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Bpitch Control

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  12. Deutsche Werden  - Aerea Negrot
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  15. Plätscher  - Paul Kalkbrenner
  16. Refund  - Mark Broom
  17. The Sky Is Black  - Joshua Eustis

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ellen Allien   Vocals
Antye Greie-Fuchs   Vocals
Dillon   Vocals
Aerea Negrot   Vocals
Pino Canneto   Violin

Technical Credits

Tobias Freund   Producer
Robin Guthrie   Composer,Producer
Paul Kalkbrenner   Composer,Producer
Mark Broom   Composer,Producer
Ellen Allien   Composer,Producer
Sascha Funke   Composer,Producer
Joshua Eustis   Composer,Producer
Charles Cooper   Composer,Producer
Antye Greie-Fuchs   Composer,Producer
Eike   Artwork
Joakim Ijas   Composer,Producer
Dillon   Composer,Producer
TimTim   Composer,Producer
Oren Gerlitz   Composer,Producer
Sasha Perera   Composer,Producer
Fritz Zander   Composer,Producer
Chaim   Composer,Producer
Thomas Muller   Composer,Producer
Aerea Negrot   Composer
Piero Fragola   Composer
Giorgia Angiuli   Composer
Alexandros Voulgaris   Composer
Stathis Kalatzis   Composer,Producer
Philipp Lenz   Composer,Producer
Robert Knock   Composer,Producer
Sven von Thuelen   Composer,Producer
Thomas Meller   Producer
Feris Armstrong   Composer,Producer
Cormac McAdam   Composer,Producer
Sasu Riptatti   Composer,Producer
Coma   Composer,Producer

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