We Love... Ibiza

We Love... Ibiza


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We Love

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Disc 1

  1. Technologic
  2. Snakes and Ladder
  3. Delayer
  4. Oh Ah Ah
  5. Baby Wants to Ride
  6. Dirty
  7. Atto d'Amore
  8. Save Me
  9. Life2Live
  10. Good as Gold
  11. Vocalise
  12. R2D2
  13. The Boobytrap
  14. Demons
  15. The Boobytrap
  16. Olympia
  17. Kill 100
  18. Moving Like a Train
  19. Sleepy Hollow Version

Disc 2

  1. To the Gum
  2. All for One
  3. Cosmic Sandwich
  4. Sound of the Studio
  5. Kisses
  6. Hot Pink Hot Sex
  7. Percolator
  8. Acid on the Air
  9. Somebody in the House Say Yeah
  10. Standing in the Way of Control
  11. Marina Gasolina
  12. 100% of Disin' You
  13. Shake and Pop
  14. Look What You Done to Me
  15. Bounce
  16. Lean & Bounce
  17. Moving Like a Train
  18. The Race
  19. Bang the Box
  20. Can You Feel It
  21. Remember Love
  22. (Far From) Home

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Dieter Meier   Vocals
Rob Harvey   Vocals
Adel Dior   Vocals

Technical Credits

Curtis Jones   Composer
Frankie Knuckles   Composer
Todd Terry   Producer
Boris Blank   Composer
Dino Fekaris   Composer
Bruce Fisher   Cover Design
Kieran Walsh   Engineer
Rob Harvey   Composer
Carl Craig   Producer,Remixing
Morgan Geist   Producer
Guy Picciotto   Producer
Green Velvet   Producer
Matthew Herbert   Composer,Producer
Thomas Bangalter   Composer
Adam Wren   Producer
Matthew Benjamin   Composer
Cary Vance   Executive Producer
Johannes Heil   Composer,Producer
Trevor Loveys   Composer,Producer
Luke Solomon   Composer,Producer
Adel Dior   Composer,Producer
Armando Gallop   Composer,Producer
Ryan Hadlock   Producer
Layo Paskin   Composer
Henry Smithson   Composer,Producer
Jason Beck   Composer,Producer
Matthew Dear   Composer
Cosmo Vitelli   Composer,Producer
Kelley Polar   Composer,Producer
Tobi Neumann   Producer
John Hegre   Composer
Merrill Nisker   Composer,Producer
Dieter Maier   Composer
Nathan Howdeshell   Composer
Stefan Goldmann   Composer,Producer
David Aasheim   Composer
Kristian Beyer   Producer
Serge Santiago   Producer
Stephen Dewaele   Composer
Sly Mongoose   Composer
Shonky   Composer
Marina Vello   Composer
Adam "The Duke" Dyment   Composer,Producer
Quiet Village   Remixing
Marc Antona   Composer,Producer
Dominic Mandrell   Cover Design
David Dewaele   Composer

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