We the People: A Concise Introduction to American Politics / Edition 4

We the People: A Concise Introduction to American Politics / Edition 4

by Thomas Patterson

ISBN-10: 0072401885

ISBN-13: 9780072401882

Pub. Date: 07/28/2001

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The

This concise yet comprehensive book provides a positive, lively, future-oriented narrative introduction to American government and politics. We the People presents material with a currency and relevancy that captures the vivid world of real-life politics. In addition, the text challenges readers to think critically; by giving contextual understanding of major


This concise yet comprehensive book provides a positive, lively, future-oriented narrative introduction to American government and politics. We the People presents material with a currency and relevancy that captures the vivid world of real-life politics. In addition, the text challenges readers to think critically; by giving contextual understanding of major concepts and issues, it encourages them to think about the implications for society and themselves. We the People delves deeper into the basics than most brief books, and each of the 17 chapters (including 3 policy chapters) concludes with a reading selection (each from a different paper around the country) and an extensive bibliography. The seventh edition has been thoroughly updated to capture recent developments, including the 2006 elections.

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Table of Contents

Preface     XV
American Political Culture: Seeking a More Perfect Union     1
Political Culture: The Core Principles of American Government     3
America's Core Values: Liberty, Equality, and Self-Government     6
Politics: The Resolution of Conflict     17
Political Power: The Control of Policy     23
The Concept of a Political System and This Book's Organization     31
Summary     33
Key Terms     34
Suggested Readings     34
List of Websites     35
Politics in Theory and Practice     35
Additional Resources     35
What We Love about America   James Carroll     R1-1
Constitutional Democracy: Promoting Liberty and Self-Government     37
Before the Constitution: The Colonial and Revolutionary Experiences     39
Negotiating Toward a Constitution     45
Protecting Liberty: Limited Government     51
Providing for Self-Government     61
Constitutional Democracy Today     69
Summary     70
Key Terms     71
Suggested Readings     71
List of Websites     72
Politics in Theory and Practice     72
Additional Resources     72
The Mischiefs of Faction   James Madison     R2-1
Federalism: Forging a Nation     73
Federalism: National and State Sovereignty     76
Federalism in Historical Perspective     84
Federalism Today     95
The Public's Influence: Setting the Boundaries of Federal-State Power     105
Summary     106
Key Terms     107
Suggested Readings     107
List of Websites     108
Politics in Theory and Practice     108
Additional Resources     108
The National Idea in American Politics   Samuel H. Beer     R3-1
Civil Liberties: Protecting Individual Rights     109
Freedom of Expression     113
Freedom of Religion     124
The Right of Privacy     129
Rights of Persons Accused of Crimes     132
Rights and the War on Terrorism     144
The Courts and a Free Society     147
Summary     148
Key Terms     149
Suggested Readings     149
List of Websites     150
Politics in Theory and Practice     150
Additional Resources      150
A Constitutional Amendment to Ban Flag Burning   Sam Brownback   Russell Feingold     R4-1
Equal Rights: Struggling Toward Fairness     151
The Struggle for Equality     153
Equality Under the Law     172
Equality of Result     178
Persistent Discrimination: Superficial Differences, Deep Divisions     186
Summary     188
Key Terms     189
Suggested Readings     189
List of Websites     190
Politics in Theory and Practice     190
Additional Resources     190
Letter from Birmingham Jail   Martin Luther King, Jr.     R5-1
Public Opinion and Political Socialization: Shaping the People's Voice     191
The Nature of Public Opinion     193
Political Socialization: How Americans Learn Their Politics     200
Frames of Reference: How Americans Think Politically     205
The Influence of Public Opinion on Policy     218
Summary     220
Key Terms     221
Suggested Readings     221
List of Websites     222
Politics in Theory and Practice     222
Additional Resources     222
The Iraq Syndrome    John Mueller     R6-1
Political Participation and Voting: Expressing the Popular Will     223
Voter Participation     224
Conventional Forms of Participation Other Than Voting     236
Unconventional Activism: Social Movements and Protest Politics     242
Participation and the Potential for Influence     245
Summary     248
Key Terms     249
Suggested Readings     249
List of Websites     250
Politics in Theory and Practice     250
Additional Resources     250
Voter Participation and Electoral Competition   Thomas E. Patterson     R7-1
Political Parties, Candidates, and Campaigns: Defining the Voter's Choice     251
Party Competition and Majority Rule: The History of U.S. Parties     253
Electoral and Party Systems     262
Party Organizations     271
The Candidate-Centered Campaign     280
Parties, Candidates, and the Public's Influence     286
Summary     289
Key Terms     290
Suggested Readings     290
List of Websites     291
Politics in Theory and Practice     291
Additional Resources      291
GOP Has Lock on South, and Democrats Can't Find Key   Ronald Brownstein     R8-1
Interest Groups: Organizing for Influence     293
The Interest-Group System     297
Inside Lobbying: Seeking Influence Through Official Contacts     307
Outside Lobbying: Seeking Influence Through Public Pressure     314
The Group System: Indispensable but Biased     319
Summary     323
Key Terms     324
Suggested Readings     324
List of Websites     325
Politics in Theory and Practice     325
Additional Resources     325
The Lobbying Game Today   Jonathan D. Salant     R9-1
The News Media: Communicating Political Images     327
Historical Development: From Partisanship to Objective Journalism     330
The Politics of America's News Media     333
The News Media as Link: Roles the Press Can and Cannot Perform     345
Organizing the Public in the Media Age     354
Summary     355
Key Terms     356
Suggested Readings     356
List of Websites     356
Politics in Theory and Practice     357
Additional Resources     357
To Publish, or Not to Publish   Alex Jones     R10-1
Congress: Balancing National Goals and Local Interests     359
Congress as a Career: Election to Congress     361
Congressional Leadership     372
The Committee System     383
How a Bill Becomes Law     386
Congress's Policymaking Role     392
Congress: Too Much Pluralism?     401
Summary     402
Key Terms     403
Suggested Readings     404
List of Websites     404
Politics in Theory and Practice     405
Additional Resources     405
Running for Congress, Staying in Congress   Paul S. Herrnson     R11-1
The Presidency: Leading the Nation     407
Foundations of the Modern Presidency     410
Choosing the President     417
Staffing the Presidency     428
Factors in Presidential Leadership     433
Summary     446
Key Terms     447
Suggested Readings     447
List of Websites     448
Politics in Theory and Practice     448
Additional Resources     448
Presidential Power   Richard Cheney      R12-1
The Federal Bureaucracy: Administering the Government     449
Federal Administration: Form, Personnel, and Activities     451
Development of the Federal Bureaucracy: Politics and Administration     460
The Bureaucracy's Power Imperative     465
Bureaucratic Accountability     469
Reinventing Government?     479
Summary     482
Key Terms     483
Suggested Readings     484
List of Websites     484
Politics in Theory and Practice     485
Additional Resources     485
Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Unprepared$dSenate Committee on Homeland Security$dGovernmental Affairs     R13-1
The Federal Judicial System: Applying the Law     487
The Federal Judicial System     489
Federal Court Appointees     499
The Nature of Judicial Decision Making     503
Political Influences on Judicial Decisions     507
Judicial Power and Democratic Government     513
Summary     523
Key Terms     524
Suggested Readings     524
List of Websites     525
Politics in Theory and Practice     525
Additional Resources      526
Judicial Interpretation   William J. Brennan, Jr.     R14-1
Economic and Environmental Policy: Contributing to Prosperity     527
The Public Policy Process     529
Government as Regulator of the Economy     534
Government as Protector of the Environment     543
Government as Promoter of Economic Interests     551
Fiscal Policy: Government as Manager of the Economy, I     553
Monetary Policy: Government as Manager of Economy, II     564
Summary     569
Key Terms     570
Suggested Readings     570
List of Websites     571
Politics in Theory and Practice     571
Additional Resources     572
Global Warming   Al Gore     R15-1
Welfare and Education Policy: Providing for Personal Security and Need     573
Poverty in America: The Nature of the Problem     576
The Politics and Policies of Social Welfare     580
Education as Equality of Opportunity     593
The American Way of Promoting the General Welfare     601
Summary     602
Key Terms     603
Suggested Readings     603
List of Websites     604
Politics in Theory and Practice     604
Additional Resources     604
Welfare Reform   Bill Clinton     R16-1
Foreign and Defense Policy: Protecting the American Way     605
The Roots of U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy     607
The Military Dimension of National Security Policy     617
The Economic Dimension of National Security Policy     625
A New World     636
Summary     637
Key Terms     638
Suggested Readings     638
List of Websites     639
Politics in Theory and Practice     639
Additional Resources     640
The Preemptive War Doctrine   George W. Bush     R17-1
The Declaration of Independence     A-1
The Constitution of the United States of America     A-5
Glossary     G-1
Notes     N-1
Credits     C-1
Index     I-1

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