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WebPage Fundamentals with FrontPage 2000 / Edition 1

WebPage Fundamentals with FrontPage 2000 / Edition 1

by Paul H. Zimmerman

ISBN-10: 0130261939

ISBN-13: 9780130261939

Pub. Date: 02/28/2000

Publisher: Prentice Hall

  • Coverage of all the skills necessary to take the Core and Expert Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) Certification Exams for FrontPage 2000 via hands-on exercises and examples. In addition, more skills are covered than required by the MOUS exams.
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials take students through each skill. Lesson steps are well


  • Coverage of all the skills necessary to take the Core and Expert Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) Certification Exams for FrontPage 2000 via hands-on exercises and examples. In addition, more skills are covered than required by the MOUS exams.
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials take students through each skill. Lesson steps are well defined and supported by figures detailing the desired results.
  • Inside the Code sections help students understand the underlying HTML code created by FrontPage.
  • Web Portfolio sections help students create a running Web site on a project-by-project basis.
  • Sidebars help students with key terms, potential problem areas, and tips and tricks.
  • Two Project Challenges at the end of each project encourage students to apply the skills learned to the real world.

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Table of Contents

Project 1Internet Primer1
Lesson 1Defining the Internet and the World Wide Web2
Lesson 2Defining the Structure of the Internet3
Lesson 3Creating a Web Page4
Lesson 4Loading a Web Page into a Browser6
Lesson 5Using Search Utilities to Surf the Web10
Web Portfolio: Viewing the FrontPage Multimedia Demos15
Project 2Introduction to FrontPage 200017
Lesson 1Installing FrontPage18
Lesson 2Creating a FrontPage Web30
Lesson 3Using the FrontPage Views33
Lesson 4Using Page View to Edit a Page39
Lesson 5Getting Help in FrontPage43
Web Portfolio: Creating Your Own Home Page47
Project 3Creating and Modifying a FrontPage Web49
Lesson 1Adding Pages to a FrontPage Web50
Lesson 2Modifying a Web Using FrontPage57
Lesson 3Deleting a Web Page Using FrontPage60
Lesson 4Importing Text into FrontPage62
Lesson 5Importing a Table into FrontPage68
Web Portfolio: Modifying Your Own Home Page73
Project 4Using Page View75
Lesson 1Adding Text to a FrontPage Web76
Lesson 2Modifying Font Properties80
Lesson 3Creating and Formatting Lists84
Lesson 4Creating a New Web Page Using a Template88
Lesson 5Adding a Theme to a FrontPage Web91
Lesson 6Modifying Shared Borders92
Lesson 7Changing the Theme of an Individual Web Page99
Web Portfolio: Adding a List and Theme to Your Personal Web105
Project 5Adding Links107
Lesson 1Adding a Hyperlink to a Page in the Current Web108
Lesson 2Adding a Link to a World Wide Web Page111
Lesson 3Adding a Verified Hyperlink113
Lesson 4Adding a Hyperlink to a New Web Page114
Lesson 5Creating an Automatic Hyperlink116
Lesson 6Dragging and Dropping a Hyperlink from a Web Browser to FrontPage119
Web Portfolio: Adding Links to Your Favorites Page123
Project 6Adding Graphics125
Lesson 1Adding an Image to a Web Page126
Lesson 2Aligning and Resizing an Image129
Lesson 3Resampling and Rotating an Image133
Lesson 4Creating a Transparent GIF136
Lesson 5Dragging and Dropping an Image from a Browser into a Web Page138
Lesson 6Adding Text over an Image141
Lesson 7Creating a Hotspot146
Web Portfolio: Adding Graphics to Your Favorites Page151
Project 7Creating Tables153
Lesson 1Creating a Table on a Web Page154
Lesson 2Dragging Table Borders to Resize Table159
Lesson 3Adding a Table within a Table161
Lesson 4Adding Table Rows and Columns165
Lesson 5Deleting and Merging Table Cells166
Lesson 6Adding Background Color to Table Cell168
Web Portfolio: Creating a New Web Page Using a Template172
Project 8Creating Forms173
Lesson 1Creating a Form on a Web Page174
Lesson 2Modifying a Form Field's Properties177
Lesson 3Adding a Drop-Down Menu181
Lesson 4Adding Check Boxes184
Lesson 5Adding Radio Buttons186
Lesson 6Adding a Scrolling Text Box189
Lesson 7Saving Form Results to a File192
Lesson 8Saving Form Results to a Database196
Web Portfolio: Adding a Guest Book to Your Personal Web201
Project 9Creating Frames203
Lesson 1Creating a Frameset Page204
Lesson 2Setting a Frame's Initial Page206
Lesson 3Editing a Frame's Contents210
Lesson 4Creating Links to a Frame212
Lesson 5Saving the Frameset Page216
Lesson 6Creating a New Frame on an Existing Frameset Page219
Lesson 7Testing Your Frameset Page222
Web Portfolio: Creating a New Frames FrontPage Web227
Project 10Introduction to PhotoDraw229
Lesson 1Creating a Picture230
Lesson 2Adding Text to a Picture238
Lesson 3Adding an Object from a File242
Lesson 4Applying Effects to an Object246
Lesson 5Cutting Out and Replacing an Area in a Picture249
Lesson 6Saving a Picture for the Web253
Web Portfolio: Create a Custom Button258
Project 11Advanced Web Page Development259
Lesson 1Adding a Hit Counter260
Lesson 2Adding a Hover Button263
Lesson 3Adding a Page Banner and Navigation Bar268
Lesson 4Adding a Background Image and Sound273
Lesson 5Adding Information from a Database into a Web278
Lesson 6Importing a File into a FrontPage Web282
Lesson 7Importing an Existing Web into a FrontPage Web286
Lesson 8Inserting an Office Web Component into a Web289
Web Portfolio: Adding Page Transitions293
Project 12Managing and Publishing Your Web Site295
Lesson 1Organizing the Structure of a Web296
Lesson 2Verifying the Hyperlinks302
Lesson 3Checking the Spelling306
Lesson 4Using Global Find and Replace312
Lesson 5Using Source Control314
Lesson 6Publishing a Web317
Web Portfolio: Manage and Publish Your Personal Web323
Appendix AMicrosoft Office 2000 and the Web325
The Web Toolbar326
Microsoft Word 2000 and the Web327
Microsoft Excel 2000 and the Web330
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 and the Web333
Microsoft Access 2000 and the Web335
Appendix BDynamic Hypertext Markup Language339
Cascading Style Sheets340
Cascading Style Sheet Positioning344
The Document Object Model345
Appendix CJava and JavaScript347

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