Westward Ho with Ollie Ox!

Westward Ho with Ollie Ox!

by Melanie Richardson Richardson Dundy

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Children's Literature
Ollie Ox is the decidedly non-cuddly, self-proclaimed star of the Tyler family's trip westward from Missouri to Oregon. The father, Mr. Tyler, comes in from the fields and announces that it is time to go west to Oregon. Ollie Ox describes the trip, from watching the family pack the wagon to dragging logs to build the new house in Oregon, including several harrowing incidents while trying to ford a river. Through Ollie, the author makes several attempts to connect the story to the reader's personal experiences; however, the asides become tedious and often interrupt the flow of the story. Sentence structure is overly simple at times, and the sentences contain vocabulary words that are outside the average child's knowledge. The illustrations are noticeably lacking—they have a computer-generated appearance, as though they were hand drawn or pulled from a clip art library. Westward Ho With Ollie Ox! simply does not meet today's standard of children's literature. 1999, MDCT Publishing,
— Christine Amyot

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M D C T Publishing
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8.46(w) x 10.94(h) x 0.19(d)
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5 - 10 Years

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