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West Side Story [Original Broadway Cast]; West Side Story [Original Motion Picture Soun

West Side Story [Original Broadway Cast]; West Side Story [Original Motion Picture Soun


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Leonard Bernstein   Conductor
Marni Nixon   Vocals
Carol Lawrence   Vocals
George Chakiris   Vocals
New York Philharmonic   Performing Ensemble
Johnny Green   Conductor
Ronnie Lee   Vocals
Betty Wand   Vocals
Frank Greene   Vocals
Martin Charnin   Vocals
Marilyn Cooper   Vocals
Jo Anne Miya   Vocals
Larry Kert   Vocals
Max Goberman   Musical Direction
Chita Rivera   Vocals
Marilyn d'Honau   Vocals
Gene Gavin   Vocals
Lee Becker   Vocals
William Bramley   Vocals
Hank Brunjes   Vocals
Mickey Calin   Vocals
Erne Castaldo   Vocals
Wilma Curley   Vocals
Grover Dale   Vocals
Carole d'Andrea   Vocals
Al De Sio   Vocals
Carmen Gutierrez   Vocals
Lowell Harris   Vocals
George Marcy   Vocals
Tony Mordente   Vocals
Jay Norman   Vocals
Julie Oser   Vocals
Liane Plane   Vocals
Eddie Roll   Vocals
Nanette Rosen   Vocals
Noel Schwartz   Vocals
David Winters   Vocals
Elizabeth Taylor   Vocals
Suzie Kaye   Vocals
Yvonne Othon   Vocals
Russ Tamblyn   Vocals
Tucker Smith   Vocals
Johnny Green & His Quartette   Conductor
Jack Murray   Vocals
Larry Kent   Vocals
Carmen Guiterrez   Vocals
William Bradley   Vocals
Joanne Miya   Vocals
West Side Story Cast Ensemble   cast
Jim Bryant   Vocals
Jane Norman   Vocals
John Harkins   Vocals
West Side Story Pit Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Natalie Wood   Vocals
West Side Story Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Tommy Abbott   Vocals
Lynn Ross   Vocals
Ken Le Roy   Vocals
Jamie Sanchez   Vocals
Arch Johnson   Vocals
Reri Grist   Vocals
Art Smith   Vocals

Technical Credits

Leonard Bernstein   Composer,Orchestration
Stephen Sondheim   Lyricist
Didier C. Deutsch   Reissue Producer
Irwin Kostal   Orchestration
Goddard Lieberson   Producer
John McClure   Producer
Fred Plaut   Engineer
Sid Ramin   Orchestration
Martin Charnin   Liner Notes
Edward T. Graham   Engineer
Darcy Proper   Reissue Producer
Jerome Robbins   Director,Choreographer,Concept
Ken Mandelbaum   Liner Notes,Synopsis
Ken Fredette   Art Direction
Charles Harbutt   Remixing
Boris Leven   Production Design
Robert Wise   Director,Producer
Arthur Laurents   Book
Eleanor Becker   Editorial Production
Ria Shibayama   Art Direction
Bridget McGoldrick   Packaging Manager
Richard Ridge   Liner Notes
Darcy M. Proper   Reissue Producer
Nicholas Deutsch   Liner Notes

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