also like to be sent in a campaign in the summer and a material is similar to this. I like to go, run, and substantially something else which holds me movement. From time to time I really sit and relax. I like to observe a few TV or to read the book, but I have such busy schedule, that I do not do it very much. From films most of all I prefer to look romantic films, with the happy end. As also books. And still I like to listen to different music. What you prefer?

As I to you want to tell, that I shall be sometimes used the program of the translator to read your letters. I hope that you will not be against it, but I nevertheless can understand your letters without problems.

I think, that it - almost time, I turn this letter. I have applied some pictures with this letter. I hope, that you enjoy them. If you have any pictures of you and your family or regardless of the fact that I would like to see them. Do not hesitate to send them.

Well I should go while. I hope, that you enjoy this letter, and I hope to hear back from you soon. With hope this first of many letters between us. Bye while.

Sincerely, Elena

From: Brian To: Elena Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 Subject: Elena

Hi Elena,,, You are very beautiful ... I send some photos of me and my dog and my R.V. this is what I drive ... I tell you more if you like I not sure if you have seen me before O.K.

Your Friend,,, Brian

From :Elena To: Brian Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 Subject: Elena

Hello once again, Brian!

I like your photo! Many thanks for your answer, I am happy, that we have addressed to be very interesting for each other, and I hope, that it - only the beginning of our communication. I very much am interested in knowledge so about you as far as possible and as I have already told, that all your questions also are long-awaited. And, please, do not worry about age. Has no value for me. It seems, that the age has no importance. I think that the men with age become is wiser and more kindly. I always dreamed that mine the man will be more senior than me. I consider what is it pledge of happy and long family life.

Anyhow back to my family because I want to present you the parents. To my mum and the daddy of 53 years. My father call Boris, and my mum Svetlana. I live with my parents in an apartment, and we live very friendly and happy. I believe, that family - one of the most important things in a life. I once again to you want to tell that I the only child in family and for this reason for me my parents do all that I was happy. I as with them spoke about that that I want to begin the acquaintance to the man from other country because they understand me, because of that that I cannot meet happiness in the country. They as understand my former relations, but I do not want to you now about them I shall speak to speak later. Well?

You probably asked a question why I look in the Internet for my other half. I feel, that I had no any success finding someone, I love any other way so I have decided to give this attempt. One of my best friends has met her with on the Internet and then married, and to have two children and is very happy. I believe, that connection - one of the most important things in relations, and the letter of letters to each other - the good form of it. I believe, that honesty - the most important thing in relations. As, if you are not fair, with each other relations will never decide regardless of the fact that you do. What do you think of it?

I want to tell a little to you about my work. I work as a Nursery the psychologist. I help children to cope with their problem Which prevents them to development. In family such children do not do Have good relations because their alcoholics of parents, and I were them To be helped to try anyhow with their problem to help them in The decision of it. And it they could understand better this world. In Parents of the fact cannot understand the children's world, in which all Perceived close to their children's heart. Children think that it and There should be when their parents drink also a smoke in children. But I help Them in it to address better to all to this. And I do not want it in Our country there was problems in families concerning it. As in Our country if you know, the most important problem - alcohol.

I want to find the favourite person with whom I shall be happy. And in my life there will be only a correct road on which we shall go together with it. And we shall divide happiness and misfortune that we with it had mutual understanding. I appreciate all these qualities in the person because it is our life and all of us should choose the correct way. For me this most important in the person. And still to me his private world is important.

Please, inform me that also interesting to you will know about me, and I hope, that soon we shall continue our communication. Expectation of your answer.

The best regards from, Elena.

From: Brian To: Elena Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 Subject: Elena

Hello Honey, Elena I want to start by telling you always truth ... I have been betrayed many times by many; Not only woman but people in my life and to me it is one of the worst things in life to do upon another; especially the one that is to be your favorite it is evil to me ... I write words to express my true feelings deep inside my soul ... You will have answers to questions even if I do not answer directly you will find your answer in my words not riddle just the feelings on any questions when you ask the answer you will know in time O.K ... I want to say I look at you your eyes and I see into your soul ... I see beautiful soul for me this is most important feature of a person.... If I look at the eyes of someone I feel that persons soul and then words from them for me will tell me to avoid or interact with ... I like to discover the good in people but for me beautiful woman god created are to attract man this my favorite to see and hear. I feel I can tell if there is good chemistry by the eyes and of course the body. I am glad you like to see me because when I look at you you make me feel not just good feeling but good chemistry. Do you know what I mean by this for me it is chemistry and attraction that is really special to me and I know if we were to be together we would be good match.

You will understand me well by my words in time; I will like to learn about you. I like to look to future and learn from past mistakes we all make .You may want to tell me about mistakes in your life past and this is o.k. but I really want to read about you now. Because this is positive and exciting to hear ... I can tell you are good person from your words this I know. I agree with your words you have written to me and this is what I enjoy most. I want to create a happy life. I really like to see your photos this is way to my heart through my eyes and your words. I will be honest you are very beautiful; I can tell you I would be happy to be with you doing anything; I feel we would enjoy each other; To be together is most important to me then all other desires and pleasures will follow. I like to be with nature you tell me this by photo in the meadow it is beautiful place to be. I too enjoy these places to be with my girl in place such as this is like heaven to me and then we create the good times and go from there. I would tell you about love to me it is best feeling possible for many things; But for the woman of course is most special. I like to write for me it is good way to communicate even when in a relationship letters are good to sit down and express deep feelings inside. I like to see you and read your words they are nice to me and you are very special girl to me. There is so much love from a woman like you and too many men that do not value a woman such as you. To me you are a treasure and I am happy you have written me after I wrote you it is very good feeling to me and I see I have good friend now and to me this is great!!!! I hope you understand me my dear I really like you and not afraid to tell you. I will always tell you how I feel even if it is sad and you should too but I want to make you happy and <<<<SMILE>>>> when you read my letters from this day on I hope to know you better and someday we will meet; this I feel;; your turn now Honey, I call you honey cause you are sweet as honey O.K. I like to be good to my girl so this is just the beginning of my letters to you... <<<<FOR NOW I WAIT FOR YOUR REPLY>>>>


From: Elena To: Brian Sent: Wednesday January 27, 2010 Subject: Elena

Hi Brian! Today definitely good day - day of dialogue with my friend Brian! (Smile). As it is wonderful to receive something, that you really wait. And in a case with me it certainly your letter! Thanks! We learn with you more and more about each other. It is very pleasant for me!!! Today difficult day was, and dialogue with you deletes my physical weariness. The quantity of patients has considerably increased within several last years. Here many people live in the remote areas, impassable areas. They live even without an electricity in absolutely improper conditions for a life. The sad fact. Sometimes I want, that our president Medvedev lived here instead of the Kremlin, has simply understood, what life. Probably in this case all wars would end much faster? Forgive to me, that I speak you about our problems, simply I write all that in my head. If you do not like to read about it is simply speak me. I want to explain to you much more about that why I have decided to search for the love in other country. The matter is that I had experience with Russian the man and I would not like more it. I do not want to connect the life with these people. I saw as many people in other countries have fine families. And the fine future. I have decided to search in the Internet because I do not want in the life more the Russian person. Because I before have been used. I lived with the person, very long time, all was good, but he started to walk from other girls. I have been simply lost. I could not understand why such have taken place. I thought that I shall have the finest future. About my God as I was mistaken!!! You imagine except for me at him appeared to eat some more girls which he as spoke one and too. He spoke that I like and that unique for him. I understand that people study on mistakes, there was my mistake in that I trusted him, and trusted in that he speaks me, I thought that I have met the person with which I shall be the happiest in this life!!! But I was mistaken.

And any more I do not want that in my life there were problems in relations, it was very difficult for me to experience it. I hope that I shall make now a correct choice and I shall devote all life to the favourite person. I have been simply used, I gave all love to him, but he did not appreciate it and did not understand. To him was all the same. I hope that you Brian, not such person. The most important in relations for me, is the truth!!! Only on trust all relations are under construction. I hope that you understand me? Under your letters I see, that you are a beautiful person. I am confident, that you are a happy person. But anyway, I created my structure only to find the friend to a life, the favourite person. I want to tell to you that I love all flowers and what most of all like you? But my favourite flowers - lilies. You know such flowers? They - very beautiful flowers. But my favourite aroma - aroma of a jasmin. I adore a jasmin more than all. I love aroma of a jasmin more than lilies, and it is more than all flowers taken together. It - the most delightful aroma. Though a jasmin - a factory of a bush and to name a jasmin colors hardly possible. But for me it - flowers, the most beautiful and most delightful flowers of sense of smell on the Earth. Anybody and never allowed to me a jasmin. If it will take place, I shall go mad for happiness. You do saw a jasmin? You know a jasmin? My favourite color is pink though in general I love all colors, each shade is fine. Hundreds shades, tones. I love all colors of a rainbow. But you ask to name one, and it is pink. It - the most gentle and beautiful color. Since the early childhood I am capable to prepare, sew, knit and do any heavy physical work. Now I absolutely agree, that is correctly spoken that: " The thing which does not kill us, does us by stronger Unless you do not coordinate Brian? I have left to study at good medical university in our city. At university for the first time in my life I have found the true friend (it is Irina, my girlfriend), who - my best and reliable friend till now. We have together passed through a hard time, when have been compelled to study and work in the evening and at night, - only to support myself. After the termination of university I should receive a management for the young expert. It - my life, and it - a part of me. And how you would study me more if I shall not speak you it, really? And I also would be pleased to study more about you. Your life is very interesting to me. Whether it is valid you are grateful to destiny for something in your life Brian? How frequently you get tired on your work? You love character, the rivers and lakes, a wood and mountains? You the religious person Brian? I shall wait for your letter so please write to me soon! Sincerely and with the best regards.

Your friend I (hope) Elena

From: Brian To: Elena Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Subject: Hello Honey


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