Water Planet: Poems

Water Planet: Poems

by Mary Rudge, Susan S. Boulet

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The bedrock of Rudge's poetry is humanitarianism, a vision of a world where peace and harmony reign triumphant over baser instincts. ``Remembering Atlantis'' recalls the mythical paradise lost and hints that Armageddon be forestalled. ``Poem for Drowned Children'' argues that mourning for innocents is and must be universal. There is a kind of old-fashioned, idealistic love-child mentality at work here that is no less appealing than it was a generation ago. It requires a hard, dead soul to remain unmoved by ``Graveward to Ireland,'' wherein only women remain to bear the last coffin after all their men have died in the Troubles. These are dreamy and sometimes woozy poems. (March)

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