We Say No: Chronicles 1963-1991

We Say No: Chronicles 1963-1991

by Eduardo Galeano, Mark Fried

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The title of We Say No is drawn from a speech delivered by Eduardo Galeano in support of democracy in Chile in 1988.  See more details below


The title of We Say No is drawn from a speech delivered by Eduardo Galeano in support of democracy in Chile in 1988.

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This exceptional and important collection of 35 articles, speeches and essays by the author of the acclaimed Memory of Fire trilogy covers the tumultuous past three decades of Latin American history. Galeano is a classic example of the advocacy journalist; by his own admission, he ``neither believes in objectivity nor pretends to practice it.'' His candor, coupled with passionate moral indignation and superb phrase-turning (helped immeasurably here by a group of excellent translators) make this book exciting. Galeano looses a withering sarcasm on the enemies of progressive social change in Latin America: multinational corporations, military dictators, the U.S. government, racism, illiteracy and poverty. His tone runs from the wry irony of his encounters with soccer great Pele and Juan Peron to the bittersweet romanticism of his meetings with Che Guevara to the almost hallucinatory in his reports of oil and diamond boom towns. But the book is strongest when it is most polemical. Galeano's essays on the ``discovery'' of the Americas by Columbus and a succession of conquistadors should be required reading in this quincentennial year. (July)
Library Journal
Galeano, a noted Uruguayan journalist and novelist, has brought together from his distinguished career 34 journalistic articles or columns that are arranged chronologically, from 1963 to 1991. With compelling literary skills, he applies his leftist perspective to a wide range of Latin American issues: interviews with Pele and with Che Guevara, analyses of the Nicaraguan revolution and of the Columbus quincentennial, and impassioned speeches (``We Say No'') on the role of literature as a liberating force on the continent. An intellectual with a genuine and strong concern for peace and justice in the region, he assesses the current state of Latin America as a ``Democratorship'' and laments the triumph of capitalism as ``A Nightmare Come True.'' With his longer literary works available in English (among them, the trilogy Memory of Fire: Genesis , LJ 10/1/85; Faces and Masks , LJ 6/1/87; The Century of the Wind , LJ 3/15/88; and The Book of Embraces , LJ 4/1/91) , this collection, ably translated, brings to an American audience forceful, serious journalism about the current fate of Latin America. For academic and large public libraries with Latin American holdings.-- James Rhodes, Luther Coll., Decorah, Ia.

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