What Are Fossils?

What Are Fossils?

by Natalie Hyde

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Children's Literature - Carollyne Hutter
Fossils allow us to look into our ancient past. Scientists can examine fossils and the rocks they are found in to understand the Earth's history. For example, the Burgess Shale in Yoho National Park in British Columbia is one of the most important fossil beds as it was once at the bottom of a sea. The book explores the world of fossils by looking at how plants and animals become fossils, how they are extracted from excavation sites, and how paleontologists and geologists piece together Earth's history by studying these ancient clues. Vivid photographs throughout the book show the reader the different types of fossils and places where they are found. The book contains a glossary of words bolded throughout. It closes with a list of books and websites for further information. The book has a number of hands on activities for the readers such as how to make your own fossil, your own amber fossil, and your own fossil collection. Teachers or parents can do these activities with children either at school or at home. As part of the "Let's Rock!" series, the book can be used in science and geology units either alone or with other books in the series. Reviewer: Carollyne Hutter

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