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by Bryan Davis

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For years, tales of


from another world kidnapping and enslaving humans have been circulating in Jason Masters’ world, while for a slave girl named Koren, the stories of a human world seem pure myth. Together, these two teens will need to bridge two planets in order to overthrow the draconic threat and bring the lost


For years, tales of


from another world kidnapping and enslaving humans have been circulating in Jason Masters’ world, while for a slave girl named Koren, the stories of a human world seem pure myth. Together, these two teens will need to bridge two planets in order to overthrow the draconic threat and bring the lost slaves home.

The Dragon Prince Has Hatched

The stakes are raised when the foretold prince is crowned. While Koren and Jason race to the Northlands of Starlight to find the one person who can help them free the human slaves, Elyssa and Wallace strive to locate Jason and assist his quest. Soon, all four discover that the secrets of Starlight extend much further than they had imagined. Meanwhile, Randall and Tibalt have returned to Major Four and find themselves teamed with the dragon Magnar, who has arrived to help thwart the governor.

No one knows how the prophecy will be fulfilled, but one thing is clear: more than ever, the survival of the dragons depends on humankind, and they will do anything to prevent the slaves from escaping.

Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal
Gr 7–10—Starting immediately after the events in Starlighter (Zondervan, 2010), this Christian fantasy begins with Taushin, the prophesied dragon king, about to hatch from his egg. Meanwhile, Jason and his companions are still trying to figure out how to rescue the slaves from Starlight, and Koren, the Starlighter, is fighting to maintain her identity under nearly overwhelming pressure to allow Taushin to complete their connection. Once she escapes with Jason to the North, she realizes that going back to Taushin may be the only way to save her people. Jason tries to stop her, but to no avail, and he then joins with Uriel, the first freedom fighter, to meet the mysterious white dragon king of the North. As they do so, the seer Elysa joins forces with a young warrior to rescue some of the slaves and the dragons concoct a plan of their own. Keeping all of the story threads straight is only half the battle as Davis switches among the different story arcs, trying unsuccessfully to tie them into a cohesive whole. There are simply too many characters and too many plots to make the story flow seamlessly, and the book feels very much like the calm before the climactic battle. The backstory is never fully explained, leading to confusion about what exactly the characters are striving for. While Starlighter was a mostly promising start to this series, Warrior is only for die-hard fans looking for the connection to the next book, Diviner (Zondervan, 2011).—Necia Blundy, Marlborough Public Library, MA
VOYA - Amy Wyckoff
The second book in the Dragons of Starlight series begins on the eve of the birth of Taushin, the dragon prince who is destined to become the new ruler of Starlight. Taushin desires to enslave Koren, a Starlighter, to serve as his eyes, since Taushin was born blind. Koren tries to reject this offer but the payoff seems too great to resist—if she will serve him, Taushin claims he will free all human slaves on Starlight and allow them to return to their world, Darksphere. Koren's warrior friend, Jason, is on a quest to see the white dragon who may be able to help Jason design a plan to free the slaves. Elyssa and Wallace have freed one group of children from captivity, but must now locate a passage to take them home. Meanwhile, Randall and Tybalt are on a planet called Major Four, trying to strike a deal with the previous ruthless ruler of Starlight, Magnar. All of these characters are trying to achieve the same goal but must pursue their own path to make freedom for the slaves a reality. At 422 pages, this bleak tale contains an overwhelming number of complex characters and intersecting storylines. Since there will be a final book in this series, the storylines do not come together in the end, leaving readers with a great amount of character and plot details to retain until the publication of the final book. With frequent references to "the Creator," a focus on faith, and an unrelenting power struggle between the evil dragons and the good-hearted humans, this book will likely only appeal to fans of Christian fantasy. Reviewer: Amy Wyckoff
Kirkus Reviews

An exciting and evocative Christian fantasy puts an imaginative spin on the Exodus tale, but it is marred by a confusing structure and questionable implications. By no means a stand-alone, the narrative jumps immediately into action from the close of series openerStarlighter(2010). Jason and his companions are still endeavoring to rescue humans from their wretched slavery to dragons in an alternate world. As the newly hatched black dragon king plots to co-opt the Starlighter's mystical power, his opponents seek his mysterious white counterpart in the Northlands. Five separate story lines follow a hefty cast of both dragons and humans to climactic cliffhangers. If the episodic plot depends heavily on convenient devices, the settings are sturdily crafted, the imagery is exquisite and the themes of friendship, sacrifice and the power of stories are heart-wrenching and thought-provoking. The protagonists, human and dragon alike, are complex and admirable; but despite assurances that some powerful secondary characters are "good" and others "evil," it is difficult to distinguish between their behavior. Both are cryptic and manipulative, demand unquestioning submission to cruel "tests" and inflict vicious punishment for failure. However, much of this disturbing subtext will likely pass by the target audience, who will delight in the wildly inventive worldbuilding, exciting adventure and copious religious allusions.(Fantasy. 12 & up)

