Wassily Leontief and Input-Output Economics

Wassily Leontief and Input-Output Economics

by Erik Dietzenbacher

A collection of papers in memory of Wassily Leontief, focusing on his contributions to economics.See more details below


A collection of papers in memory of Wassily Leontief, focusing on his contributions to economics.

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List of contributors; List of figures; List of tables; Preface; Part I. Reflections on Input-Output Economics: 1. A portrait of the master as a young man Paul A. Samuelson; 2. Leontief's 'magnificent machine' and other contributions to applied economics Karen R. Polenske; 3. Leontief and the future of the world economy Emilio Fontela; 4. International trade: evolution in the thought and analysis of Wassily Leontief Faye Duchin; 5. Leontief's input-output table and the French Development Plan Henri Aujac; 6. Leontief and dynamic regional models William H. Miernyk; 7. Experiences with input-output and isomorphic analytical tools in spatial economics Jean H. P. Paelinck; 8. Leontief and Schumpeter: a joint heritage with surprises Andrew Brody and Anne P. Carter; 9. Some highlights in the life of Wassily Leontief - an interview with Estelle and Wassily Leontief Christian DeBresson; Part II. Perspectives of Input-Output Economics: 10. A neoclassical analysis of total factor productivity using input-output prices Thijs Ten Raa; 11. What has happened to the Leontief Paradox? Edward N. Wolff; 12. The decline in labor compensation's share of GDP: a structural decomposition analysis for the United States, 1982 to 1997 Erik Dietzenbacher, Michael L. Lahr and Bart Los; 13. An oligopoly model in a Leontief framework Robert E. Kuenne; 14. Economies of plant scale and structural change Iwao Ozaki; 15. Technological change and accumulated capital: a dynamic decomposition of Japan's growth Masahiro Kuroda and Koji Nomura; 16. Japan's economic growth and policy-making in the context of input-output models Shuntaro Shishido; 17. Contributions of input-output analysis to the understanding of technological change: the information sector in the United States Lawrence R. Klein, Vijaya G. Duggal and Cynthia Saltzman; 18. How much can investment change trade patterns? An application of dynamic input-output models linked by international trade to an Italian policy question Clopper Almon and Maurizio Grassini; 19. Social cost in the Leontief environmental model: rules and limits to policy Albert E. Steenge; Subject index; Author index.

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