What a Mighty God We Serve

What a Mighty God We Serve

by James Bignon

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Atlanta Int'l

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

James Bignon   Primary Artist,Vocals
Larry Young   Tenor (Vocal)
Joel Vance   Tenor (Vocal)
Derrick Brown   Tenor (Vocal)
Anthony Fuller   Tenor (Vocal)
Carl Hall   Tenor (Vocal)
Thomas "Snake" Johnson   Tenor (Vocal)
Anthony Lockett   Guitar,Vocals
Deborah Malone   Soprano (Vocal)
Sam Sanders   Choir Master
Wendy Smith   Vocals,Soprano (Vocal)
Louise Thomas   Alto (Vocal)
Gwendolyn Traylor   Tenor (Vocal)
Marcus Williams   Drums
Mike Strickland   Tenor (Vocal)
Brian Terry   Tenor (Vocal)
Paul Gibson   Tenor (Vocal)
Barbara Day Turner   Alto (Vocal)
Ryck Carter   Bass Guitar
William "Billy" Arnold   Alto (Vocal)
Eleanor Guest   Tenor (Vocal)
Connie Brown   Alto (Vocal)
Michael Cook   Tenor (Vocal)
Earl Fleming   Strings,Horn,fender rhodes
Jeane Bagley   Alto (Vocal)
Josephine Barksdale   Soprano (Vocal)
Bessie Baugh   Soprano (Vocal)
Eva Williams Baxter   Tenor (Vocal)
Angela Bess   Alto (Vocal)
Ava Bignon   Soprano (Vocal)
Eula Bignon   Vocals
Valerie Briggman   Soprano (Vocal)
Elizabeth Buckey   Soprano (Vocal)
Mark Bussey   Tenor (Vocal)
Leonard "Tippy" Calloway   Master of Ceremonies
Vickie Camp   Tenor (Vocal)
V. Gail Card   Alto (Vocal)
Nannie M. Champion   Tenor (Vocal)
Toni Clinkscales   Alto (Vocal)
Travious J. Craft   Tenor (Vocal)
Kathleen Curate   Tenor (Vocal)
Florence W. Danley   Alto (Vocal)
Margaret Maddox Davie   Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Gwendolyn A. Dobbs   Alto (Vocal)
Shirley Dubose   Alto (Vocal)
Evelyn Durrett   Alto (Vocal)
Shirley Ann Eubanks   Soprano (Vocal)
William Tyrone Fant   Tenor (Vocal)
Pinkie J. Farver   Alto (Vocal)
Gwendolyn J. Ferrell   Soprano (Vocal)
Alice Moreaux Flournoy   Alto (Vocal)
Felicia Fullilove   Soprano (Vocal)
Jeanette Fullilove   Soprano (Vocal)
Son Is B. Gilchrist   Soprano (Vocal)
Terry K. Golden   Tenor (Vocal)
Jane A. Graddy   Alto (Vocal)
Pat Grigsby   Soprano (Vocal)
Joel S. Guinyard   Tenor (Vocal)
Freda Hardnett   Soprano (Vocal)
Sherita Haugabook   Alto (Vocal)
Kathy Hawes   Alto (Vocal)
Tarra Hixson   Alto (Vocal)
Edna Hood   Soprano (Vocal)
Anthony B. Hughey   Tenor (Vocal)
Yvonne C. Hutchinson   Alto (Vocal)
Gwendolyn Jeffrey   Alto (Vocal)
Brenda Banks Jester   Alto (Vocal)
Jackie Kendrick   Soprano (Vocal)
Candice D. Mapp   Alto (Vocal)
Alunda Marks   Alto (Vocal)
Terence McCurry   Tenor (Vocal)
Joyce McKibben   Soprano (Vocal)
Kenya Moody   Alto (Vocal)
Jacqueline P. Moultrie   Alto (Vocal)
Jay Nation   Tenor (Vocal)
Christine Petty   Soprano (Vocal)
Sonia Phelix   Alto (Vocal)
Bryant Plas   Tenor (Vocal)
Hattie A. Ponder   Alto (Vocal)
Vermona Pugues   Soprano (Vocal)
Vnita Quails   Soprano (Vocal)
Contrell Qualls   Tenor (Vocal)
Mary I. Radcliff   Soprano (Vocal)
Chiquita Alicia Raglin   Soprano (Vocal)
Frances Rogers   Alto (Vocal)
Yolanda B. Schaffers   Tenor (Vocal)
Vivian W. Sharp   Alto (Vocal)