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Dragons of Starlight , #2
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Zondervan Publishing
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13 - 16 Years

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By Bryan Davis


Copyright © 2011 Bryan Davis
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-310-71837-6

Chapter One

Cursed by blindness, Zena shuffled on her knees—reaching, groping—a beggar stretching out empty hands into the hated void. Oh, yes, it was blindness, but not the indiscriminate shackling of innocent eyes by a careless creator. Hers was a wretched, calculated blindness inflicted long ago by the accursed Starlighter, the selfsame Cassabrie who had delayed the arrival of the prophesied hatchling ... until now.

The black egg lay near. Its presence—close, warm, alive—beckoned. The prince within the stony shell called with an inaudible voice, a plea that rode the winds of sensation, a yearning for intimacy. She would provide sympathy, as always. Souls trapped in darkness often cry out for the solace of another lonely prisoner, each one hoping for the day of liberation. Perhaps her role as comforter would reap rewards even beyond the benefits she sought.

Her fingertips brushed a dimpled surface. Chill bumps raced across her skin as she purred, "There you are, my darling!"

She reached for the velvet case in the pocket of her silky gown, withdrew the Starlighter's finger, and set the tip on the shell. Ah! The connection brought a new icy chill. Such joy! It was just a finger, to be sure, but it meant so much more. That vile girl had paid for her deed, and she had paid dearly. The great Starlighter had lost her precious perfection and now lent her missing digit to a dragon who was prophesied to be born handicapped. What a delicious irony that her finger provided the means to instruct the unborn prince about the history of Starlight and inform him of his glorious future.

The chill continued, in spite of the heat in the Basilica's cavernous incubator room. Five paces away, a circle of fiery fountains soared up from the floor and splashed against the marble ceiling high above—a protective fence of flames that whipped the air into a hot, whooshing swirl.

As Zena held the finger in place, the cold sensation eased, replaced by a surge of warmth that sizzled into her body, the sign of connection with the dragon youngling inside. Her blindness faded, and the black shell came into view, reflecting her ivory skin, slender face and hands, and long black dress. Propped on a nest of soft pillows, the egg shifted, giving evidence of the life within.

"My prince," she whispered, "can you hear me?"

The finger quivered for a moment, then became still. As she waited for a response, the shadow of a dragon enveloped her in winged darkness. Zena resisted the urge to tense her muscles. Magnar's visits had become more frequent, and his silent approaches had too often given him the advantage of catching her off guard. The noise from the flames masked the sound of his wings, and his ability to pass through the fountains unharmed had proven him to be the most powerful dragon in the world. His cooperation remained essential.

Keeping her focus on the egg, Zena spoke with a steady voice. "I will have news in a moment."

Magnar thumped his tail on the floor, impatient, as usual. Zena let her lips stretch into a satisfied smirk. Or perhaps he was uneasy about the finger she had cut from the Starlighter's hand so many years ago. For all the bravado he displayed as king of the Southland dragons, he did not cope well with trivial reminders of the death sentences he had ordered.

When the quivering resumed, a low voice rode the Starlighter's bone-thin finger and penetrated Zena's mind. I hear you. Is everything prepared?

"All is ready," she said out loud. "Magnar is here to witness your emergence, and once he verifies that you are, indeed, the prophesied king, he will abdicate as planned."

Magnar's skepticism is excusable. Very few kings are willing to relinquish power to a promise.

Zena lifted the finger and set it back in its case, gazing at the wrinkled skin's almost imperceptible glow. Another precious moment of clarity had been spent. How many more remained before the finger's power died away and permanent blindness set in? Fewer than before; that was the only certainty.

She blinked, still able to see clearly. This brief view of the visual world would soon fade, but likely not before the historic birth of the next dragon king. Seeing him emerge had dominated every dream, and now all her years of service would finally bear fruit. The triumph of his kingdom would bring her restored vision. The prince had promised it, and she would do everything in her power to see his rule expand throughout all of Starlight.

The black egg tilted to one side and leaned for a moment before rocking upright on its nest. A slight cracking sound reached her ears, barely audible amidst the rush of flames.

