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We Are One

We Are One

by Christ Tabernacle Choir

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Release Date:
Daywind Records

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Christ Tabernacle Choir   Primary Artist
Paul Edward Sanchez   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Mary Carey   Soprano (Vocal),Soloist,Group Member
Barry Green   Trombone
Gerard Julien   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Sam Levine   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Doug Moffet   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Matthew "Ammo" Senatore   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Benjamin Torres   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Joey Cafiero   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Christine Nelson   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Luisito Quintero   Latin Percussion
José A. Bonilla   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Frank Lorenzo   Tenor (Vocal),Soloist,Group Member
Jose Santiago   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Calvin Hunt   Tenor (Vocal),Soloist,Group Member
Richard Morales   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Rick Jaruczyk   Keyboards,Hammond Organ
Maurice Carter   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Jason Webb   Piano,Drums,Loops
Denise Miller   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Cheryl Thomas   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Mary Alessi   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Denise Viera   Soprano (Vocal),Soloist,Group Member
Pastor Steven Carey   Soloist
Marcel Rodriguez   Tenor (Vocal),Soloist,Group Member
Annette Almodovar   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Esther G. Ancrum   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Be Be Avila   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Keva Singletary Youngblood   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Mamie F. White   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Maria LeBron   Soprano (Vocal),Soloist,Group Member
Miriam Hunt   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Irma Jacelon   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Lizette Hernandez   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Leonora Davis   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Elba Gomez   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Jamie Walthour   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Georgina Bogert   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Denise Briales   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Gina Perez   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Evelyn Perez   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Gregory Ortiz   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Natalie McIntosh   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Sara Quintero   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Adelina Rodriguez   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Rosa Savino   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Lorraine Bass   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Natasha Negron   Alto (Vocal),Soloist,Group Member
Obadiah Baker   Hammond Organ
David Rodriguez   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Lydia Acevedo   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Nicole Alvarez   Track Performer
Samuel MD Arce   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Melinda Baez   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Shondell Benn   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Annette Bornander   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Sabrina Briales   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Melanie Bryan   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Evette Calderon   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Fostine Capers   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Dragoslav Cebic   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Chevy Cedeno   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Ramon Cesario   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Tiffany Charbonier   Track Performer
Dorcas Conde   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Nelson Cora   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Luis Corona   Drums
Melinda Cosme   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Susan DAgostino   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Lillian Deleon   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Ruth Dhanraj   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Roberto Dominicci   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Kevin Driscoll   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Nitza Espinosa   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Kerry Farnum   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Iris Feliciano   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Nilsa Figueroa   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Nellie Gangi   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Eileen Garcia   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Awilda Gonzalez   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Benjamin "Benny" Gonzalez   Bass Guitar
Yvette Gonzalez   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Rosemarie Grau   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Louann Gruber   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Claire Haynes   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Joseph Izaguirre   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Brunilda Jimenez   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Gladys Jimenez   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Melinda Jimenez   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Lillian Jorge   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Maribel Kawwa   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Pamela Keene   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Rolston Keene   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Nereida Lopez   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Emma Lynn   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Barbara Maldonado   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Belinda Mendez   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Kimberly Morales   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Natividad Moran   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Candy Moss   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Sharon Murdock   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Nancy Nazario   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Jose M. Negron   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Ruben O'Neill   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Vilma Perez   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Khamal Primus   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Cynthia Ramos   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Marai Ramsammy   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Hector Reyes   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Beverly Rivera   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Jeremiah Rivera   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Jerilyn Rivera   Alto (Vocal),Soloist,Group Member
Norma Rivera   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Edna Rosa   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Edwin Rosa   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Miriam Santana   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Ivette Santiago   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Lorraine Segarra   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Lizette Singh   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Beryl Skula   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Nicholas Skula   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Diana Sostre   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Julia Taitt   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Albert Tarrats   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Lauralene Torres   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Yolanda Torres   Soprano (Vocal),Group Member
Stephen Vitale   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Kristyn Wagoner   Alto (Vocal),Group Member
Vanessa Walker   Alto (Vocal),Group Member

Technical Credits

Mary Carey   Composer
Aaron Lindsey   Composer
Bubba Smith   Producer
Steve Mauldin   Horn Arrangements
Darren Thomas   Composer
Maurice Carter   Composer
Justin Kropf   overdub engineer
Dottie Leonard Miller   Executive Producer
Mary Alessi   Composer
Kyle Bynoe   Composer
Pastor Steven Carey   Composer,Producer,Introduction
Jimmy Dulin   overdub engineer
Emelyne Francois   Composer
Maiko Espadas   Direction
Nicole Alvarez   Composer
Tiffany Charbonier   Composer
Jeremiah Rivera   Composer
Jerilyn Rivera   Composer
Mitch Waddell   Engineer

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