Washington's Lady

Washington's Lady

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by Nancy Moser

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Known for moving first-person novels of Nannerl Mozart, Jane Austen, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Nancy Moser now brings to life the loves and trials of the first First Lady of the United States. When a dapper, young George Washington comes into her life, Martha Custis is a young widow with two young children. Their love and loyalty toward each other�and the new


Known for moving first-person novels of Nannerl Mozart, Jane Austen, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Nancy Moser now brings to life the loves and trials of the first First Lady of the United States. When a dapper, young George Washington comes into her life, Martha Custis is a young widow with two young children. Their love and loyalty toward each other�and the new nation they fight for, lasts a lifetime and is an inspiration even now, after 250 years. Washington�s Lady was a Christy Awards finalist.

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Nancy Moser is the award-winning author of over twenty novels that focus on characters discovering their unique purpose. Her genres include both contemporary and historical stories. Her historical bio-novels allow real women-of-history to share their life stories: Just Jane (Jane Austen), Mozart's Sister (Nannerl Mozart), Washington's Lady (Martha Washington) and How Do I Love Thee? (Elizabeth Barrett Browning.) Her time-travel novel, Time Lottery, won a Christy Award and Washington's Lady was a finalist. Nancy and her husband Mark live in the Midwest. She gives Said So Sister Seminars around the country, helping women identify their gifts as they celebrate their sisterhood. Find out more at www.nancymoser.com, www.sistercircles.com. and her historical fiction blog at:

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Washington's Lady 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
When her beloved Daniel died as well as two of their children, wealthy widow Martha Dandridge Custis vowed death would never mock her again. However, being affluent and young, many want to court her none interest her. That is until she meets the French and Indian War Colonel George Washington, a shy warrior. She knows she has met her soulmate.----------- They marry and live in his Mount Vernon home. However, their life together is interrupted by war as George now a general leads the rebel forces against the mightiest army in the world a side he once belong to. There are several years of separation and worry as Martha tries to hold the family together while George is at war. When they reunite, their love is stronger and helps them several years later when she becomes the first First Lady but death will return to mock her once again.------------- As she has done with Jane Austen (see JUST JANE) and Nannerl Mozart (see MOZART¿S SISTER), Nancy Moser provides a strong look at the first First Lady, who Washington insisted was ¿my other self¿. Readers will see how deaths of loved ones shaped her adult life and helped her as the ¿mother of our country¿. Biographical fiction fans and historical novel readers will appreciate this superb glimpse of WASHINGTON¿S LADY, Martha.------- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Martha Washington was an amazing woman for her time. She had strength and intelligence and survived many heart aches, but her love for her husband George Washington never failed. Martha was first married to one of the wealthest men in Virginia, Danial Custis. And she was the mother of four. However two of her children died at a very early age. Later her husband died, leaving Martha a very wealthy widow with two small children, and a large plantation to maintain and manage, a job she did exceedingly well, considering the limited education given to girls at that time. Many men courted her, but none appealed to her until she met George Washington. Although she loved her first husband, he was much older than she, but with George who was closer to her age, their's was a true love match. Martha and George had no children of their own, but George embraced Jacky and Patsy as though they were his own. I have visited Mount Vernon more than once, and as I walked through the rooms of that lovely house I found myself wondering what George and Martha Washington were really like. This book gave me the answers to that question. Nancy Moser has managed to really bring these two incredible people to life. Who would have guessed that the Father of our country was a wonderful dancer and loved dancing? Although he was greatly admired for his military skills, his statesmenship, and his humility he was also a true gentleman with a tender heart and a sense of humor. Martha was a no nonesense woman who could also enjoy a good laugh. By the time I was finished reading this book, I'd fallen love with George, and found Martha as warm and lovely as I had always imagined.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
As a history major, I love historical fiction. But it has to be good historical fiction, not the kind where a famous figure randomly pops up in the story. I fully appreciate it when you can tell the author has done their work by researching the entire life of their characters to bring them to life. You can feel the heartbreak of Martha as her children and those in her family die before their time. It's anguishing to read about a mother's loss and the pain and suffering it brought about. It's also nice to picture George and Martha as being young. The universal image of the two is older with white hair and you don't think about them being young and in love. To see how much they loved each other even when they were at their worst times, when war separated them or when there was joy and happiness is a true testament to the success of a loving marriage. Moser does not make her perfect though. Martha was a real person and not a perfect woman. Someone really needs to option these books as movies. I can totally see this story come alive onscreen. This book brought to mind the John Adams miniseries that recently was on TV. The time period is the same so I could easily picture the characters blending together. I could see Moser's entire Ladies of History series being optioned into a PBS series akin to the recent Jane Austen season. As I said before the reader can tell that a lot of research went into writing this book. It's very risky writing about a figure that is so well known and loved by the country. Nancy Moser did a brilliant job bringing to life our first First Lady. Reading this book wasn't like reading a story, it was as if I was reading Martha's own personal diary. This is THE BEST historical fiction novel I have read this year. I think Martha herself would be proud. HIGHLY recommended especially for history buffs.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Martha Washington's story surprised me. I knew nothing of this women and her great love for George Washington. I gained a new appreciation for America and how it was formed, who formed it and their amazing fight for the freedom I enjoy. This was an exciting, powerful, heartfelt story told in first person of one women's life filled with tragedy and triumph that would affect so many around her. Without the deep convictions George Washington had and Martha decision to allow her husband to be all he could be for himself and this country none of us would be enjoying, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we have today. Nancy Moser brings history to life in a fresh new way. Through the eyes of Martha Washington I learned how determined, courageous and vital she was in getting the women together to fight just has hard as their men. History blanks were filled in for me as Martha Washington lead the women of her time to do their part in building the 'United' States of America. I loved that Nancy Moser helped me learn even more about history by having the fact and fiction section in the back of the book, (before the discussion questions) it is there she reveals what exactly the 'facts' were and what she made up to help the story flow. Nancy has brilliantly brought fact and fiction together in Washington's Lady to create a story you will never forget. Every time someone mentions George Washington you will automatically recall a woman's deep love for her husband and this country sacrificial story of Martha and George Washington and how they rose above their circumstances to answer the call this country put on their lives. You'll remember that with God's help all things were made possible for them and for us. Nora Stlaurent
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you've ever suffered through a junior high American History class, you probably think you know all you¿ll ever need to know about the forming of our country. If only history class had been as captivating and enthralling as this novel! In Washington's Lady, Nancy Moser shines a light on the reluctant First Lady of America. Her life was plagued with heartbreak and the deaths of many that she loved. Yet she also experienced great joy with the love of her life and soul mate, George. She was a woman off contradictions, having great strength during adversity, but fearful of the specter of death that loomed over her life. She showed grace and affection to the soldiers under her husband's command, but she was loathe to become a public figure. Martha Washington was a unique woman, flaws and all. History truly comes alive in Moser's capable hands. I learned so much reading this story, not just about Martha, but about George and the struggles to form our country. And I enjoyed it immensely. At the end of the book, Moser includes a section titled Fact or Fiction in Washington's Lady. It's another glimpse at the care and diligence taken in presenting the fascinating tale of an extraordinary woman and the family and country she loved.