"The time has come." Still on her knees, Zena closed the case's lid and slid it into her pocket. She then opened a panel in the floor and turned off the fountains. As the flames shrank away and the breezy rush settled, she caressed the egg's shell, pausing on a tiny crack near the top. "The king will hatch soon—perhaps minutes."

With a beat of his wings, Magnar scooted closer, extended his long neck, and sniffed. "The crack is deep enough to allow his scent to escape. It will not be long now."

"Have you decided whether or not to tell his mother?"

"She must not know until I give the order. Her exile is deserved and will remain intact. If this prince is indeed the prophesied one, it will not be beneficial to have another powerful dragon as his ally."

"If that is your wish." Zena wrapped her arms around the egg, making her loose sleeves ride up past her elbows. Intertwining her fingers on the opposite side, she laid her cheek on its surface, letting her hair drape its reflective shell. As she bathed in its purple aura, she sighed. "For centuries we have waited. The day has finally arrived."

"You never lost faith," Magnar said, "though many others have."

"True. I am not shy about my own loyalty. I deserve accolades." Reaching out a hand, Zena stroked Magnar's claw. Years ago, he would have recoiled at her forward manner, but now he didn't even flinch. His scales felt warm, reflecting their fiery appearance. With her vision still somewhat intact, his elegant draconic form stayed in view. His long, sleek neck curled like an adder ready to strike, and his ears, short and pointed, rotated as if searching for a lost sound. His backbone spines bent slightly toward his lengthy tail, giving the appearance of swift movement, as if blown back by the wind.

"What do you think?" she asked. "Will his handicap be obvious? Perhaps something so crippling that other dragons will be loath to accept him as their new king?"

"If the prophecy is true, he will be able to quell any uprising of potential usurpers among us." As he drew his claw away from her hand, his scaly brow dipped low. "Or human invaders."

Zena looked into Magnar's eyes—scarlet, pulsing, furious. His anger over the release of Jason and the new Starlighter still scalded his temper, and his desire to pursue the escaped humans consumed him. He was a beast lunging against the bars in a cage of his own making. "Have you tested the barrier recently?" she asked.

"Less than an hour ago. As long as the Starlighter remains to the north, she is out of reach."

"When the prince emerges," Zena said as she lifted her cheek from the egg, "he will provide guidance concerning the Starlighter. Since Koren threatened to kill the youngling, perhaps he has given up on luring her into servitude. If the prince orders her execution, then it might be safe for you to travel beyond the great wall and bring her to justice."

"A guess is all you have." Twin plumes of dark smoke rose from Magnar's nostrils, and his voice deepened. "If you are wrong, and the Starlighter ruins our plans, my wrath will be speedy and furious, beginning with a certain priestly dragon and ending with a hatchling prince and his blind guardian."

Zena raised a rigid finger. "Stay your fury for another few hours. If your faith remains steadfast, you will be given what you have coveted for so long."

"Again, a guess on your part. Every moment we wait separates us further from the Starlighter and her companion. If she arrives safely in the Northlands and finds the star, all could be lost."

"She is ignorant. Without the prince, she can neither harm Exodus nor resurrect it."

"The star reveals its own secrets. She might be ignorant, but she is not a fool. It will not take her long to piece the puzzle together."

"Fear not. We still have time." Zena petted the top of the egg. "Do not be shy, my love. The shell has cracked. You need only to break through. Then you will be able to assume a throne of power from which you will rule this world."

After a few seconds of silence, the egg vibrated in time with a pecking sound. The crack lengthened, then widened. A sharp black claw protruded near the top of the egg, almost invisible against the shell's surface. It disappeared for a moment before breaking through again at a lower point. Soon, a jagged-edged fragment dropped to the pillows, and the two halves of the egg fell away from the center, revealing a black conglomeration of scales and twisted body parts.

The bundle swelled. Ever so slowly, a pair of wings unfurled, and a head emerged from a coil of neck and limbs. A pair of scaly eyelids blinked, briefly veiling two blue eyes, clouded and without defined pupils. They glowed as if embedded with a phosphorescent dye. As the newborn dragon scanned the room, the glow passed across Zena, then returned to hover over her. Again he spoke to her mind. Greetings, my friend.

Smiling broadly, Zena extended her hands. "Shall I carry you, my noble king?"

Not yet. I must test my abilities, including my voice and motor skills.

With every phrase, the youngling's mouth had remained still, yet his words came through clearly, even without the Starlighter's finger. Apparently the shell had hindered his telepathy powers, and now he could communicate freely with her, a benefit of their spiritual attachment.

