Watching the Weather

Watching the Weather

by Edana Eckart

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Children's Literature
With this title beginning readers are introduced to types of weather and the role of forecasters in studying and reporting changes in the climate. Two page presentations in this small book from the "Welcome Nature" series feature brief descriptive narration in large primary font on white background complemented by a color photograph on the opposite page. The bright images are appealing (except for the weather person on TV) and combine with the text to help students achieve an understanding of the concepts. Coverage is limited to a rainstorm and lightening with no mention of thunder. Other weather conditions necessary to the broad topic are missing (frost, snow, hot) and the terms meteorologist and maps do not appear in the text. An unusual quirk is the capitalization of the word "Sun" throughout the text. The book has all the ingredients needed for teaching research skills—table of contents, new words (bolded in the text), two suggested titles, web site, and an index. However, the definitions and titles are problematic. The meanings lack clarity and are too lengthy for the age group. Books listed have no copyright date and some are outdated or inappropriate for the age group. One might take a look at these titles for broader exposure to supplement study—Weather by Lynn Huggins-Cooper, What Makes Weather by Helen Orme, or Weather Wise by Rebecca Weber. This title about weather has its limitations. 2004, Children's Press, Ages 5 to 8.
—Barbara Troisi

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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Welcome Books Series
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5.80(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.20(d)
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4 - 6 Years

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