Washboard Bands 1926-1929

Washboard Bands 1926-1929 "Gimme Blues"

by Clarence Williams

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Frog Uk


  1. Wait till You See My Baby Do the Charleston  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  2. Livin' High  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  3. Wait till You See My Baby Do the Charleston #3  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  4. You For Me, Me For You  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  5. My Own Blues  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  6. Boodle Am #4  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  7. Boodle Am #7  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  8. I've Found a New Baby  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  9. Senorita Mine  -  Blue Grass Foot Warmers
  10. Charleston Hound  -  Blue Grass Foot Warmers
  11. How Could I Be Blue?  -  Blue Grass Foot Warmers
  12. Old Folks Shuffle #2  -  Blue Grass Foot Warmers
  13. Old Folks Shuffle #3  -  Blue Grass Foot Warmers
  14. Dark Eyes  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  15. Gimme Blues  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  16. King of the Zulus  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  17. The Zulu Blues  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  18. Nobody But My Baby Is Gettin' My Love  -  Clarence Williams' Washboard Four
  19. Candy Lips  -  Clarence Williams' Washboard Four
  20. Anywhere Sweetie Goes #4  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  21. Cushion Foot Stomp #3  -  Dixie Washboard Band
  22. Cushion Foot Stomp  -  Clarence Williams' Washboard Five
  23. Take Your Black Bottom Outside  -  Clarence Williams' Washboard Five
  24. High Society #A  -  Clarence Williams' Washboard Band
  25. High Society #C  -  Clarence Williams' Washboard Band
  26. Whoop It Up  -  Clarence Williams' Washboard Band

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Clarence Williams   Primary Artist,Piano,Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Benny Morton   Alto,Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Ed Allen   Clarinet,Trumpet
Cyrus St. Clair   Baritone Saxophone
Jasper Taylor   Washboard
Floyd Casey   Washboard
Clarence Todd   Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Clarence Lee   Vocals
Bruce Johnson   Washboard
Carmello Jari   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone

Technical Credits

Paul Swinton   Producer
Nick Dellow   Remastering
John Collinson   Liner Notes

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