When the young dragon stretched out, Zena looked him over. He appeared to be of normal size for a newborn, perhaps five feet long from the tip of his tail to the top of his head. His wings were well-formed, as were his forelegs and hind quarters; no sign of handicap in his body structure at all. He differed from other younglings only in color, jet black instead of reddish brown, with blue eyes instead of yellowish orange.

"I am ..." The newborn's voice squeaked as he spoke in the dragon language. He coughed twice and spat out a wad of thick liquid before trying again. "I am Taushin."

"A lovely name." Zena clapped her hands. "You are draconic perfection."

"He has an impressive form," Magnar said. "Classic dragon beauty in every way. Yet it is his handicap that will prove his kingly right, and I see no obvious deformity."

Taushin swung his neck. His light beams drifted across the bigger dragon and toward his face, halting at his eyes. For a moment he appeared to be deep in thought, then his ears perked up. "I have found a new sense of perception and am now comprehending my surroundings through Magnar. Why do I not have this ability myself?"

"How strange." Zena looked into Taushin's glazed eyes. Even though her own vision had already dimmed, the truth was evident. "You are blind."

"Blind?" Taushin repeated. "You have mentioned this label in describing yourself."

"Sometimes I can see shapes and shadows," Zena said, "and sometimes I am totally without vision, but I have overcome my lack of eyesight. My other senses are more acute."

Blinking, Magnar turned away from the probing glow. "So that is his handicap—blindness. Truly this is severe enough to fulfill the prophecy."

Taushin's expression turned sour. "Zena, you feared a bodily deformity of limbs or wings, but I suspect that this is worse. Still, I would not be blind if I had a different companion, one who could see. I could look through her eyes."

"I can only beg your tolerance," Zena said. "I promise upon my life to serve you with every skill and talent I possess. If not for that Starlighter ..." She tightened her jaw. Her eyesight had been stolen long ago by Cassabrie, but Cassabrie had paid the price with great suffering and death. There was no use airing once again a story that never failed to make her boil.

"Yes, you told me about Cassabrie." Taushin lowered his eye glow to the floor. "You have also mentioned Koren. She is a Starlighter as well. She could serve as my eyes."

Zena stroked his neck, pressing her fingers in as deeply as his armor would allow. "Serve as your eyes? But, my liege, only hours ago she threatened to kill you."

"An empty threat, I assure you. When I call for her, she will return."

"She is dangerous," Magnar said. "She has the power to hypnotize any dragon who watches her stories come to life."

"So I have been told." Taushin blinked again, momentarily shutting off the blue rays. "Perhaps a dragon who cannot watch her stories will be immune."

"I see your point. An intriguing advantage." Magnar averted his gaze and appeared to be looking at the hole in the ceiling, an exit for flying dragons. "If you are the prophesied king, then you have been born with a message for me. When you deliver that, and I deem it to be adequate, I will be satisfied and abdicate my throne."

"As if you could stop me from taking it." Taushin smiled, exposing two razor-sharp fangs. As his lips relaxed, hiding the fangs, his voice altered to a deep register, mysterious in tone and bearing a hypnotic cadence. "Fear not, Magnar. As your father promised, the key to the portal will come to you, carried by a girl from Darksphere. Yet, beware. Although she appears to be nothing more than a ragged refugee, she possesses great gifts akin to those of a Starlighter. You must not underestimate her." After a short pause, he added, "Zerrod has spoken."

"Zerrod?" Magnar's ears perked up. "How could you know my father's name?"

"Perhaps now you are convinced that I am, indeed, the new king." Taushin's eyes shone bluer and brighter than ever. "Before you leave, I must ask you to do something for me."

Magnar bowed his head. "As always, I am at your service."

"Call for a gathering of dragons and humans alike." Taushin sat up high on his haunches with a wing bent across his chest. "I will present myself to them this very evening at the Zodiac. Dragons and humans alike will welcome the dawning of a new day, an era that has no need for slaves."

"Perhaps. At least until they learn what those words mean." Magnar looked up at the hole again. "Our search for the dragon assassins should be complete by then, so everyone will be available." After bowing again, he flew upward in a tight spiral and through the opening.

As soon as Magnar disappeared, Zena stroked Taushin again. Nearly blind once more, she sighed. "Are you certain of your decision to call Koren? Are my services insufficient?"

He arched his back, apparently enjoying the strenuous massage. "You are a benefit beyond all estimation, but you cannot give me sight."

She thrust her hand into her pocket and withdrew the velvet box. Both hands trembling, she snapped it open and grasped the Starlighter's finger. Her eyesight immediately began to clear, as always. "Look through me now," she said, unable to keep her voice from shaking. "You will see. I can serve you as well as Koren can."

