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What Addicts Know: 10 Lessons from Recovery to Benefit Everyone

What Addicts Know: 10 Lessons from Recovery to Benefit Everyone

by Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Drew Pinksy

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New York Times bestselling author Christopher Kennedy Lawford revisits addiction in his latest book, What Addicts Know, this time framing the discussion in an entirely new way—the lessons addiction and recovery offer to those of us who haven’t battled addiction.

For too long, society has considered addicts as an unfortunate group


New York Times bestselling author Christopher Kennedy Lawford revisits addiction in his latest book, What Addicts Know, this time framing the discussion in an entirely new way—the lessons addiction and recovery offer to those of us who haven’t battled addiction.

For too long, society has considered addicts as an unfortunate group that faces incredible and unique challenges. The reality is that the challenges of the addict are faced—to a greater or lesser extent—by all of us.

In a “more is better” society, it’s indisputable that we’ve all experienced cravings and denied the truth about our destructive behaviors—traits shared by addicts who’ve successfully overcome them. What Addicts Know offers the coping and wellness skills necessary to overcome life’s obstacles and self-improvement tips for everything from conquering an unhealthy consumption of junk food, to overcoming toxic relationships. These techniques are not just for addicts; they are for all of us.

No one until now has related the lessons and life skills that can be drawn from the collective experience of people in recovery from addiction, particularly the ways those lessons or principles can be used by those in the broader non-recovery community. In What Addicts Know, Lawford recounts the inspiring stories and wisdom of recovering addicts, combining them with cutting-edge scientific findings to give hands-on, practical techniques for recognizing unhealthy impulses and managing them.

If you’re ready to change for the better your habits, your frame of mind, your relationships, your community, and your life, What Addicts Know is the resource that will educate and inspire you along the way.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

"In this revealing and readable book, Christopher Lawford sets out ten lessons of recovery—drawn from his own struggles and those of others—that can help everyone enhance and enrich their lives."
—Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Founder of CASAColumbia, The Nation Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University

“The insights in What Addicts Know are unparalleled. Christopher Kennedy Lawford provides a unique perspective on the enlightening lessons gleaned from recovering addicts’ experiences. This is a book that will change the way we think about the wisdom of healing.”
—Ed Begley Jr., actor

“With his 10 lessons, Christopher Kennedy Lawford eloquently explores how the insights offered by recovering addicts can benefit individuals in any walk of life.”
—Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's "Hardball" and author of Tip & The Gipper: When Politics Worked

“Simply reading and seriously considering the list of ten lessons at the beginning of this extraordinary book will move your life toward wholeness.”
—Richard Chamberlain, actor

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. Mr. Lawford's book offers such knowledge and we can all benefit from it."
—John Larroquette, actor

"When the addicted come out the other side, they appreciate life in a new way. They are empowered to reach goals they never thought they could attain. They can lead full lives free from the pain that plagued them and the disease that controlled them. In What Addicts Know, not only does Christopher Kennedy Lawford help us to heal, but to thrive. As he has consistently, Lawford blazes new trails, guiding and inspiring us.”
—David Sheff, New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction

“I am thrilled by the way my cousin, Chris, communicates the very essence of recovery and its benefits. For me and millions of others in recovery, he reignites the magic of self knowledge and self sacrifice echoing our uncle’s admonition to ask what we can do, not what others can do for us. He also offers the hope and some of the tools we need to melt away stigma and discrimination, and emerge as a greater caring community.”
—Patrick J. Kennedy, Founder, The Kennedy Forum

“Those of us who treat addiction know that recovering addicts are strong and inspiring individuals. What Addicts Know makes their courage and wisdom accessible for everyone. I am so glad to see this accurate, honest resource on shelves today.”
—Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., C.A.S., author of Out of the Shadows

"In a way, we're all addicts—addicted to the fears and limitations of the world in which we live. By shedding light on the realities of recovery, Lawford sheds light on how anyone can best achieve the mindset of wisdom and inner peace."
—Marianne Williamson, New York Times bestselling author of The Age of Miracles and Founder of The Peace Alliance

“Addicts in Recovery know how to live in ways that inspire everyone, including their psychiatrists. Now Chris Lawford has put this hard-won and uniquely valuable wisdom onto the pages of a magic book. Read it!”
—Robert L. DuPont, MD, First Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Second White House Drug Czar, and author of The Selfish Brain - Learning from Addiction

“Christopher’s practical ‘lesson plan’ can help you achieve the resiliency needed for successful recovery. He captures the idea that recovery is a lifetime of learning rather than just a one-time event. This book of lessons provides a basis for recovery and a fruitful life of service to you and to others."
—Kitty S. Harris, Ph.D., LMFT, LCDC, professor, and author of Women and Recovery—Finding Hope

"In What Addicts Know, Lawford describes a repository of vital life skills and lessons – derived from the experience of addiction – that are essential for living a full, satisfying, successful, and happy life. Ultimately, What Addicts Know is a book for everyone interested in finding a place for themselves, learning more about the human condition, and ultimately advancing their own sense of humanity."
—Howard J. Shaffer, Ph.D., C.A.S., Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School & Director, Division on Addiction, The Cambridge Health Alliance

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Meet the Author

Christopher Kennedy Lawford spent 20 years in the film and television industries as an actor, lawyer, executive and producer. He is the author of two New York Times bestselling books, Symptoms of Withdrawal (2005) and Moments of Clarity (2009).

In recovery for more than 25 years from drug addiction, Lawford campaigns tirelessly on behalf of the recovery community in both the public and private sectors. He presently works with the United Nations, the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse, the White House Office on Drug Control Policy, and the World Health Organization. He also consults with Fortune 500 companies and numerous non-profit groups, speaking around the world on issues related to addiction, mental health, and Hepatitis C.

In 2009, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Lawford to the California Public Health Advisory Committee. In 2011, Lawford was named Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Office on Drugs&Crime to promote activities supporting drug treatment, care and recovery. He also serves as national advocacy consultant for Caron Treatment Centers.

Lawford holds a bachelor of arts from Tufts University, a juris doctor from Boston College Law School, and a masters certification in clinical psychology from Harvard Medical School where he held an academic appointment as a lecturer in psychiatry.

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