Welcome to Our Nightmare: A Tribute to Alice Cooper

Welcome to Our Nightmare: A Tribute to Alice Cooper


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Triple X Records


Disc 1

  1. Reflected  -  Dramarama
  2. Levity Ball  - Wallison Ladmoh
  3. Refrigerator Heaven  - John Trube
  4. Lay Down and Die, Goodbye  -  Of Cabbages & Kings
  5. Caught in a Dream  -  Rubber City Rebels
  6. Black Juju  - Rowland S. Howard
  7. Second Coming/Ballad of Dwight Fry  - Bug Lamp
  8. Sun Arise  -  Flaming Lips
  9. Under My Wheels  -  Bulimia Banquet
  10. Halo of Flies  -  Haunted Garage
  11. Desperado  - Chris Connelly

Disc 2

  1. Dead Babies/Killer  -  Shadow Project
  2. School's Out  -  Reverb Motherfuckers
  3. Generation Landslide  -  Claw Hammer
  4. Working up a Sweat  -  Royal Court of China
  5. Teenage Lament '74  -  Tyla
  6. Welcome to My Nightmare  -  Cold Ethyl
  7. Cold Ethyl  -  Carnival Art
  8. Only Women Bleed  -  Hangmen
  9. Serious  -  Sloppy Seconds
  10. Clones  -  They Eat Their Own
  11. Pain  -  Dutchess De Lade
  12. Poison  -  Vandals

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chris Connelly   Vocals,Track Performer
Flaming Lips   Track Performer
Haunted Garage   Track Performer
Lydia Lunch   Vocals,Track Performer
Dramarama   Track Performer
Of Cabbages & Kings   Track Performer
Reverb Motherfuckers   Track Performer
Shadow Project   Track Performer
Sloppy Seconds   Track Performer
They Eat Their Own   Track Performer
Vandals   Track Performer
Rubber City Rebels   Track Performer
John Trubee   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Mini Moog
Claw Hammer   Track Performer
Royal Court of China   Track Performer
Rozz Williams   Vocals
Al   Guitar,Vocals
Martin Atkins   Drums
Chris Bagarozzi   Guitar
Brian Bell   Bass
Chris Bruce   Guitar
Steve Dore   Guitar,Trumpet
Bruce Duff   Bass,Bass Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Keith Fallis   Drums,Vocals
Warren Fitzgerald   Guitar
Josh Freese   Drums
Algis Kizys   Bass,Vocals
Bug Lamp   Track Performer
Bob Lee   Drums
Carolyn Master   Guitar,Vocals
Keith Morris   Vocals
Carlo Nuccio   Drums,Vocals
Eva O.   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Ouimet   Vocals
Stephen Perkins   Drums
Daniel Root   Guitar,Vocals
Vincent Signorelli   Drums,Vocals
Rob Stennett   Guitar
Michael P. Tak   Guitar,Vocals
William Tucker   Guitar
Jon Wahl   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Rob Walther   Bass
Ed Wynne   Guitar
Joe Blanton   Guitar,Vocals
Norman Westberg   Guitar
Joe Escalante   Bass
Jono Brown   Drums
Shark Darkwater   Guitar
Kevin Dixon   Guitar
J.D. Dotson   Bass
Laura B   Vocals
Paris   Piano,Keyboards
B.A.   Voices
Brent Newman   Drums,Tambourine
Saucy Pierre   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Dave Quackenbush   Vocals
Link "Wreckage" Benka   Rhythm Guitar
Tom Coleburn   Piano
Big John Edroso   Bass
Pat Lydon   Bass
Andy Malm   Drums
Chris Minkow   Drums
Tex Mosely   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Sloppy   Drums
John Spengler   Rhythm Guitar
Henry Valenzuela   Guitar
Bulimia Banquet   Track Performer
Damon Strawn   Bass,Vocals
Tyla   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Killer   Drums
Jula Bell   Bass,Vocals
Andy McGuire   Bass
Aaron Schwartz   Bass
Wallison Ladmoh   Track Performer
John Trube   Track Performer
Hangmen   Track Performer
Cold Ethyl   Track Performer
Dutchess De Lade   Track Performer
Skinny John   Guitar
Chuck Collison   Sampling
Dino Guerrero   Drums
Rowland S. Howard   Guitar
M.B. Gordy   Drums
Thomas Morgan   Drums

Technical Credits

Alice Cooper   Composer
Flaming Lips   Arranger,Producer
Carnival Art   Producer
Chris Carter   Producer
Reverb Motherfuckers   Arranger,Producer
Sloppy Seconds   Producer
John Trubee   Producer
Michael Bruce   Composer
Wayne Kramer   Liner Notes
Rozz Williams   Producer
Brett Gurewitz   Producer
Glen Buxton   Composer
Tracy Chisholm   Producer,Engineer
Buzz Clic   Producer
Bruce Duff   Sound Effects,Producer
Dennis Dunaway   Composer
John Easdale   Producer
Warren Fitzgerald   Producer
Michael Kramer   Engineer
Bug Lamp   Producer
Paul Mahern   Engineer
Eva O.   Producer
Neal Smith   Composer
Rob Stennett   Producer
Wharton Tiers   Engineer
Jim Feraci   Producer,Engineer
John X.   Engineer
Lisa Sutton   Art Direction
Peter Heur   Executive Producer
Dean Naleway   Executive Producer
Rob Beaton   Producer
Jim Forniadis   Producer,Engineer
Dan Hirsch   Mastering

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