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Warrior's Edge

Warrior's Edge

by John B. Alexander, Richard Groller, Janet Morris

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Library Journal - Library Journal
This book takes research on the capabilities of the mind done by the military and applies it to both the military and business. The issues discussed are not new--meditation, active listening, intuition, visualization, biofeedback, martial arts, and psychokinesis, to name a few. What is unusual is to learn how much the military has been looking into these issues and to have them all in one place. Included with a discussion of each are exercises for improving individual skills, examples of how they worked in the military, and how they might help in business. Given the popularity books that adopt military strategies for business--such as Wess Roberts's best-selling Secrets of Attila the Hun (Peregrine Pub., 1985)--this work might gain a large readership.-- Michael D. Kathman, St. John's Univ., Collegeville, Minn.

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