Cheryl Sparks   Soprano (Vocal)
Lisa Stockdale   Soprano (Vocal)
Joan R. Trezevant   Alto (Vocal)
Elisa Tucker   Soprano (Vocal)
Pamela C. Tukes   Alto (Vocal)
Cassandra M. Turnipseed   Alto (Vocal)
Perry Weaks   Tenor (Vocal)
Rita S. Weaks   Soprano (Vocal)
Vicki E. Westbrooks   Alto (Vocal)
Eunice Zachery   Alto (Vocal)
Felecia P. Zachery   Alto (Vocal)
Lois Reynolds   Tenor (Vocal)
Evelyn White   Alto (Vocal)
Deshone Williams   Percussion,Tenor (Vocal)
Phyllis Russell   Soprano (Vocal)
Sharon Simmons   Soprano (Vocal)
Constance Small   Tenor (Vocal)
Pamela Stegall   Alto (Vocal)
Selena Swint   Alto (Vocal)
Edward Thomas   Tenor (Vocal)
Bonnie Williams   Soprano (Vocal)
Benjamin Wilson   Tenor (Vocal)
Beverly Wright   Soprano (Vocal)
Melanie Wright   Alto (Vocal)
Yolanda Youngblood   Alto (Vocal)
Melvin Crayton   Tenor (Vocal)
Alicia Anderson   Soprano (Vocal)
Danita Jo Anderson   Alto (Vocal)
Geraldine P. Andrews   Alto (Vocal)
Kimberly Bailey   Alto (Vocal)
Mary E. Baker   Soprano (Vocal)
Joan Maddox   Soprano (Vocal)
Dadonna Marshall   Soprano (Vocal)
Angela Carter   Soprano (Vocal)
Adrion Bell   Tenor (Vocal)
Anne Blackwell   Soprano (Vocal)
Anglenette Brown   Soprano (Vocal)
Albertina Collier   Soprano (Vocal)
Anthony Dodson   Tenor (Vocal)
Angelia Echols   Soprano (Vocal)
Alesia Gales   Alto (Vocal)
Anita L. Geter   Tenor (Vocal)
Aletha A. Helm   Alto (Vocal)
Alice-Marie Hutchinson   Soprano (Vocal)
Adrienne W. Jackson   Soprano (Vocal)
Arenda Johnson   Soprano (Vocal)
Annie Littlejohn   Soprano (Vocal)
Arlexis G. Scott   Alto (Vocal)
Andrea Sharp   Soprano (Vocal)
Amia L. Taylor   Soprano (Vocal)
Annice C. Thompson   Alto (Vocal)
Artie C. Maxwell   Tenor (Vocal)
Barbara Gaines   Soprano (Vocal)
Barbara Tomlinson   Soprano (Vocal)
Beverly R. Williams   Soprano (Vocal)
Milton Thompson   Alto (Vocal)
Misty Brown   Alto (Vocal)
Earl Hardaway   Tenor (Vocal)
L. Wagner   Alto (Vocal)
Robert Rice   Tenor (Vocal)
Frances Moore   Soprano (Vocal)
Lisa Davenport   Soprano (Vocal)
Raymond Hicks   Tenor (Vocal)
Sharlene Woodruff   Alto (Vocal)
Effinay Wright   Alto (Vocal)
Margie P. Wright   Alto (Vocal)
Phillips Wright   Tenor (Vocal)
Frederick Young   Tenor (Vocal)
Jean Bell   Soprano (Vocal)
Tracey Jones   Alto (Vocal)
Robert Washington   Tenor (Vocal)
Waldo Bennett   Tenor (Vocal)
Sandelore Bibbs   Soprano (Vocal)
Ted Jeans   Tenor (Vocal)
Renee Middleton   Soprano (Vocal)
Brenda Nash   Alto (Vocal)
Ernest "Chip" Norman   Piano
Kimberly Edwards   Soprano (Vocal)
Howard S. Baker   Tenor (Vocal)
P. Christine Barlow   Alto (Vocal)
Errin C. Baugh   Alto (Vocal)
Glenia R. Beebe   Alto (Vocal)
Carol Johnson   Alto (Vocal)

Technical Credits

James Bignon   Arranger,Producer
Steve Bracey   Engineer
Larry Goode   Engineer
Anthony Lockett   Director
Joe Neil   Engineer
Alan Freeman   Executive Producer
Earl Fleming   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Elizabeth Macon   Cover Design
Marcus Macon   Cover Design
Eric Ayers   Contributor

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