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The Warrior's Tale

The Warrior's Tale

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by Allan Cole

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The second book in the Far Kingdoms series picks up with the adventures of warrior woman, Rali Antero, who must sail across uncharted seas with her small band to stop an evil that threatens her homeland.


The second book in the Far Kingdoms series picks up with the adventures of warrior woman, Rali Antero, who must sail across uncharted seas with her small band to stop an evil that threatens her homeland.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
What might have been a standard nautical fantasy patterned on the Odyssey reveals itself to be a charmingly subversive lesbian feminist romp about a group of women warriors who battle wizards, demons, pirates and sexism on land and at sea. Narrator Captain Rali Emilie Antero of the Maranon Guards is in charge of a legion of women who train rabidly, fight ferociously and swear off sex with men. Typically, they've been forced to stay home in Orissa and be showpiece soldiers, but after they disembowel a raging demon in front of the entire city, they are awarded a place of honor in the upcoming battle with the rival city of Lycanth. Adventure abounds as the women sail uncharted seas, searching for the Archon, or sorceror, who is determined to destroy them and rule the world. This lighthearted novel (sequel to The Far Kingdoms; Rali is the sister of that novel's hero) turns several of the standard fantasy conventions topsy-turvy. There's the twist, for example, by which Rali, after heroically saving a local princess from drowning, enters into a sweaty romance with her-just one more winsome moment in a book brimming with whopping good fun. Author tour. (Nov.)
Library Journal
As commander of the all-female Maranon Guard, Rali Emilie Antero must defend the city of Orissa. When sorcerous magics threaten the city, Antero receives orders to pursue the malevolent wizard across uncharted seas, returning only when her quarry is defeated. The Odyssey-like voyage of Antero and her companions lends a picaresque quality to this sequel to The Far Kingdoms (Ballantine, 1994). While not graphic or gratuitous, the authors' forthright portrayal of lesbian relationships may limit the audience for this fast-moving and involving fantsy adventure. Recommended, with the above "caveat," for most fantasy collections.
Roland Green
The second big collaborative fantasy by the creators of the Sten Adventures takes place in the well-drawn and extensively developed world they introduced in "The Far Kingdoms" (1993). This second installment also takes the protagonist to sea, a location turning up more and more often in fantasy these days. The warrior of the title is Rali Emilie Antero, sister to Amalric, hero of the earlier book, and commander of an elite all-women force, the Maranon Guard. Because of various circumstances, she and her troopers must embark on a long, perilous pursuit and quest to the ends of the known world and considerably beyond, with perils both natural and magical besetting them every mile of the way. This book lacks absolutely nothing to thoroughly grip fantasy readers, and Rali is a superior entry in the ranks of martial women. Bunch and Cole struck out in original directions for action-sf with the Sten series and are now doing the same in fantasy. Highly recommended.

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Allan Cole
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Far Kingdoms Voyages , #2
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Meet the Author

Allan Cole is a best-selling author, screenwriter and former prize-winning newsman who brings a rich background in travel and personal experience to his imaginative work.Son of a CIA operative, Cole was raised in the Middle East, Europe, and the Far East. He attended thirty-two schools and visited or lived in as many countries. He recalls hearing Othello for the first time as a child sitting on an ancient fortress wall in Cyprus - the island Shakespeare had in mind when he wrote the play.Rejecting invitations to join the CIA, Cole became an award-winning investigative reporter and editor who dealt with everything from landmark murder cases to thieving government officials.Since that time he’s concentrated on books and film. His novels include the landmark science fiction series, “Sten,” the highly-praised fantasy trilogy, “Tales Of The Timuras,” “The Far Kingdoms” series, a World Fantasy Award Finalist, and the Vietnam war classic, “A Reckoning For Kings.” The “Sten” novels, which he coauthored with the late Chris Bunch, have sold upwards of 25 million books worldwide and have been published in 13 languages.His latest novels include “The Lords Of Terror,” which he wrote with Russian fantasy master, Nick Perumov, as well as “MacGregor,” and “Drowned Hopes,” thrillers set in Boca Raton, Florida. “Lords” is the first and only novel written by American and Russian collaborators.Allan has sold more than a hundred and fifty television dramas, ranging from “Quincy” and “The Rockford Files” to and “Walker, Texas Ranger.”He lives in Boca Raton, Florida, with his wife, Kathryn. For more information see his homepage at acole.com and his film and entry at IMDB.com

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