We Read Phonics-Big Cats (Nonfiction)

We Read Phonics-Big Cats (Nonfiction)

by Bruce Johnson

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Children's Literature - Susan Borges
This is a wonderful book for beginning readers. It is an introductory literary nonfiction text that offers an up-close look at some of the biggest cats in the world including cheetahs, tigers, lions, and even the common house cat. The content is simple, direct, interesting, and informative. The large print text is predictable, repetitive, and familiar. Clear detailed photographs accompany each page of text, and the detailed images fully support the meaning of the story. There is one line of text on each page, and most of the one syllable words contain the short a or short i vowel sound such as nap, bad, sip, and dip. Repeated use of a few high frequency words such as for, see, and good make this text accessible for beginning readers. This book, along with the other appealing books in the "Level 1 We Read Phonics" series, is carefully written and designed to support beginning readers with phonics skills and basic sight word acquisition. On the first page, there is an introductory letter to parents with wonderful suggestions for games that make learning fun such as rhyming games and sight word Tic-Tac-Toe. The final two pages of the text also contain specific suggestions for phonics games and activities such as "Head Waist Toe," —a game to practice blending sounds—that will help beginning readers learn the basic words that will make this story an independent read. Beginning readers will love to read this engaging story, and teachers will find this book to be a welcome complement to their school's reading program or guided reading book collection. Reviewer: Susan Borges

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Treasure Bay, Incorporated
Publication date:
We Read Phonics Series
Product dimensions:
7.00(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range:
4 - 9 Years

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