Western Swing Chronicles, Vol. 5: Master of the Electric Steel Guitar 1935-1950

Western Swing Chronicles, Vol. 5: Master of the Electric Steel Guitar 1935-1950

by Bob Dunn

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Origin Jazz


Disc 1

  1. Taking Off
  2. I Love You
  3. Wabash Blues
  4. Who's Sorry Now
  5. You're Tired of Me
  6. The House At the End of the Lane
  7. Somebody Stole My Gal
  8. "Ida!" Sweet As Apple Cider
  9. Beale Street Mama
  10. An Old Water Mill By a Waterfall
  11. Everybody's Blues
  12. She's Doggin' Me
  13. Takin' Off
  14. Catch On and Let's Go
  15. Over Moonlit Waters
  16. Yearning Just For You
  17. When You're Smiling (the Whole World Smiles With You)
  18. I'll Keep On Loving You
  19. Star Dust
  20. Easy Rider-Easy Rider
  21. Just Because You're In Deep Elem
  22. A Precious Memory
  23. Some Day
  24. Mama's Gone Goodbye
  25. Blue Skies
  26. Mean Mistreater

Disc 2

  1. When Night Falls
  2. You'll Pay Some Day
  3. You Don't Know My Mind
  4. Graveyard Blues
  5. I Want the Whole World To Know
  6. Stompin' At the Honky Tonk
  7. I'll Tell the World (She's a Good Little Girl)
  8. Juke Box Rag
  9. Marcheta
  10. There Must Be Someone For Me
  11. I Never Felt This Way Before
  12. Swing Steel, Swing
  13. I Don't Get It
  14. From the Start (and To the End)
  15. It's Just My Imagination
  16. Kickin' It Off
  17. I Found a New Baby
  18. What's Bob Done?
  19. Bugle Two-Step
  20. I'm Always Dreaming of You
  21. Don't Ever Go Wrong
  22. Mary Jane
  23. Takin' Off
  24. Baby, You've Let Me Down
  25. San Antonio Blues
  26. Blue Over You
  27. I've Quit My Cattin' Around

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bob Dunn   Primary Artist,Vocals
Harry Choates   Fiddle,Vocals
Bill Boyd   Guitar
Moon Mullican   Piano,Vocals
Floyd Tillman   Vocals
Buddy Jones   Vocals
Jimmy Wyble   Electric Guitar
Knocky Parker   Piano
Milton Brown   Vocals
Link Davis   Vocals
Cliff Bruner   Fiddle,Vocal Harmony
Rusty Alfred   Drums
Ralph Smith   Piano
Cecil Brower   Fiddle
Ocie Stockard   Tenor Banjo
Derwood Brown   Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Hezzie Bryant   Bass
Fred "Papa" Calhoun   Piano
Wanna Coffman   Bass
Holly Horton   Clarinet
Walter Kirkes   Tenor Banjo
Dickie McBride   Guitar,Vocals
Marvin Montgomery   Tenor Banjo
Bill Mounce   Bass
Kenneth Pitts   Fiddle
Leo Raley   Vocals
Leon Selph   Vocals
Joe Thames   Tenor Banjo
Roy Newman   Piano
Lee Bell   Guitar
Jerry Irby   Guitar,Vocals
Bob Shelton   Vocal Harmony
Joe Shelton   Vocals
Mancel Tierney   Piano
Peter Burke   Piano
Johnny Thames   Tenor Banjo
Dickie Jones   Fiddle
Earl Brown   Guitar,Vocals
Milton "Pee Wee" Calhoun   Piano
Red Greenhaw   Guitar
Tony Sepolio   Fiddle
Grady Hester   Fiddle
Edward John "Johnnie Edwards" Courville   Drums
Jim Boyd   Guitar,Vocals
Sock Underwood   Guitar,Vocals
Cotton Plant   Bass
George Ogg   Clarinet
Buddy Duhon   Guitar,Vocals
John Wallace   Bass
Fritz Kehm   Drums
Ercel Shanks   Piano
Cotton Erwin   Clarinet
Ish Erwin   Bass
Sam Jones   Guitar (Electric Tenor)
Tommy Dover   Fiddle,Vocals

Technical Credits

Demento   Source Recordings
Bill Boyd   Composer
Jimmie Davis   Composer
Moon Mullican   Composer
Floyd Tillman   Composer
Hoagy Carmichael   Composer
Ida Cox   Composer
Peter Bocage   Composer
Buddy Jones   Composer
Jimmy Wyble   Interviewer
Cliff Bruner   Composer,Interviewer
Clyde Brewer   Interviewer
Mark Fisher   Composer
Joe Goodwin   Composer
Hy Heath   Composer
Bert Kalmar   Composer
Eddie Leonard   Composer
Jack Palmer   Composer
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Harry Ruby   Composer
Tony Russell   Discographical Information
David Sager   Liner Notes
Ralph Smith   Composer
Ted Snyder   Composer
Roy Turk   Composer
Clarence Williams   Composer
Spencer Williams   Composer
Ocie Stockard   Interviewer
Walter Carter   Photo Courtesy
Wanna Coffman   Interviewer
Leon Selph   Composer
Roy Newman   Composer
Harry Archer   Composer
Bob Dunn   Composer
Jerry Irby   Composer
Virginia Liston   Composer
Charles Tobias   Composer
Kevin Coffey   Liner Notes,Discographical Information,Photo Courtesy
Cary Ginell   Producer,Liner Notes,Discographical Information,Photo Courtesy,Source Recordings
Victor Schertzinger   Composer
Benny Davis   Composer
Murray Mencher   Composer
Larry Shay   Composer
Leo Wood   Composer
Dave Ringle   Composer
Russell Robinson   Composer
Jack Scholl   Composer
Jimmy Thomason   Interviewer
Harlan Thompson   Composer
Jeremy Wakefield   Liner Notes
Sam Gray   Composer
John Sellards   Graphic Design
Joe Burke   Composer
Fred Meinken   Composer
Roy Lee Brown   Interviewer
Andrew Brown   Photo Courtesy,Source Recordings
Robert Healy   Source Recordings
Hoyt Skidmore   Interviewer
Johnny Lange   Composer
Lew Porter   Composer
Oliver G. Underwood   Composer
Tony Sepolio   Interviewer
Gary Raley   Photo Courtesy
Roscoe Pierce   Interviewer
Mike Schultz   Photo Courtesy
Sock Underwood   Interviewer
Fred Hoeptner   Source Recordings
A.J. Piron   Composer
Lefty Perkins   Interviewer
Michael Kieffer   Producer,Source Recordings
Vernon Desylva   Composer
Fred Calhoun   Interviewer
Dorothy Hinther   Interviewer
Dale Dunn Jeffers   Interviewer,Photo Courtesy
Buster Jones   Composer
Irving Skies   Composer
Mathilda Bilbro   Composer
Lloyd Bryer   Composer
Jimmy Siegeler   Interviewer
Tommy Dover   Composer
Michael Helwig   Source Recordings

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