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Webster's New World Dictionary for Young Adults

Webster's New World Dictionary for Young Adults

by Editors Webster

Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal
Gr 5-8-Based directly on Webster's New World Dictionary for Young Readers (Prentice-Hall, 1989) and designed specifically for middle and junior high school students, this dictionary is geared for classroom use and curricular support. Of the approximately 47,500 entries, 28,500 are actual main entry words, while the balance are words and phrases from within the body of individual entries. Included and defined within entry blocks are idiomatic phrases, alternate spellings, prefixes, suffixes, and combined forms of words. In general, coverage is current, with more than 2,700 entries new to this revision. Topics of curricular interest such as apartheid, Commonwealth of Independent States, European Community, and the greenhouse effect are included. Also, words such as byte, rap (as in music), and AIDS have been added. Syllabication, pronunciation, parts of speech, and definitions, written in age-appropriate language, are provided. Some entries also include information on usage (e.g., slang or old-fashioned), derivations, synonyms, and etymology. In addition, there are more than 200 extended ``Word Histories'' and over 600 ``Synonym Studies.'' The overall design and format are attractive, typeface is clear, and spacing is good. Unfortunately, the 600+ black-and-white illustrations are not very informative, and there are only 6 maps. The Scott, Foresman Intermediate Dictionary (1993) has more detailed, full-color illustrations with informative captions, as well as many more maps. Despite the unimpressive art, this is still an accessible dictionary that will prove useful in libraries, in classrooms, and at home.- Lauren Mayer, New York Public Library
Zom Zoms
This dictionary is the successor to "Webster's New World Dictionary for Young Readers", originally published in 1978. Compared with its predecessor, the volume under review is a new work, with a different format, updated definitions, and more than 2,700 entirely new dictionary entries. It is designed for children ages 11-14, grades 6-9. The school editions, distributed by Silver Burdett & Ginn by Modern Curriculum Press, have different covers but are otherwise the same as the volume under review Assembled by the team of lexicographers that created the third college edition of "Webster's New World Dictionary", this new work was compiled with the assistance of an advisory board of education specialists. A computerized database of vocabulary from 16,000 compositions written by students was checked to ensure that the dictionary included words used by today's young adults. A total of 47,500 words and phrases appear here, with main entries for approximately 28,500 words and 2,100 idioms. Included are more than 400 biographical entries and 1,200 geographic entries, which are current and reflect recent changes in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Definitions are included for new words and idioms, such as "dork", "streetwise", and "T cell" Entries include syllabication, pronunciation, part of speech, and definitions. Some entries also include cross-references, examples of use in sentences, synonyms, and word histories. The book includes features to indicate variant spellings and homographs and also provides usage labels (e.g., "obsolete", "informal"). The definitions provide meanings of words as they are commonly used, and they are written in appropriate language for the age range of the intended audience. Pronunciation guides for vowels are inside the front cover and appear in an abbreviated form in a colored box on each page. A "Word Finder Table" of consonant and vowel sounds is inside the back cover. The "Guide to the Use of the Dictionary," found in the opening pages, provides clear explanations of the book's features The illustrations are appropriate for the intended users, and the type size, margins, use of guide words, and general look of each page give this dictionary a form that will be accepted by the emerging elementary scholar and open the door to the adult dictionaries. "Webster's New World Dictionary for Young Adults" is a recommended purchase for libraries serving middle school students. It will find use among young adults, both in libraries and in homes.

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Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
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11 - 15 Years

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