Taushin looked into her eyes for a moment, then turned aside. "Yours is an aided vision that will eventually fail. Why should I rely on the recipient of light when I can have the source?"

She brushed away a tear. "I ... I understand. You must have the best servant possible. Yet, if I may be so bold, there is no substitute for loyalty. She of the green eyes and red hair will not soon be persuaded to worship you as I do. Cassabrie could not be tamed, so I expect the same from Koren. And Cassabrie may yet create a stir. I have not told you this, but her spirit lives on. I saw it myself."

Taushin's ears flattened, and a reddish hue tinted his eyes' glow. "I assume you have not yet found the body from which you cut that finger."

"Not yet." She caressed one of his wings. The leathery texture felt good against her skin. "I have not been able to prove my theory, but I strongly suspect that Arxad knows where it is. If you question him, he might—"


Excerpted from Warrior by Bryan Davis Copyright © 2011 by Bryan Davis. Excerpted by permission of ZONDERVAN. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Bryan Davis is the author of the bestselling fantasy series Echoes from the Edge, Dragons in Our Midst, and Oracles of Fire. He and his wife, Susie, have seven children and live in western Tennessee, where he continues to cook up his imaginative blend of fantasy and inspiration.

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Warrior 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
Blooming-with-Books More than 1 year ago
DRAGONS OF STARLIGHT WARRIOR By Bryan Davis The black egg has and the blind dragon prince - Taushin is ready to fulfill the prophecy. But Taushin needs Koren and her Starlighter abilities to the enable him to resurrect the fallen star Exodus. But can Koren believe anything that Taushin tells her? Meanwhile Jason continues his journey into the Northlands and the realm of the White Dragon, where, according to Cassabrie, he will be tested. If Jason fails what will be the fate of the "lost ones" on Starlight and what will befall Koren? Down to the south Elyssa and Wallace are determined to save their friends but instead find a mystery. The body of the previous Starlighter, Cassabrie, is preserved beneath the dragon's Zodiac and for some strange reason Elyssa is drawn to it. There is also a strange book that draws Elyssa into its story so that she can make it visible to Wallace. On Major Four Randal and Tibalt have troubles of their own. They have been captured while trying to uncover the truth about Governor Prescott's murder and the location of Randall's mother. Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Can these warriors discover it before everything is lost? What they chose will determine the fate of two worlds!
hawkpierce More than 1 year ago
The prince of dragons has hatched from the black egg. Jason and Koren flee to the Northlands in search for aid. But who is this white dragon who dwells there? Elyssa and Wallace are hot on their trails. In Darkspere, Randall and the crazed Tibalt are accompanied by dragons as they try to prepare the planet for the arrival of the Lost Ones. As I mentioned in my review of Starlighter, it was a good book but seemed very much an introduction to the series, it didn't dive into the heart of the story, per se. So I was really hoping that Warrior would blow me away. And I am happy to report that it did just that. The story was very suspenseful, intriguing, and layered. The story goes between several scenes and each one is so intense and full that you almost forget the other plots entirely until read of them again. Even on the spiritual elements this book hit head-on. It raised excellent questions and had something of the theme, "How much are you willing to sacrifice?" Very hard to put down; I am very much looking forward to read the remaining novels in the Dragons of Starlight and Tales of Starlight series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The best book ever you have to get it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Katya_Sozaeva More than 1 year ago
After rescuing the miners from Starlight and sending them back to Darksphere, Jason remains on Starlight to continue to try to free the humans there. Elyssa returns as well, leaving Randall and Tibalt on Darksphere. While Koren continues to fight against the captivity of the new king of the dragons, Jason travels to the Northlands to seek the white dragon and try to find a way to bring out the freedom of his people. Meanwhile, the former dragon king and the dragon priest travel to Darksphere, seeking a way to overthrow the black dragon, fearing he means to destroy them all. While I wasn¿t as enthralled with the second book in the series as I was the first, it was a good book. There is so much going on that it was hard to find a few snippets to use to describe the action ¿ there are many plot strings running through this series, all of which are just starting to come together to create a cohesive tapestry in this book. Fans of science fantasy, worlds containing dragons, and desperate, perilous quests should enjoy this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jessica Edge More than 1 year ago
I remember when Bryan Davis came to my school. He was dressed as Jason, the warrior in this book, and his daughter was dressed as Koren, a girl with interesting powers. This Author was so crazy and random that he had his daughter attack him with a real sword in the middle of our library! Ill never forget that day. Anyway, this is an amazing book and I cant wait to read more by Bryan Davis. :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago