Warrior Angel

Warrior Angel

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by Margaret Weis, Lizz Weis

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Once a dedicated soldier of the Knights Templar, Derek de Molay was betrayed and killed. So instead of an eternity in Heaven, he has decided to battle the Dark Angels of Hell. But as the war between good and evil rages, he is summoned back to the mortal realm to protect a woman standing too close to the edge of darkness.

Rachel Duncan has never felt this way


Once a dedicated soldier of the Knights Templar, Derek de Molay was betrayed and killed. So instead of an eternity in Heaven, he has decided to battle the Dark Angels of Hell. But as the war between good and evil rages, he is summoned back to the mortal realm to protect a woman standing too close to the edge of darkness.

Rachel Duncan has never felt this way before. A mysterious man is intent on seducing her with expensive gifts and trips on his private plane, yet it is Derek, a breathtaking stranger, who tugs at her heart. With him, there is laughter, light . . . and love. But Derek tells an impossible, insane story, though deep in her heart she knows it to be true. Now Derek and Rachel must race against time to save the mortal souls of mankind . . . and each other.

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In this, the first book of a new series, veteran fantasy author Margaret Weis teams up with daughter Lizz for a smart, high-speed paranormal romance refreshingly free of vampires and werewolves. After a few Dark Angels escape from Hell to stir up trouble on Earth, Derek de Molay, a former Knight Templar and now a stubborn, headstrong angel, gets stuck with a less than agreeable assignment: go back to Earth on reconnaissance disguised as a mortal, complete with a real human body and orders forbidding him to use his powers. His mission is to watch over Rachel Duncan, a plucky young commodities trader in Chicago who's just become involved with a mysterious, charismatic and very wealthy client named Andreas Zanus. Soon it becomes clear that Zanus is one of the Dark Angels, and his designs on Rachel aren't exactly romantic. With a playful sense of humor, a page-turning plot that keeps Rachel and Derek just close enough to throw off sparks, a tightly constructed supernatural world and plenty of suspense, readers will have a devil of a time waiting for the next installment. (Mar.)

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Warrior Angel

By Margaret Weis

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2007 Margaret Weis
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780060833251

Chapter One

As he paced about the antechamber to Heaven, waiting impatiently for the angels to summon him into their presence, Derek could look out the doors into the twilight world of Purgatory. The realm existed in a perpetual red haze, for the sun never rose here, the sun never set. As there was no day, there was no night. Purgatory was a battlefield, where some of those souls who were not deemed ready to enter Heaven continued to serve God by voluntarily helping to fight the eternal battle against the Dark Angel, Lucifer, and his archfiends.

The battles were terrible, for the archfiends fought with weapons of hideous make and design. Derek bore the scars of his many wounds proudly. He was a valiant soldier and, due to his valor, he was rewarded by being given the honor of commanding a legion of holy warriors. His deeds of courage were legendary among the warrior-angels of Purgatory. Undoubtedly this was why he'd been summoned to appear before his superiors. The archangels must have some special assignment for him.

He had heard rumors that the battle between good and evil had not been going all that well of late. Some even whispered that the Angels of Light were losing the war. Certainly, the archfiends and their demons who fought the holy warriors in Purgatory were becoming moreconfident, more aggressive. They attacked in greater numbers and it was all Derek and his warriors could do to shove them back into the Veil of Darkness from whence they sprang.

Rumor had it that the Dark Angels had developed a new tactic. They were fighting the battle on two fronts. They continued to try to take Heaven by storm, to overwhelm and destroy the holy warrior-angels and seize Heaven by force. In addition, however, they were attempting to defeat Heaven through more subtle ploys and schemes.

Derek had never before listened to such rumors. A true knight paid no heed to gossip mongers. Dark rumors such as these undermined the morale of his troops. As the battles they fought grew more and more difficult and dangerous every day, Derek could not help but wonder if there might not be some truth in what his comrades were saying.

He was thinking of this and thinking, too, that he should be out on the field with his men, not cooling his heels in some fancy antechamber, when he heard voices. Derek ceased his pacing. The voices were coming from the realm of his superiors. He could hear them through the gate that was only partially closed.

The cherubim are the "gate-keepers" of the Realm of Heaven, responsible for opening and closing the astral gates that divide one realm from another. They are also heavenly messengers and in this instance, a cherub, a bright and ambitious young angel named Sampson, had been sent onto the field of battle to fetch Derek and, in his excitement, had apparently failed to close and seal the gate.

Derek frowned and shook his head. Sampson was a Moorish prince, who had died during the twelfth century when he wandered off into the desert and became lost. Sampson had always longed to be a holy warrior. He was continually coming to Derek, begging him to allow him to enter the ranks of the soldiers of Purgatory. The cherubim was eager and enthusiastic and his courage was unquestioned, but he had a tendency to be scatterbrained and undisciplined. Forgetting to shut the astral gate between the realms was a prime example.

Derek was not one to eavesdrop, for he considered the practice dishonorable and beneath him. He could not help overhearing the conversation his superiors were holding, however. He could hear the two archangels speaking clearly.

He was about to interrupt them, inform them that the astral gate had been left open, and offer to shut the door for them, when he realized that they were discussing him.

"Are you certain Sir Derek de Molay is the right man for this, William?" The angel speaking was the Archangel Michael, the Supreme Commander of the forces of Purgatory. Derek did not know the other angel, the one called William.

"He was a Knight Templar, Archangel," this William angel replied. "He died a martyr defending his faith. He is a gallant warrior who has served with distinction through the centuries. Sir Derek is known for his courage, his strength, and fortitude—"

"He is also known for his rebellious and hotheaded nature," the Archangel Michael said grimly. "De Molay is one of the few souls who has actually chosen to remain in Purgatory rather than repent his sins and gain admittance to Heaven."

William brushed it off. "Yes, I know all about his battle with God. Had a few battles with the old boy myself in my day—"

"Angel William," the Archangel rebuked. "We do not speak of the Heavenly Father as 'the old boy.' "

"Oh, He understands," said William with enthusiasm. "God and I are great friends. He's a hell of a backgammon player."

"What did you say, William?" Michael asked, shocked.

"Oops. I beg your pardon, Archangel. I mean to say: God is a very good backgammon player."

Derek smiled to himself and forgot all about the fact that he was listening to a conversation he should not have been. He wondered where they'd dredged up Angel William.

"I have to admit that de Molay's independent spirit is what led us to choose him for this task," said Archangel Michael. "Though I still have my doubts." "It makes him human," said William enthusiastically. "Trust me, he will blend in nicely. I should know. I was on Earth myself once."

"Yes, indeed," said Archangel Michael in frozen tones. "We all know how well that turned out. We are not accustomed to having to post bail for one of our own. It was quite upsetting."

"All a mistake," said William. "I went into that Chicago speakeasy to try to persuade this extremely nice but very naive young Kansas farm girl who was dancing there that she would never make it big and to go back home. I was not informed that Eliot Ness was planning to raid the place that very night."


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Meet the Author

Margaret Weis is a New York Times bestselling author. Her Dragonlance® series has sold over twenty million copies worldwide, and the first book in thatseries, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, is being made into an animated film by Paramount Pictures. Warrior Angel is her first venture into romance, and it has been an exciting one. She has particularly enjoyed writing with her daughter, Lizz Weis, a former novel editor.

Lizz Weis is a former novel editor, who currently works in the financial industry. Lizz lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her pet rabbit Terry.

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Warrior Angel 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
jim2000 More than 1 year ago
I love Margaret Weis's fantsy books and I am a big fan of the urban fantasy genre. This book just did not seem on par with her other works. It had a good premise but was just a huge let down. Read any of her books with Tracy Hickman(drsgonlance series) or my favorite series of all time, the Death Gate Cycle and you will see the huge difference in quality. Sorry i wasted my time. Avoid this book but not the author. Great author but a crappy book. No one is perfect , except Jim Butcher. That man cant write a bad book
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a nice, easy to read and follow, paranormal romance with NO 'steamy' scenes. Different! Some GLARING proofreading 'erros,' but...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written ladies. Truly enjoyed it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Don't do, it's not worth the reading it. Risk it if you want to. I did, the result was disapointing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm a huge fan of the Dragonlance series. Going into this book I had high expectations being Margaret Weis was helping write this. I wasn't disapointed at all. Hopefully mother and daughter will team up again in the future.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was simply awful. I've been reading urban fantasy for years, Butcher, Harris, Harrison, Gaiman, Hamiltion, but of all of the urban fantasy books I've ever read, this was simply the worst. Weak writing doesn't even cover it. I was actually impressed with the concept and thought it'd be a good read, but with each passing page I only felt more disapointment. Don't waste your time, there are so many better paranormal books out there.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Once he was a Knights Templar tortured by the Inquisition who wanted to break him and have him tell lies about his order. He never broke so when he died he went to Purgatory waiting for Heaven¿s judgment. When he arrived at Heaven¿s Gate he was angry at God who he believes forsake him and his pride returned to let him open his heart to enter Paradise. Instead, he became a warrior angel in Purgatory battling Satan¿s minions. --- Now the demons are moving to Earth with a rumored new tactic so Derek de Molay is sent to watch over commodities trader Rachel Duncan who lost her guardian angel. Derek is the doorman at her building where he meets the man she involved with Andreas Zanus who is actually a demon in human form. He convinces her to do some shady deals for him. Derek knows that Zanus is high up in the legions of hell and also is torn between following Heaven¿s orders and his need to protect Rachel the woman he loves. Rachel must decide what to do about Zanus blackmailing her into doing what he wants, knowing it is illegal and will cause harm to millions. Derek must find a way to save Rachel and stop Zanus, two goals that seem impossible with the heavenly limitations placed on him. --- Margaret Weis has long been known to fantasy fans for her epic novels. Now she takes her writing in a new direction, collaborating with her daughter Lizz to provide an enthralling paranormal romance that concentrates on the battle between the angels and demons over human souls. Readers will like this entry because the angels and the demons have some human qualities that make them easier to understand. The romance between Derek and Rachel is glorious as a man who doesn¿t trust God and a woman seduced by a demon¿s glamour feel for each other something that can only be heaven sent. --- Harriet Klausner